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April Plans and March Reflections

31 March, 2010

April begins on the morrow.  The origin of the name of the Roman month Aprilis is uncertain, it may refer to the opening (aperire) of buds and flowers as spring arrives or to the goddess Venus, to whom it is a sacred month.   So, what themes shall we explore this month?  Spring?  Romance?  Opening?  Your thoughts, dear readers?

At the end of each month, I have decided to do a review of what was published here over that month.  March, was devoted to war and things martial and saw the following articles:

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Tuesday Magic Item – Survivor’s Medallion

30 March, 2010

The medals awarded to the survivors of the battle of Kass were struck at their Colonel’s own expense.  Those who wore them swore that the medallions kept them alive from then on, their loyalty to their Colonel became unshakable and the medallions were passed down from father to son in service.

Survivor’s Medallion

These medallions are often worn to the point of illegibility from the constant handling of the wearer and often nicked or damaged by close blows.  If they can be read, they are usually prayers to warrior-saints, war medals or simply charms of protection.

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War Child (Battlefield Survivor) prestige class

29 March, 2010

Annika the Landsknechtin surveyed the battlefield, covered in blood and broken bodies, the Three Swords Band had fulfilled their contract and held the line but at what cost.  She did not regret surviving but she did feel a momentary twinge of pity for those who did not.  Hoisting her halberd, she moved out onto the field, who knew what might be salvaged from the wreckage.

War Child (Battlefield Survivor)
“War hasn’t killed me yet.”

War is a dirty business, but a necessary one for many.  Many long term soldiers, especially mercenaries, focus their talents on being able to survive both on and off the battlefield.  Those who have been soldiers since a young age, the War Children, often are especially adept at such tricks of survival.  They may not be the winners of every battle but they will be the ones who live to walk (or crawl) off the battlefield.

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Review – The Genius Guide to: Metamagic Feats

28 March, 2010

The Genius Guide to: Feats of Metamagic is a 9-page PDF (8 pages if you remove the credits/OGL page) for the Pathfinder RPG written by Owen K. C. Stephens and published by Super Genius Games.  This is part of Super Genius Games’ Genius Guide line.

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L5R – JYTB Campaign Report 6

27 March, 2010

Leaving Cold Wind City, once again in the company of the Monk Oda, our heroes are aboard the Crane ship Silver Heron sailing to Kyuden Otomo.  As a spring storm approaches, the ship takes shelter in a cove.  The storm soon passes leaving a dark night as high cloud obscure the stars and the moon.

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Pankraton Master prestige class

26 March, 2010

This was a prestige class built for my Ancient Greece-inspired game and is an evolution of the Pankraton feat.  It is a combatant that relies on their own skill alone to defeat his opponents:

Pankraton Master
“Let us fight like real men, with just our hands.”

Pankraton Masters are those warriors who have mastered the physically demanding martial art of Pankraton (“all-powerful”).  In unarmed combat, the Pankration Master is devastating, outside of that arena he remains a competent warrior.

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Review – Undefeatable 14: Dragon Disciple

25 March, 2010

Undefeatable 14: Dragon Disciple is a 6-page PDF (5 pages if you remove the OGL page) for the OGL/ Pathfinder RPG written by Michael R. Kimmel and published by Louis Porter Jr. Design, Inc.  This product is part of Louis Porter Jr. Design’s Undefeatable line.

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