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Tuesday Magic Item – Soldier’s Plate

28 March, 2023

Gollaon looked at the greyish stew and the small chunk of cheese and larger chuck of bread, soon joined by another.  They sighed.

Voddick nodded.  “At least it is free and warm.”

“That is about the only positive thing that can be said about it.”

“Well, eat up, tomorrow we are back on our own with trail rations and what we can find.”

“That is almost a welcoming thought.”

Soldier’s Plate

These plates are usually of basic metal, such as tin, though sometimes of wood with the symbol of the organization they were made for on the bottom of the plate.  They are built to be tough and survive being tossed around.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Equinox Wine

21 March, 2023

Drink the equinoxGollaon watched as the wine was decanted with great ceremony, the shadowy purple color contrasted with the bright silver base of the crystal goblet.

Voddick whispered.  “Are you sure this is wise?”

“It would be impolite to refuse to drink now,” Gollaon whispered back.

Equinox Wine

Made of a precise mix of dark winter wine and white summer wine with a slight infusion of magical herbs, Equinox Wine has a unique taste but it is only magical when imbibed with the proper ceremony at dawn or sunset on the Equinox.  The wine tastes of spring growth and fall harvest, winter frost and summer warmth, it is a rare experience.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Lubricating Liquor

14 March, 2023

Have a drink, let's talkGollaon looked at the bottle suspiciously.  “I am not sure if we should be drinking this?”

Voddick took the bottle and poured a glass.  “It seems a bit effervescent but I cannot see anything that looks dangerous about it.”

“I think it will make you more talkative than you would like.”

“No one likes me being talkative,” said Voddick with a wry smile.

Lubricating Liquor

This liquor is an effervescent clear liquid that enhances the flavor of any drink it is added to.  It only needs a small amount, an ounce or two (30-60 ml), to work.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Unspillable Tankard

7 March, 2023
Have a drink with me.

Tankard (1715–25). American. Made in New York, New York, Mid-Atlantic, United States. Accession number: 27.85.1

Voddick listened potentially to the drunk insult him and his heritage and when the fool knocked his drink over, he was prepared for what would happen.  The drunk was not, as nothing spilled out of the almost full tankard.  As the drunk starred dumfounded at this minor miracle, Voddick coldcocked him with a precise uppercut.

Gollaon righted the drink of their friend.  “Your patience is admirable, especially given what he was saying about your mother.”

Voddick took a drink.  “My mother taught me never to fight fair with drunks and liars,” he said with a grin.

Unspillable Tankard

Tankards are useful items, many people have their own, so one that does not spill its contents is even more useful.  Each of these tankards is usually highly decorated and personalized for the person it was made for.  They can be wood, pewter, silver, or even more exotic materials.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Kind Death Talisman

28 February, 2023

Death be kindGollaon watched the young soldiers take the talismans from their elders, carefully keeping any emotion from their face.

Voddick watched as well, his face equally blank.  “Let us hope they do not have to use those.”

“We will do our best to keep them safe.”

Kind Death Talisman

These items are usually worked in the form of memento more, remembrances of death, skulls, coffins and such like.  Some are just simple carved wood or stone, and others are made of precious metals and gems.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Ancestor’s Blessing

21 February, 2023

A gift to the spirit worldGollaon watched as Voddick lit a candle and a stick of incense at the small shrine to the ancestors.

“It is good to have someone to watch over you,” said Gollaon.

“They have been helpful in the past,” said Voddick.

Ancestor’s Blessing

This is not a physical item but rather a spiritual one.  One entreats the ancestors for aid, making an offering as well, and, hopefully, they give it.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Deck of Futures

14 February, 2023

See your future?“Read your future, youngster?” asked the aged fortune tell, their hand hovering over a deck of cards.

Gollaon shooks his head.  “No thank you, I prefer to leave my fate unwritten.”

Voddick tosses them a piece of a silver coin.  “Try to give the next person some good luck.”

The fortune teller snacked the silver out of the air with a speed belying their age.  “I will do my best but the cards see what they see.”

Deck of Futures

These decks are made with care using special inks and precisely cut cards, some are printed and then painted, while others are made almost entirely by hand.  In any case, they are made to be tools to predict the future.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Guardian’s Bracelet

7 February, 2023

Keeping people safe.Gollaon nodded politely to the well-armed guard.  “It is good to see that you are alert and ready for any danger.  But we will give fair warning should trouble approach.”

Voddick shook his head.  “He is just doing his job.”

“And with the help of some magic, they will be very efficient at it.”

“Always good to have some help.”

Guardian’s Bracelet

These bracelets are usually made of hard metal, sometimes steel, sometimes brass, sometimes something else, usually decorated with the symbol of the organization or family it was made for,

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Tuesday Magic Item – Spirit Hunter’s Candle

31 January, 2023

No unliving yet . . .Gollaon lit the candles and placed it inside a lantern.  “Cannot risk an errant breeze putting this out.”

Voddick shook his head.  “How did I let you talk me into spirit hunting again?”

“And the purse of gold has nothing to do with it?”

Voddick just grumbled.

Spirit Hunter’s Candle

These candles have an odd sheen to their wax, which is usually black or dark red, they are difficult to extinguish once lit.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Knockabout Knuckledusters

24 January, 2023

That's gonna hurtGollaon winched as the thug went down to a vicious blow to the jaw.

Voddick disabled another with a stomp to the foot.  The rest fled in panic.

“Well done,” said Gollaon, “you dispatched those ruffians with alacrity.”

“Your friend looked ready for a fight and there were six of them,” she replied, slipping the knuckle dusters off her hand.  “And I did not want to see your pretty face scarred.”

Knockabout Knuckledusters

These weapons are knuckle dusters and are almost always made in pairs and can be plain or fancy but are usually plain and practical, weapons for thugs and scrappers, not knights and nobles.

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