Petrichor 365 Index

Petrichor 365Port Imperial mission statement.


Arrun the Fisher, more than he seems?

Timmeri Blackstaff, wizard and researcher but what is he looking for?

Savose Greenoak, Mage of Gardens, a specialist in magical botany.

Thata Iccei, bodyguard for hire.

Cassion Nock, fletcher.

Commodore Pharos, commander of the Imperial flotilla.

Konrad Rubyheart, Consulting Alchemist, provider of all sorts of elixrs.

Six, Gambler, dice, cards, tiles, Six plays it all.

Captain Terrance, successful hunter of herds.

Salamis Threadneedle, Portmaster, he makes sure things run smoothly.

Timmez, Lady Crystal, a mysterious patroness.

Nodens Vors, mad prophet.

Damoiselle Yillalla of House Hazsolai, an agent of one of the Draconic Houses.


Alacon’s Boarding House, need a place to stay?  It is not fancy but it is affordable,

Fort Ajzure, the Imperial Stronghold, and the Penitant’s Road.

Four Emeralds Inn, a high-quality inn built and run by the Gemkine.

The Happy Duck Inn, the starting point for many an expedition.

House of Seven Clock, a fancy inn catering to tourists.

Lucian’s Baths, the best bathing house in Port Imperial.

Neko and Hund Outfitters, for all of your venturing (and farming and mining) needs.

The Squared Circle, tavern, gym, and arena, all in one.

Three Stars Stable and HIre, sometimes you need a horse.

Toecutter’s, a rough tavern.

The Tower of Savose Greenoak, a place of magic and plants.


The Port Guard, keeping the docks safe . . . for the Imperial bureaucrats.


The Giant’s Sword, a tourists (and perhaps venturers) trap.

Lofan’s Tea Cart, get a cuppa.

The Oath Stone, you will keep your agreement if you swear on it.

Random people to meet in Port Imperial, a set of tables for such.

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