Creative Sunday – Mayim Bialik and Grok Nation

25 September, 2016

grok-flagMayim Bialik who is the actress behind Amy Farrah Fowler on the Big Bang Theory (who I first encountered when she played Blossom in the show of the same name) who, besides being a very funny lady, is also an activist for many causes including quite a few Geek-related ones.

She has an excellent YouTube clip on the problems of being a geek, even in the age of geeks, and has created a group, Grok Nation, to reach out to people and provide a support network.  While her version of geekdom may not be yours, outreach for our community is always welcome in my book.

So, if you have time and interests, listen to her webclip and visit the site.  Let us all be geeks and nerds together.


Review – Genies (5E)

22 September, 2016

geniesGenies for Fifth Edition is not, as one might expect from the title, a book of genie-type creatures (though it does include four genies of legend) but rather primarily a book about genies and their magic.  If you are thinking of including genies in your D&D Fifth edition game, this product, though short, will give you useful ideas and tools to build from.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Exile’s Sword

20 September, 2016

Exiled Prince“They say they are Syoutlandish but they all talk like Eosiante,” whispered Voddick to Gollaon.

“And their dress is more comic opera than practical but their gold is good,” replied Gollaon equally quietly.

“True but . . .”

“Let them have their myth, my friend, we will profit from it either way.”

Exile’s Sword

These swords are always made in a particular culture’s style, though not always by a swordsmith from that culture, and are often heavily -occasionally lavishly- decorated.  These weapons are made for exiles who are planning to return, or, at least, for their children to return and reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Deathspeaker’s Gorget (for Pathfinder and D&D5)

13 September, 2016

Through me, the dead speak“I am unsure if disturbing the dead is wise, even if it does have the information we need,” said Voddick watching the Deathspeaker work.

“Not my choice either, my friend,” answered Gollaon, “but we are not the one’s paying for the service.”

Voddick made a gesture to ward against evil.  “Still does not seem right.”

“Right or not, I just hope it works.”

Deathspeaker’s Gorget

These heavy gorgets are made of gold and decorated with runes and signets, and occasionally with holy symbols of the deities of dead.  They are always cold to the touch, never warming up from physica contact with the living.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Eclipse Arrow

6 September, 2016

Fight in the shadeVoddick lined up his shot and triggered his crossbow.  The lead horseman stumbled but kept coming.  “Gollaon, if you have a plan . . .”

Gollaon drew out a black arrow with golden fletching.  “I have been saving this for just such an occasion.”  He nocked the arrow, drew and released.

Voddick could not tell the result of the shot as the second it hit, the world around the lead rider went black and the sounds were terrible.

“Well, that worked.  Poor horses.”

Eclipse Arrow

These arrows are always highly distinct, black shafts and golden or silver fletching are common.  Sun or Moon, or both, imagery is often used to decorate the arrowhead.

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August ends and September begins

31 August, 2016

Now we move into September (and hopefully some cooler weather here in Georgia, USA, as it has been a hot Summer), the seventh month of the Roman calendar.  September does not seem to have any particular ties to myth or tradition among the Romans, however,  as Seven is usually viewed as a magical number, magic and spells will be our theme for this month.   Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see.

During the week of 4th-12th September, I will be in Washington, DC, with family visiting them and museums.  My plan is to set the journal to update during that time but I will likely not be able to approve comments from new people but I will do so as soon as I can.  I shall return with new and inspired ideas and photographs of the wonders of the Smithsonian.

August, 2016, saw the following posts here:

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Review – Fursona 5E

31 August, 2016

Fursona5eFursona 5E provides a set of tools for incorporating anthropomorphic (human like) animals in a D&D (5e) campaign and it does a solid job of doing so, it is a little light on the campaign advice side but very strong mechanically.  If you are thinking of including anthropomorphic characters in your campaign, it is worth a look. Read the rest of this entry »

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