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The Fourth Shack (Petrichor 365)

3 February, 2023

Bring your ownNearby to the docks, is a shack made of scraps and salvage and hung over the entrance is a battered tankard.  The entrance, which is covered by nothing but a stained curtain made from an empty grain bag, is not entirely unwelcoming.

The interior is a handful of roughly built tables and benches, several barrels of beer and, on a good night, some casks and bottles of other alcohol-containing beverages.  Occasionally new barrels of beer will appear their source is never entirely clear.  Salvaged ship’s lanterns provide some light to the dim interior.  The floor is mostly packed earth, the only wooden planks are under the barrels, and covered in fresh straw or sand as it becomes available. Read the rest of this entry ?


Ygrin Inkroller, Printer (Petrichor 365)

2 February, 2023

Printing day and nightWell away from the docks on a solid patch of ground is a stout building with stone foundations and heavy wooden walls with windows along the top.  A sign above the door simply reads, “Printer.”

This is the print shop of Ygrin Inkroller, a Visse printer, who followed on the heels of the Imperial bureaucrats with a small printer and soon ordered a more significant one to keep up with demand.  That arrived and it runs more or less constantly providing forms for the bureaucracy and books and pamphlets, so mnay pamphlets, for local consumption and the occasional summary of news from around the town and beyond. Read the rest of this entry ?


Neko and Hund Outfitters (Petrichor 365)

30 January, 2023

Something like thisOn the main road out of Port Imperial -it has actually been paved and runs out through the first gate constructed for the walls that, will eventually, enclose the land side of the city- is a stout building made of mixed stone with iron-bound doors and a slate roof.  The windows are narrow and additionally blocked with iron bars.  A sign above the main door has the silhouette of a cat and a hound above a crossed pick and shovel and on the door is “Neko and Hund Outfitters.Read the rest of this entry ?


Alacon’s Boarding House (Petrichor 365)

29 January, 2023

Such is live in a boarding house.While this bonding house once had quite a nice location but now it is wedged between two warehouses and its view of the harbor blocked by other new construction.  It is a three-story building that has been repaired a surprising number of times for a structure that has only been around for five years.

Originally built by Gis Alacon, at only two stories, with their settlement pay from their position as the second mate of a cargo ship.  Seeing a gap in the market for housing, the boarding house was the result, two years later, another story was added. Read the rest of this entry ?


Three Stars Stable and Hire (Petrichor 365)

26 January, 2023

Horse and muleSometimes, you need a horse or another sort of mount or pack animal.  One such place to buy such, or hire for local use, is the Three Stars Stable.  They have been in business for around five years, continually adding to the building and their stock.

Their business model is simple, they sell mounts and pack animals to those going out at slightly inflated prices and then repurchase them on the cheap when the venturers return and do not want to pay to keep them stabled and cared for.  Or they make money stabling them, in either case, profit!  As an additional sideline, they rent out wagons and carts to locals who need to move things but do not want the expense of owning their own.  They will also sell such vehicles to those going out of town. Read the rest of this entry ?


Lucian’s Baths (Petrichor 365)

22 January, 2023

Take a bath.Lucian’s Baths are not the only baths in Port Imperial but they are the finest.  Lucian arrived within the first year of the establishment of Port Imperial with financing and marble.  Within days after his arrival he had marked out land and began construction on the bath and a small aqueduct to feed them.

Since then, the bath has slowly expanded and improved, the baths and floors have always been stone but the upper structure has been wood and improved to stone, though the roofs have always been tiles over wooden frames. Read the rest of this entry ?


Random people on the streets of Port Imperial (Petrichor 365)

22 January, 2023

Inspired by the Daydreaming About Dragons podcast about Markets everywhererandom tables, though I would put together some for random people you might meet on the streets of Port Imperial.

Who do you bump into in a crowd? Read the rest of this entry ?


Cassion Nock, Fletcher (Petrichor 365)

21 January, 2023

Many things are needed by venturers, food, water, weapons, so much other gear and, of course, arrows.  The small shop of Cassion Nock, he took the family name as a nod to his craft, Arrows for sale!which sells arrows, bolts, and darts for all sorts of bows and other projectile weapons.  The fireplace has a small forge for finishing arrowheads and dark points.

The building holding his shop is three stories, the third having been slightly haphazardously added after the initial construction, made of reclaimed wood with a brick chimney.  The front door is decorated with carved arrows and bolts and leads into a ground floor workroom and showroom with barrels and racks of finished arrows, bolts, and darts and even more in the process of being made. Read the rest of this entry ?


The Four Emeralds Inn (Petrichor 365)

18 January, 2023

Something like this.When you come across a building that is made almost entirely of stone in Port Imperial, you can bet that it is either Imperial or Gemkine work.  In the case of the Four Emeralds, it is the Earthkine, a group of Clan Emerald venturers, all cousins, pool the money they had made, some on Petrichor, some elsewhere, and built the Four Emeralds.  It is a solid three stories of well-mortared stone from a local quarry (also owned by members of Clan Emerald, as it happens).

Above the main doors are four large panes of green glass, each marked with the name of one of the founder’s names in Gemkine runes, arranged in an X.  The other windows of the inn, all composed of multiple small panes of glass in a lead frame, each has four green panes among the clear glass.  It is a very distinctive building. Read the rest of this entry ?


House of Seven Clocks (Petrichor 365)

17 January, 2023

As time wears on, and more money is made in and around Port Imperial, more expensive and exclusive places to stay and meet are being built, the House of Seven Clocks, is one such inn.

A fine place to stayFinanced by a consortium of local business owners, much of the construction materials for the inn were directly imported so it has a more traditional appearance than most of the buildings in town which is sometimes comforting to new arrivals to Port ImperialThe House of Seven Clocks has an excellent outreach program, recruiting rich patrons for the inn before they have even arrived in Port Imperial. Read the rest of this entry ?

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