Rokugan SRIU Episode 1 “. . . and a monkey.” (L5R Campaign Report)

19 April, 2015

Well, my Campaign Pitch for Rokugan SRIU was accepted and we played out first game.

The characters are:

Akodo Akina, subtle Lioness trained by the Ikoma . . . who is caught in a love triangle.  (Lion’s Shadow 2.  Played by T.)

Bayushi Kaeru, a Soshi trained Scorpion shugenja . . . who is both truthful and unpretty.  She wears a frog mask and is very withdrawn. (Soshi shugenja 2, Played by L.)

Hida Kenta, a large Hida-trained Crab warrior . . . who is a coward.  Presents himself as a traditional Crab, full of bluster and ready for combat.  (Hida bushi 1, Played by J2.)

and Wuya, a pipe-smoking older ronin woman assigned by the Magistrate, as there are certain tasks that only a ronin can do.  (NPC, as there are certain things that only a ronin can do . . .)

The episode starts in Otosan Utchi, the capital with the newly appointing yoriki receiving their jitte of office and first mission.  It then flashes back to Yesterday, with each of the characters (except the ronin) meeting with their new boss, the Imperial Magistrate Doji Akira.  To each, he explains that their problems are known to him but do not need to be known and that he expects them to do their very best as his yoriki and for the Empire.  He gives them each a chance to ask questions, but few are made.

The task they are sent on takes them three days north to the Northern Way Shukueki (post station) where small items have been disappearing from the guests of the Honjin (Imperial sponsored inn) and the overseer, Yasuki Nabukiko, has had to execute four valuable servants to deal with the complaints of guests.  The Hida is placed in charge of the mission. Read the rest of this entry »


Portals (A to Z Challenge, P)

18 April, 2015


Will you pass through?Following the Sundering, the dragons ruthlessly attempted to close any permanent link between this world and another seeing them, reasonable, as potential invasion routes.  Stone circles, holy windows, gates to hell, all were forcible sealed often destroying them in the process.  Though there were so many that some, inevitably, escaped, a few were hidden before the dragons could chase them down, and some that require specific alignments of circumstance to open were either missed or ignored.  Some of the more ambitious dragons hid gates with the intention of using them to their advantage, not all survived to do so.

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Oracles (A to Z Challenge, O)

17 April, 2015


Looking to the stars, looking to the future(In a general sense, not directly referring to the Pathfinder class.)

It is widely believed in the Sea of Stars that the future can be predicted, perhaps not precisely, but the general flow of events can be learned.  The most popular and effective means is astrology, reading the future in the patterns of the stars.  Almost every settlement that is at least the size of a town has its own astrologer, trying to untangle the threads of the future.  The skill and accuracy of the astrologers vary widely, but very few courts choose to go without having at least one.  The Draconic Houses rarely have obvious astrologers, unless one of the family chooses such a path, but almost certainly has one in a tower hidden somewhere writing predictions for them.

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Necrourgists (A to Z Challenge, N)

16 April, 2015


(For an explanation of the term, visit this post)

Raw material for an enterprising necrourgistThose who specialize in the magic and manipulation of death are not that rare in the Sea of Stars but they are rarely very popular, it strikes most people as something that is best left alone (though some states encourage its use such the Dark Star Dominion or the High Kingdom of Laccini).  The Empress does not favor it as a path of magic but nor does she condemn it, leaving it as just one of the many route to magical power.

Necrourgy is a comparatively new field of open and accepted magical study, its study and use was suppressed  in the age of the gods leading to isolated practitioners and secretive organizations of necrourgists.  In the thousand years since the Sundering it has rose to be an accepted (if unpopular) part of the magical fields of study, the objections of the Sun Cult to such magic are tacitly ignored.

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Moon Sect (A to Z Challenge, M)

16 April, 2015

Moon Sect

Lady Moon SmilesAlso known as the Moon Cult, Order of the Moon and scores of others names, it is a fragmented religion found in isolated corners of the Empire hidden and hiding from Imperial enforcement.  It has to remain hidden as the Moon Sect is proscribed by the Empress with a sentence of beheading for any confirmed member of the Cult.  The individual dragons do not have to enforce the dictate in their own lands but most have no love for the Moon Cult though they are usually happy to turn over enforcement to Imperial agents.

The Moon is the only surviving god beside the Sun, she escaped death at the hands of the dragons and fled to hide among the stars.  The long years of hiding and avoiding the dragons have, it is said, driven her mad, or perhaps it was the death of the other gods that drove her into insanity.  In any case, her appearance in the sky, always as a crescent moon or less, heralds interesting times.  “The Moon smiles and chaos follows,” it is sometime said.

The Moon Sect exists to bring down the current order.  What it seeks beyond that as varied as the number of cults but they are all willing to cooperate until the hold of the Imperium is finally shattered.  They are one of the most successful revolutionary organizations in the Sea of Stars if only by the fact that they have survived so long.  Surprisingly, since membership is so dangerous, the Moon Cult has members hidden everywhere.

Clerics of the Moon Sect have access to the Chaos, Madness, Travel and Trickery domains.

Notes: The Moon Sect can make surprisingly good allies, as long as you are working towards the same goals.

Moon photo by Wendy and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license


PinkCat: Running in the Shade “The Concert!” (A different sort of SR campaign report)

15 April, 2015

To understand what is going on here, you had best read the first PinkCat: Running in the Shade post, but short summary, this is a campaign report for our Shadowrun campaign set in NorCal through the filter of a cartoon made by one of the team members.  If you want read the previous stories after the initial wave there is Episode 4, Episodes 5 and 6, and Episode 7.

Episode Eight: The Concert

Guest Starring: Clawz, Usagi-kun, and introducing:

  • Fancy McGunns. A very bossy (and busty) rabbit who has the ability to pull very big revolvers out of hammer space.  She dresses in a risque fashion, easily the most “adult” character in the cartoon.  (Standing in for Calvin, an elvish gun-bunny/face from Tír Tairngire, played by M.)

Backstage!The whole team is going to the Lunashade Concert (a thinly disguised version of Moonshadow -elvish rocker and former PC-) with some early hi-jinx of lost tickets, buying merch and some boys from the fancy local prep school hitting on Pink and Glitter (and being chased off by Clawz and Usagi-kun).  While watching the warm up act, they notice some shady characters messing with the cables and sound system, cue cartoonish chase through back stage with the saboteurs (revealed as agents from a rival entertainment corporation seeking to ruin the show) being caught and turned over to Officer Bloodhound, without him realizing who was responsible, just before Lunashade’s set begins.  Rock on!  After the credits we see Fancy in the back of a limo with an obvious entertainment exec, she pulls down a shade on the scene with a “that’s all, chummers.”

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Lash of the Overseer (A to Z Challenge, L)

14 April, 2015

Harsh discipline“I don’t like the look of that red-skinned fellow or his whip,” said Voddick in a low voice.

“No one likes a slaver,” replied Gollaon, equally quietly.

“We had best return to rescue the slaves after he leaves.”

“But will he?  He seems to enjoy his work too much,” said Gollaon with another glance.  “Let us find a wine house and refine our plans, keeping him in mind.”

“Always new problems,” muttered Voddick following his friend.

“At least we are rarely bored,” retorted Gollaon cheerfully.

Lash of the Overseer

These cruel items were originally made for priests of the god of slavers but their use and construction has outlived the death of that power.  Made of woven leather made from demons, humans and beasts of burden and tipped with infernal iron, the handle is made of rune-carved bone wrapped in leather and gold wire.

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