Rokugan SRIU Episode 10 “To the North and Winter, Part 2” (L5R Campaign Report)

22 October, 2016

The SRIU unit pushes through the inclement weather, having outmaneuvered thieves and outfought an oni on their way to Kyuden Isawa.  The Tonbo suffers a serious wound in a ‘bandit’ ambush and is left behind in Kyuden Asako to recover   Our heroes finally arrive, cold on exhausted at Kyuden Isawa where the Imperial Magistrate, Togashi Shisõ, greets them and assigns a young Phoenix to act as their guide:

Asako Neko, a fiery Phoenix, outgoing, overconfident and convinced that she knows it all.  Almost started a blood fued between her branch of the family and one of the Isawa branches, under the wing of Togashi Shisõ until she can be redirected.  (Isawa Shugenja 1, played by L2 who is new to L5R but not Japanese culture.)

It is cold in northern Rokugan

Our heroes settle into life in Winter Court, being formally presented to Isawa Soh, “the Gentle Wave”, Master of Water and Hostess of the Court, who serene and beautiful, seemingly untouched by her sixty years of age.  They have time to partake of some of the pleasantries of court while helping with the search for potential bloodspeakers among the guests.  To that end the Shrine to the Fortune of Truth is set up in the library where it may be used to observe some of the guests without being too obvious.

Otomo Mariko, one of the Imperial Nakodo (matchmakers), makes time to meet with all of the characters to sound out their future plans and amiability to marriage much to the characters’ discomfort.

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Tuesday Magic Item- Puissant Warrior Elixir (for Pathfinder and D&D5)

18 October, 2016

Charge!“While I have used potions now and then, but these warriors seem to use them . . . a lot,” said Voddick quietly, sipping his ale.

“I had noticed,” agreed Gollaon, equally quietly.  “I think we should let them take the lead in, well, everything.”

“Agreed,” replied Voddick with a slight nod.  He noticed the warriors looking their way and raised his mug to them.  “To our victory on the battlefield tomorrow!”

They cheered and Voddick and Gollaon exchanged glances.

Puissant Warrior Elixir

These potions smell of iron and alcohol, and taste of strong ale with a sharp metallic undertone, they are a clear deep red and generate their own heat when poured out.

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New Magic Item – Scorpion Stone (for Pathfinder and D&D5)

16 October, 2016

That's going to stingGollaon ducked behind the battlement just in time; the sling bullet whizzed over his head to crack against the far wall.  Gollaon started to reach down to pick it up.

“Leave it!” stated Voddick.  “I have seen stones like that before.  They sting with venom, nasty things.”

Golloan kicked it into a corner.  “Vicious.”

Further down the wall, a soldier yelped and dropped the stone he just picked up.

“Guess I should pass on the warning,” grumbled Voddick.

Scorpion Stone

These bullets, usually made of lead but occasionally of fired clay, are marked with a venomous creature usually a scorpion.  They should not be handled with bare flesh as they will sting anyone who does so.

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Shadowrun, Anarchy and a new Seattle Scream prop (#51)

15 October, 2016

Happy Haoweener!It is almost Halloween(er) Time!  Been running quite a bit of Shadowrun over the last two months.  We have some new players for the monthly game, including one who tried an in-game betrayal (which ended badly for the character and his ganger buddies)!  The games for this week have mostly focused on dealing with the crazy Seattle gang, the Halloweeners, which has been fun.  Hope to get in at least one more appearance by the Halloweeners by the end of the month.

This week, due to payer absences, we gave a the new Shadowrun: Anarchy system a spin.  It is very narrativist and pretty neat, but it will take some getting used too.  I do not think we used the system to its best advantage, but there is always next time and we will certainly try it again.

And now for the latest news from my Shadowrun word: Seattle Scream #51.

Photo by Damian Cugley and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.



Tuesday Magic Item – Potency Boosting Syringe (for Pathfinder and D&D5)

11 October, 2016

Injectable Power

Voddick turned away, his face going pale.

“How is it you can laugh your way through a bloody combat but medical needles make you blanch?” quietly asked Gollaon.

“I am not sure,” mumbled Voddick.  “At least I understand combat.  I can break a body . . . but putting it back together.  I would hate to kill someone by accident.”

Gollaon nodded.

Potency Boosting Syringe

These syringes are usually made of silver, high quality steel and occasionally alchemically hardened glass.  Usually they are part of a cased set including multiple needles and often cleaning tools.

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New Monster – Alchemical ReAgent

10 October, 2016

Friend?First Monster for October and something that plays into the RPG Blog Carnival theme of Potions.

In the abandoned quarter where the illegal alchemists ply their trade and vats of flawed mixture are dumped into the sewers, odd things have begun to emerge . . .

Alchemical ReAgent
These are beings spontaneously created by the interaction of magical and alchemical wastes mixing with organic and inorganic materials creating a disturbing imitation of life with a dim spark of intelligence.

Alchemical ReAgent    CR 3
XP 600
N Small construct (accidental, awakened)
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New Magic Item – “Dogs of War” Potion (for Pathfinder and D&D5)

4 October, 2016

His bite is worse than his bark“Horses are bad enough, but bringing dogs to war,” Voddick shook his head as one of the hound masters and his charges passed by..

“Some think it is better to spend their blood than that of a soldier,” replied Gollaon

Voddick sighed.  “No doubt many a mother would agree.  Still it seems cruel . . . both to the beasties and our enemy.”

“Perhaps they will not fight and all these preparations will be in vain.”

“We can hope.”

“Dogs of War” Potion

More a stew than a traditional potion, choice organ meats are stewed with alchemical mixtures to produce a thick, and occasionally chunky, brew that is usable for up to a week after it has been made.

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