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On to February with a look back to January

31 January, 2015

February is just around the corner and the first month of 2015 is nearly over.

February gets its name from Latin term februum, which means purification, via the purification ritual Februa performed at this time of year.  The Romans considered February an ill-omened month which is why it is only twenty-eight days long.   For this month we return to the theme 0f curses, cursed items, ill-fortune and, perhaps, defense against such terrible things.  As usual, suggestions, comments and ideas are welcome.

The Sea of Stars Campaign Setting Kickstarter ends on the 8th of February (my birthday!), please look and support if it tickles your fancy.

What was published on the journal in January, 2015:

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The Sea of Stars Kickstarter is now bigger!

29 January, 2015

We have hit the $2,600 stretch goal which increased the final Sea if Stars Campaign book size by about 20% to around 150 pages!

There are also new stretch goals, but there is only ten days left to get in on this, so please take and look and toss in some support if you like what you see.

Sea of Stars Campaign Sourcebook Kickstarter


Tuesday Magic Item – Laventar’s Picnic Basket

27 January, 2015

What's inside?  I'm hungryVoddick carefully lifted the lid of the basket.  “It looks like a . . . loaf of bread and a wine bottle on top.”

Golloan breathed a sigh of relief.  “That seems like a good start, after those pickled . . . somethings yesterday, I was worried.”

Voddick pulled out a loaf of honey colored bread and a green glass bottle followed by a small wheel of cheese sealed in red wax and a roast game bird wrapped in slightly greasy cloth.

“I think we will have a much happier meal today, my friend,” said Golloan with a hungry grin.

Laventar’s Picnic Basket

These solidly built picnic baskets are beautifully crafted and marked with the crafter’s mark on the bottom and the enchanter’s mark on the inside, yet there is nothing about it that makes it obvious that it is a magic item.

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Two Weeks until the Sea of Stars Kickstarter ends and let us Help one of our Own

25 January, 2015

We are entering the final stretch and need more stretch goals for the Sea of Stars Kickstarter, would you like to help out?  Please do.

The Philippine Gamer is having a bit of a rough patch with medical problems besetting wife and family, please help out if you can.


Tuesday Magic Item – Messenger’s Horn

20 January, 2015

Sound off!Golloan and Voddick hopped out of the way of the mounted Royal Messenger moments after she sounded her horn of office.

“Maniac!” shouted Golloan after her as she galloped down the now cleared lane.

“She is just doing her job,” said Voddick.  “Speaking of which have you fond us a new one yet?”

“Maybe the messengers need more people?  It would get us out of town quickly.”

Voddick sighed theatrically.  “Who have you offended now?”

Messenger’s Horn

These horns come in many forms, though decorated animal horn with silver fittings is the most common, carved ivory, wood or beaten metal is sometimes used.  They are usually decorated and bear the mark of the organization they were built for at the very least.

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Kickstarter News, a Friend’s Book and Help the Tigers and Leopards

15 January, 2015

The latest news from my Kickstarter is available, please read and support the Kickstarter if you can.

My friend Brandes Stoddard, who will be writing for the Sea of Stars Kickstarter, has just published a  ebook on Amazon, Dakrah’s Familiar (Tales of Aurikesh Book 1). Take a look if you need a fantasy story to read.

The Regenerative Bioscience Center of the University of Georgia is trying to Save Endangered Species: the Sumatran Tiger and the Clouded Leopard.  It is a worthy goal and an good way to advance several interesting fields of study.  Please help if you can, I have tossed my bit in.


Tuesday Magic Item – Confounding Key

13 January, 2015

Open any door“Again?  We are being chased by the personal guard of a noble again?” said Voddick hoping around as he pulled his leftboot on.

“It was a joint decision, I was invited,” snapped Golloan as the shouts came closer.

“They are on the stairs!” moaned Voddick as he grabbed his backpack.

“Down the back,” snapped Golloan, matching action to words.  They pounded down the servant’s stairs.

“Locked,” said Voddick trying the door out.

“I have a key,” said Golloan, smoothly opening the door and locking it behind them.

“Won’t they have a key?”

“It will not do them much good,” smiled Gollaon and he winked before dashing off.


Confounding Key

These keys, almost always of brass, have a maze etched into their bow and have a considerable weight to them.  The pattern of key wards and bit change from use to use.

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