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April ahead as March ends

31 March, 2022

April begins on the morrow with its usual day of clever tricks and artful misdirections, such not being my specialty, do not expect anything clever from me.  But I hope to enjoy cheerful cleverness from others.

#AtoZChallenge 2022 alternative badgeApril is named after the Roman month Aprilis though it is unclear where the Roman name comes from . . .  It may refer to the opening (aperire) of buds and flowers as Spring arrives or in some unclear way to the goddess Venus, to whom it is a sacred month, or something else.  We just do not know, such is the way of history.

As is usual, I am participating in the the Blogging from A to Z Challenge for April, the theme will be “Unusual Animals of the Sea of Stars” so if you have questions about my setting or the creatures that roam about, or anything else, please ask.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Soldier Box

29 March, 2022

360px-·˙·ChinaUli2010·.·_Xi'an_-_panoramio_(233)“I had hoped for more support when we were assigned to this outpost,” said Voddick.  “It is a good little fort but our numbers are few and the army said to be marching towards us is not.”

“I think we are being used as bait for a trap,” said Gollaon.  “Have you not noticed the boxes placed carefully around the fort?”

“I had, I was thinking they were ammunition.  But . . .” Voddick pondered.  “Soldier boxes?”

Gollaon nodded.  “I think so.  The small garrison can be suddendly expanded but anyone watching will just have seen supplies being brought in.”

“Clever, though I am not happying being the worm used to bait the hook.”

Soldier Box

These boxes are not large, usually, and are sometimes battered having survived being dragged from battlefield to battle field, others are decorated and well cared for, often the possessions of nobles.  It all cases, it is what they contain that make them useful.

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New Monster – Ceramic Soldier (for D&D 5E)

29 March, 2022


Ceramic Soldier

The soldiers moved in close order and in perfect unison, it was not until they came closer that it was possible to tell that they were not living people at all but cunningly made and painted clay.

Ceramic Soldier
Medium hollow (construct), unaligned

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Review – Shadowrun: Emerald City

28 March, 2022

SR-ECShadowrun: Emerald City is a setting book for the Sixth World Edition of Shadowrun covering that most Shadowrun of all cities, Seattle. If you are running a Seattle-based campaign, obviously this book is going to be extremely useful while not indispensable but close. For non-seattle-based campaigns, it is a fun read and gives you some information of things that will have rippling effects on the rest of the Sixth World. However, the lack of district maps and an index do badly compromise its usability during a game.

Shadowrun: Emerald City is the Setting Book for Shadowrun’s hometown, the Metroplex of Seattle. Designed to link into the new city edition of the core and providing a detailed look at the city and its situation following the city’s declaration of independence.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Military Boots

22 March, 2022

Good boots are vital.“It is good to be working with professional soldiers again,” said Voddick.  “Do not mistake me, helping militias befend their home is a good feeling.  But it causes me a great deal of sorrow when one of them is hurt or killed.  These people know the risks they are taking and it usually does not hit me so hard when the inevitable happens.”

Golloan nodded.  “While they have people who care for them as well.  Taking the Queen’s coin means that everyone knows what is likely to happen sooner or later.”

“And they do not complan as much about marching.”

“But they still complain, they are soldiers after all.”

Military Boots

These shoes, usually boots but along could be other military footwear such as Roman sandals and such, are practical in the extreme, the only decoration, if any might be an armory stamp or a stitched symbol indicating its place of origin.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Hold Your Ground Shield

15 March, 2022


“It is nice to feel like the militia actually listened to us,” said Voddick adjusting his armor.  “We are not professional cavalry to fight in an open field.”

“Truth.  Let them come to us, on a ground of our choosing,” agreed Gollaon.  “Though I do wish we had more archers and slingers.”

“Luckily we were able to convince the shepards to join in or we would not have any slingers at all.”

“Again, truth,” nodded Gollaon.  “At least the militia has kept up their training.”

“And their equipment, those shields will be a great help in the coming fight.”

Hold Your Ground Shield

These shields are almost always large shields, designed to be used as part of a shield wall, often decorated with the symbols of the community they were made for.  They are usually far more utilitarian than decorated made for times of direst need.  They are often passed down within a family to serve for community

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Tuesday Magic Item – Soldier’s Belt

8 March, 2022

Sword Hanger“This court feels very much like a preparation for war,” whispered Voddick.  “With all of these courtiers dressed in their martial finery.”

“I also feel that ill wind blowing,” replied Gollaon.

“If they would actually being going out into the field of battle, I suspect their taste for war would vanish.”

“But what then would hard-working mercenaries like our fine selves be reduced too?” replied Gollaon.

“I could stand to guard a few more caravans rather than fight on the warfield again.”

Soldier’s Belt

These belts are often simple, just well made leather straps and metal fastenings from wich a hanger for a sword sheath for a dagger or two and perhaps a quiver or box of ammunition can be suspended from.  Some, of course, are much fancier to show off the owner’s wealth and status, but they are not any more effective.

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Shadowrun Campaign News and a new Seattle Scream Prop (#73)

7 March, 2022

bandStill playing Shadowrun.  Actually managed to start the Songs on the Key of X campaign just in time for a bunch of work to drop in my lap, so I am not sure when we are going to play more.  Will keep up my Shadowrun demo games every first Saturday at Tyche’s Games if you are ever in the area.  And playing in the occasional NorCal set game.  Due to the work thing, not sure when I will be CH more Shadowrun apart from the Saturday games.

Did finally finish my review of Double Clutch which overall I am pretty happy with, though you can check out the review for more details.

Now for what you have all been waiting for, the new Seattle Scream (#73)!  The story about Nightmare Chorus is the aftermath of one of the runs, one that I had a great deal of fun with (and the players seemed to as well).

Hope that your Shadowrunning is going well.  Feel free to share your adventures in the comments.

Notes: Photo found on Pixabay and is free for use.


Superheroes – Once upon a Time in 1968 – Issue 14 – Part 1: Squids and Candy

6 March, 2022

Picking up directly after Issue 13 with the dirigible Leonard calling for help!

Cover: A Question Mark divides the cover, on one side is Leonard, the airship, being attacked by sky-squids, the other side will be revealed later!  Across the bottom is “New Challenges for our Young Heroes!”

Opening page:  Leonard high over New York being attacked by three sky-squid!  “I am under attack!  I am under attack!” he broadcasts.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Wreath of Triumph

1 March, 2022

371px-Bas_relief_from_Arch_of_Marcus_Aurelius_triumph_chariot“Triumphs always seem a bit indulgent,” said Voddick watching from the back of the crowd.

Gollaon nodded, sipping at some wine.  “Truth.  But people like to celerbrate their victories.”

“That I understand but dragging the defeated through the streets?  It just seems . . . impolite.”

“Agreed,” Gollaon handed his friend some wine.  “But the wine is free flowing so might as well enjoy it.”

Wreath of Triumph

These wreaths are quite simple, often just laurel branches woven together, tthough some are made of precious metals to mimic proper wreaths bepending on how ostentatious the person celebrating the triumph is.  It is quite a simple item, drawing it magic from the powerful symbolism of the triumph itself.

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