Christmas in July! Gaming PDFs on Sale

22 July, 2016

Christmas in July?!



DriveThruRPG is hosting its latest Christmas in July Sale, where many, many companies have put their gaming PDFs on sale for 25% Off for the next week (ending 29 July so move fast).

For followers of my various campaigns, you can get Legends of the Five Rings from Fantasy Flight Games (boy, that seems odd to type), Dungeons & Dragons 5 materials from Tribality, Interface Zero from Gunmetal Games and a whole bunch of fun FATE-based games.

So, have a warm and merry Christmas in July!


PinkCat: Running in the Shade “Party Crashers” (A different sort of SR campaign report)

20 July, 2016

To understand what is going on here, you had best read the first PinkCat: Running in the Shade post, but short summary, this is a campaign report for our Shadowrun campaign set in NorCal through the filter of a cartoon made by one of the team members.

Episode Twenty Two: Party Crashers

Guest Starring: DD, Double Up and introducing:

  • Tora.  An androgynous young tiger with martial arts and stealth skills.  (A stand in for Toru, a Yakuza raised young woman on the run.  Played by L2.)

Dance!New student Tora is depressed because they are always excluded from events, Glitter and Pink decided to help her make new friends.  BB takes Tora salsa dancing, Double Up introduces Tora to the gun club, Glitter take them to the racing club, Pink shows off the comics club, they wrangle invites to a populars party.  But, in the end, Tora finds that they are happy just hanging out with Pink and the rest of the team, being part of a large group just is not their thing.

What really happened:

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Tuesday Magic Item – Bureaucrat’s Box (for Pathfinder and D&D5)

19 July, 2016

Something like thisVoddick tried to mute a sigh as the bureaucrat reviewed the latest version of the license request.

Gollaon shot him a warning look and shifted his chair to help conceal the noise.

“Well, everything seems in order . . .” the bureaucrat said.  “Now it just needs to be approved by the Permanent Undersecretary for Unusual Trades.”

Gollaon slide a pouch across.  “I am certain this will cover all needed fees.”

The bureaucrat’s grey face managed a watery smile.  “Very good, sir.  It should be ready for you tomorrow.”  He swept the pouch into a drawer and placed the papers in a secure red box.

Gollaon stood, quickly followed by Voddick.  “We shall be back tomorrow.”  Voddick kept his mounth shut until they were well away from the offices.

These solid wooden boxes are usually inscribed or otherwise marked with the symbol of the organization they are made for and the rank of the person who should be using them.  Most have a single lock but those of the higher-ranking members will have multiple locks.  They cannot hold a great amount as they are usually sized to hold a thick sheaf of papers and little more.

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Review – Kemononmimi: Moe Races for Pathfinder

16 July, 2016

Kemononmimi: Moe Races for Pathfinder opens some interesting thematic options for character race.  While they certainly will not be to the taste of every player, or fit in every campaign, there are some fun and interesting ideas here that are worth taking a look at if animal-themed races have a place in your game world.
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Sean’s GenCon Advice 2016

14 July, 2016

GenCon is about three weeks away, so, I thought I would (again) share my hard-earned experience and try and help out people who are going.


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Tuesday Magic Item – Sortition Box (for Pathfinder and D&D5)

12 July, 2016

Most are not this fancy.“Seems an odd way to chose who runs the place,” said Voddick, watching as the citizen lined up to drop their name into the box.

“It is hoped that by choosing such important roles at random, political posturing and corruption will be avoided,” replied Gollaon.

“Does it work?”

“Sometimes, but not always.  No matter how good the system, people will be people.”

Sortition Box

These boxes are sturdy and often decorated with symbolism of the state they were made for.  The size of them varies depending on the size of the group it was made for and what they use to mark the name of the candidates.  It is used to randomly select people to serve in the government.
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Fun at the Game Master’s Workshop 102: World Building

11 July, 2016

My wife and I have been holding Games Master’s Workshop at Tyche’s Games (in Athens, GA) to try and help people improve their skills and get to know more of the local gaming community.

MapRawYesterday, we did a sequence on world building.  Which covered a variety of subjects including how to make other people’s game worlds your own.  The DelRosso Principle was mentioned, which, shortly started, says make a dramatic declaration to claim a published setting as your own.

The wisdom of coopting and adapting maps from other sources was discussed.

Moving onto building your own world, we emphasized consistency in setting design, making sure that things hang together in a coherent way.  Maybe not to the first glance but eventually if the players want to ask questions you need to have answers that fit together into some sort

of structure.

We also discussed various general methods of world building:

  • Topdown, focusing on the big picture and filling in details as needed.
  • Bottom Up or Ink Blot, building each little piece as needed but the current story and then gradually joining them into a larger setting.
  • Collaborative, where the group as a whole works together to build the world.MapWords

Obviously, there is a certain amount of mixing these together.  And to round things out we  put together a map as a group which is reproduced here in it raw form and with some of the information written o

ut.  “Not a Skull Island” is also “Five Star Island” a ‘vacation’ spot luring tourists to what is totally not a island run by cannibal goblins in disguise.

You can see the files from this session and the 101 session (“So you want to run a campaign?”) here.  And if you are in the area and want to join us for our next session, let me know.



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