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Into October! With a glance back at September

30 September, 2017

October begins tomorrow, the eighth month of the Roman Calendar, that whole Oct part of the name.  I cannot find any special associations that the Romans had with October beyond Autumn, but in the modern world have Halloween, so  this month the Sea of Stars Design Journal will have Monsters as our theme.

If you have ideas for Monsters, let me know and I will try to make it happen.

This September saw the following posts on the journal seeing:

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Dark Future Ahead 23 – News from the ‘Net of a Cyberpunk bent

29 September, 2017

As you head into the weekend, time to share some inspiration for cyberpunk gaming culled from my expeditions into the matrix.  Enjoy the news:

A discussion of the rapidly increasing use of weaponized drones, quite interesting.

OA-X in actionBut for now, the US Air Force is sticking with piloted planes, but they are testing the final two competitors for the OA-X light attack plane contract under actual war flying conditions.  Sounds like a short campaign to me.

A look at how the regions of the US actually break up into greater metro areas.  Which megaplex are you closest to?

The business of lab growing meats, with an emphasis on test-tube tuna.  Lots of opportunities here for theft of recipes and sabotage.  But lab grown fish seems like it will be viable before the replacement for farm animals.

A news team visits the ruins of an abandoned Soviet bioweapons lab, with an emphasis on how difficult it is to kill anthrax spores.  Very worrying but some great setting ideas.

What visions of the coming dark future have you seen recently?

Notes: OA-X photo edited from U.S. Air Force Photo by Ethan D. Wagner. Used without permission.








Tuesday Magic Item – Spelldancer’s Mask

26 September, 2017

What do you see?“The local sorcerer are very . . . energetic,” said Voddick, dodging a spinning dancer and their tambourine.

Gollaon cast an admiring gaze as the athletic dancer slide by.  “And very fit.  I approve.  Magic spinners often give into sloth, relying on their magic, and neglecting their physical self.  No such problems here.”

“Agreed, they are all very fit,” nodded Voddick.  “I am glad we are working with them, they seem like they would be quite terrifying on the battlefield.”

“And possibly other places too.”

Spelldancer’s Mask

These full face masks are decorated with runes and sigils on both sides, they can be composed of a variety of materials depending on the tradition of the maker, everything from carved wood to shaped metal can (and had) been used.  The only requirements are the high degree of care and effort placed into the creating of the mask.

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Shadowrun Campaign Updates and new Seattle Scream prop (#53)

21 September, 2017

Again, I have fallen behind on keeping up on the Seattle Scream but finally a new issue (#53, October 2073)!

Things have been going well, with monthly introductory games at Tyche’s Games (every first Sat, feel free to join us), and the occasional game as part of our Thursday night rotation.  Indeed, the story in the lower right hand corner refers to the last Thursday night mission (which was a failure or it would have been a very different news item).

The NorCal set game on occasional Thursdays, which I am a player in, is still moving forward (last report from that here) and still great fun.

The rock tour set game I was running is on hiatus and I work out how to better coordinate the players involved.

But, be careful out in the shadows my friends.  More news soon.



Tuesday Magic Item – Black Banner of Piracy

19 September, 2017

Pirates!“I am not happy with this job,” complained Voddick, sipping at a mug of water and trying to keep his footing on the rolling deck.

“Well, it in only to get us to the next major city.  We could not stay where we were, after all,” said Gollaon gripping the rail and looking to the horizon.

“And whose fault was that?”

“So, I forgot which religious orders had strictures about celibacy,” admitted Gollaon with an embarrassed shrug.  “It was not as if the novices had taken vows yet.”

“That did not seem to matter much to the order’s enforcers.”

“Truth,” agreed Gollaon with a grimace.

Black Banner of Piracy

These black ensigns, often gruesomely decorated, are used by pirate ships to aid them in cowing their victims.  After all, pirate would rather their victims simply surrendered rather than having to fight, which is a messy business.

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Elemental Candle for D&D 5E

14 September, 2017

Light the darknessVoddick set the lit match to the yellow flame and both went out.  “That is hard to get used to.”

“True,” agreed Gollaon, blinking after images from his sight.  “But useful.  How often are you going to drop a candle into a fire?”

“And even then you would still have light,” noted Voddick with a grin.

“Good point,” Gollaon grinned back.  “I think we should see about getting some of the others too.”

“Agreed, a candle that burns underwater seems most useful.”

Elemental Candle

Wondrous item, uncommon

These candles are made of purest materials imbued with raw elemental essence giving them unique properties.  Making them is tricky and requires considerable skill either as a alchemist or chandler as well as the ability to manipulate the elements.

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New Magic Item – Elemental Candle

13 September, 2017

Let it light the wayVoddick watched the casting of the candles with intense focus.

Gollaon leaned in.  “It is interesting but not that interesting.”

“You are wrong, my friend, this is a brilliant use of elementalism.”

“Well, that is true,” nodded Gollaon slowly.  “I have not seen it applied in this fashion before.”

Elemental Candle

These candles are made of purest materials imbued with raw elemental essence giving them unique properties.  Making them is tricky and requires considerable skill either as a alchemist or chandler as well as the ability to manipulate the elements.

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New Magic Item – Cookbook of Counterspells

6 September, 2017

Baked Goods“I have never worked for a wizard who was also a baker before,” said Voddick.

“I cannot say that I have either, but it is an interesting time,” replied Gollaon weighing a small loaf of bread in his hand.

“Are you going to eat that?”

“Oh, no, I am good.”  Gollaon handed over the loaf.  “Enjoy.”

“I will.  Though I fear this job will lead to me getting fat.”


Cookbook of Counterspells

These books are of moderate size and often filled with notes and marginalia from various owners.  They usually have a strap or ties to keep it closed.  The scents of spices, herbs and cooking blend with the paper of the book.

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