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What is a “Dungeon”?

7 January, 2022

design-for-a-stage-set-showing-the-interior-of-a-fortress-or-dungeon-061ac6So, my wife and I were talking with some other gamers at our local game store, Tyche’s Games, as you do.  The people we were talked mentioned that their campaign did not not have dungeon and then described what their campaign did have . . . which sounded just like a dungeon just under another name.

Which lead to a discussion among my wife and I about what defines a dungeon.  I think I know what defines a dungeon, in the classic Dungeons & Dragons sense, to me and which I will elaborate on in a moment.  But what does the term dungeon mean to you?  What images does the word conjure?  Is there anything that you immediate think of, for good or ill?

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Of Siroccos and Sky Skiffs – A Petrichor Campaign Report

2 December, 2021

Having shattered the seals and released the Demon Lords influence out upon the Sea of Stars, which has had several knock-on effects on the games I run on Friday nights as well -which has been awesome- the characters escape as quickly as they can from the ziggurat as harsh, dry winds and clouds of locusts (and maybe other things) rush past them.

zigguratmenThe ziggurat is trembling with the titanic forces unleashed, Pedr and Lorrend climb up through the upper levels which are abandoned, there is no sign of Erisham the Shedu or Elsbeth, they burst out into the air as things flood out around them (though the flow has diminished).  Lorrend and Pedr, accompanied by the demon in Visse form Anatu, descend the stairs on the outside of the building as the “sky becomes as black as sackcloth” above them.  They see a small sky skiff fight its way to a landing at the base of the ziggarat, four people pile out and charge up the stairs. Read the rest of this entry ?


Coraxin (Ravenkine), a new Beastkine, for Dungeons & Dragons (5E)

28 November, 2021

die_rabenballade_by_shandria“Born as scavengers, we are seen as symbols of death and misfortune, not helped by our dark sisters who truly bring death and destruction in their wake.  We are what we are, travelers and scholars, watchers and gatherers.  We see you.”


The origin of the Coraxin species is told by their legends, but cannot be independently confirmed, however it seems likely this is the truth.  The take runs that an unkindness of ravens had gathered in the snowy forest, hoping to find something to eat, when there was a flash and a crash and suddendly, freshly slain meat!  Once they regathered after the initial shock, they set about consuming this unexpected feast and as they did so . . . they changed.  Becoming the Coraxin.  It is assumed the flesh they consumed was that of one, or more, of the fallen gods and the remnants of divine power uplifted the ravens into the Coraxin.

The Coraxin evolved on the far rim of the Sea of Stars and have never been numerous, though their numbers have slowly grown.  They travel in nomadic bands that act as merchants, messengers and entertainers.

Coraxin are wanderers and often distrusted but at the same time welcomed as they bring news and interesting items from distant places.  They have an uneasy relationship with the Ba’aikire, who also share a kinship with ravens, the Coraxin call the Baikire “Dark Sisters” while the Baikire call the Coraxin “Little Birds”.

Coraxin Traits

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Dragonborn in the Sea of Stars, Reexamined

31 October, 2021

Silurian2With the release of Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, Dragonborn have recieved a rewrite and minor improvement, mostly.  So, I have decided to give them a slight rewrite to bring them more in line with the, slightly increased, power level of the “new” dragonborn.  You can read the background of how the Dragonborn fit into the Sea of Stars here.

The update game mechanics follow, they are as presented in the SRD except for:

Age. Newly hatched dragonborn grow rapidly with an appetite to match.  They walk hours after hatching, attain the size and development of a ten-year-old human child by the age of three, and physically reach adulthood by around fourteen years but are not considered adult until they pass through some sort of coming of age ritual. They can live to be as old as one hundred and fifty years but violence often cuts this short.

Size. Dragonborn are often taller and heavier than human a human of equivalent height, though some are more sinious.  Their draconic ancestry is quite obvious.  (Size Medium.)

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New Monster – Rose Assassin

28 October, 2021

Beware the thornsThese creatures are created for a singular purpose, to kill, drawing upon fae magic and the ties of blood to create an animated plant that seeks to slay a particulat target.

A child-size being of vaguely humanoid form made of intertwined strands of thorny vines, its head a mass of flower petals.

Rose Assassin
Small fae plant, evil

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New Monster – Star Cat

19 October, 2021

lion coinThese creatures are philosophers and explorers, curious to learn about new people and worlds.  What they do with that information is unknown, however they are deadly enemies of the Lrueoc and seek to have them destroyed whenever they learn of them (though reluctant to confront them directly).

A proud lion-sized cat, its dark blue fur decorated with constellations.  It opens its mouth and says, through gleaming ivory teeth, “What are your thoughts on the immortality of the soul?”

Star Cat
Large monstrosity (from beyond), lawful

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Tuesday Magic Item – Shield of Salynas

12 October, 2021

Hungarian Style Shield“While I feel it is right and proper to defend the smaller states against the predations of the larger,” said Voddick while donning armor, “I do wish the largers states would stop being so greedy.  I would be happy to never have to fight in another such battle.”

“Agreed my friend,” said Gollaon slipping arrows into a quiver.  “At least the defenders of this city-state have dug deep into their armories to make sure their defenders have the best weapons and armor they can provided.”

“The shield they gave their champion smacks of old magic,” nodded Voddick.

“I have high hopes that it will be helpful in the coming fight.”

Shield of Salynas

These shields are well made of practical designs and decorated with the heraldric symbol of the community they were made for.  No paint or magic can hide this symbol, it is always displayed. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Naginata of Household Defense

5 October, 2021

Hojo_Masako_(Takeda_Katsuyori's_wife)“I am not sure if I should be pleased or concerned that the entire household is mobilizing for its defense,” said Gollaon.

“Pleased surely,” replied Voddick.  “It is nice to see people with a proper concept of how to keep their home safe.”

“I forget you come from a more militant land than I, my friend,” said Gollaon.  “But we had best help if we are to learn our pay.”


Naginata of Household Defense

These polearms are beautifully made and carefully blessed and sanctified to the household, often decorated with designs lacing with meaning to to home.  Keeping the weapon properly cleaned and cared for is part of the rituals used to maintain its tie to the owner and their household. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Teacher’s Hat

28 September, 2021

448px-Jan_Lievens_(Dutch_-_Prince_Charles_Louis_of_the_Palatinate_with_his_Tutor_Wolrad_von_Plessen_in_Historical_Dress_-_Google_Art_Project“How long has it been since you were last in a school room?” asked Voddick looking around.

“As a student?  Longer than I care to remember, my friend,” answered Gollaon in a voice tinged with nostalgia.

“Perhaps we should retire and teach a new generation . . . someday.”

“Yes, someday.  But not today and probably not soon.”

“Sadly truth.”

Teacher’s Hat

These hats come in a variety of styles but are always suited to an educator (teacher, tutor, usw) in the culture and are always made of excellent materials, occasionally even luxurious ones. Read the rest of this entry ?


New Magic Item – Equinox Amulet

21 September, 2021

Amulet“We have never asked to be witnesses to a duel of magics before, I am not sure what is expected,” said Voddick quietly pausing the adjustment of the protective gear.

“I think we are primarily here in case something goes very, very wrong we are to keep crazed wizards or summoned demons from escaping the circle of combat,” replied Voddick, having just strung a longbow in preparation.

“That we can do.” Voddick slipped an axe into his belt loop.

“We have done such tasks before after all.”

Equinox Amulet

These amulets are made of a precise balance of black and white materials, evenly (and visibly evenly) divided.  They always seem at a perfectly neutral temperature, never hot nor cold.

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