House of Seven Clocks (Petrichor 365)

17 January, 2023

As time wears on, and more money is made in and around Port Imperial, more expensive and exclusive places to stay and meet are being built, the House of Seven Clocks, is one such inn.

A fine place to stayFinanced by a consortium of local business owners, much of the construction materials for the inn were directly imported so it has a more traditional appearance than most of the buildings in town which is sometimes comforting to new arrivals to Port ImperialThe House of Seven Clocks has an excellent outreach program, recruiting rich patrons for the inn before they have even arrived in Port Imperial.The House of Seven Clocks is three stories tall with a basement and made of mixed brick and wood construction with many windows.  The common room is decorated with recovered artifacts and paintings of the distant landscapes of Petrichor, it provides a safe look at the often dangerous land.  The rooms on the second and third floors are well-appointed and even have running water.

The inn has several long-term contracts to provide supplies for their (often demanding) patrons.  They have first pick of the fresh meat brought back from Captain Terrance‘s hunting expeditions.  It has one of the best kitchens in Port Imperial and employs a selection of expert chiefs.

It does, indeed, have seven clocks, one above the main door, four more in the main room on the ground floor, and one each on the landing of the first and second floors.

The mistress of the inn is Collada Whitevine, a half-elfin woman who is suspected to be much older than she appears, she dresses in a very upmarket version of explorer’s gear.  While she claims to have ventured deep into Petrichor and has stories about all of the artifacts and landscape paintings, how many of them are true is up to debate, but they are entertaining.  Collada has contacts who can arrange escorted journeys into Petrichor for her patrons.

The rest of the staff, those who interact with the patrons at least, also claim (and many probably have) to have ventured into Petrichor in search of their fortunes before taking this job, some will say it is just until that can stake a new expedition (and maybe that is so), others that they now appreciate the safety of a routine job (almost certainly true).

Notes: Every place needs it ultra-high end place to stay and this is it in Port Imperial (outside the Starap’s Palace of course).  As well as providing it with supplies, Captain Terrance is one of the investors in the Seven Clocks, but this is not widely known.

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Image edited from Postcard: Dining Room, OakBay Hotel, Oak Bay, BC, c.1910, found on Flickr and is in the Public Domain.

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