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Stephan D’Arvanti – Wizard of the Eosiant Kingdom

31 August, 2009

The last character of August (and just getting it in under the wire), a proud son of the Eosiant Kingdom:

Stephan D’Arvanti, Celebrity Wizard of the Eosiant Kingdom

Quote: Culture and magic intertwine into a superior whole in Eosiant.  For you, magic is a tool, for us, magic is an art!
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Game Theory – Moral Dilemmas: Slavery

30 August, 2009

Slave chainsDid you know this last Sunday, 23 Aug, was the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition?  Neither did I until I ran across it on wikipedia.  (Blame the convoluted title on UNESCO.)

It made me think about the role of slavery in RPGs.  Many -if not most- of the cultures used as  inspiration for those in fantasy RPGs practiced slavery (or related ways to control people such as serfdom or indentured servitude) but such features are often notably absent from game worlds.  This is understandable as slavery is an uncomfortable subject at the best of times.

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Tarrian – Guide and Raconteur

28 August, 2009

Just getting this in under the wire.  One of my favorite NPCs from my first campaign:

Tarrian, Catfolk Guide and Raconteur

Quote: Gentlefolk, are you in need of a guide to our fair city?  I am most adept in such a task, from the highest art to the basest pleasure, I can insure you find what you need.
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Interesting Thoughts from Other Gamers (2)

26 August, 2009

Time again to share the fun things I have found on other gaming journals (most through the RPG Bloggers Network):

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Tuesday Magic Item – Scapper’s Cestus

25 August, 2009

For those fighters that like to use their fists and get in close, this is the item for them:

Scrapper’s Cestus– These harnesses strap to the hands of the user and contain an iron bar to increase the weight of the wearers blows and to protect their hands.  As well as being well made cestus these items give the wearer the ability to sense where to place his blows for best effect.  They provides a +1 enhancement bonus to attacks made with the hands and once each round the wearer may add 1d4 damage to a successful attacks. Read the rest of this entry ?


Master Khest – Sheth Warrior-Wizard

24 August, 2009

For today’s character, a mercenary wizard:

Master Khest, Sheth Warrior-Wizard of the House of Black Knives

Quote: Choose your weapon, sword or sorcery, I am equally adept with either.
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Physician Nguyen – Wandering Healer

23 August, 2009

To make up for missing last Monday’s character, here is:

Physician Nguyen, Wandering Healer

Quote: That leg is broken, do not put weight on it until it is in a split.  Did I not just tell you not to put weight on it? Read the rest of this entry ?


Tallic VaShall – Aerial Scout of the Dark Star Dominion

21 August, 2009

Today, an honorable man in service to the evil of the Dark Star Dominion.

Tallic VaShall, Aerial Scout of the Dark Star Dominion

Quote: I am the eye of the dragon and the sword of the Dark Star, I serve without fear.
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The Scion of Spring at Nevermet Press

20 August, 2009

The Scion of Spring, my second contribution to Nevermet Press and part of the Neirave cycle of adventure is now up.

Will the characters aid the Lord of Spring in helping to end the threat of an endless winter?


GenCon Report

19 August, 2009

I was off at GenCon, spending most of my time demoing AEG games in the exhibitors hall, but I did have some time to wonder the rest of the hall, catch up with a few friends (all too briefly) and after hours to watch events and even play some games! Read the rest of this entry ?

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