Tuesday Magic Item – Steadfast Staff

18 September, 2018

Armed and willing to defend“That new arrival, the one with the staff, seems quite devoted to the defense of the local people,” said Voddick, watching them spar with several men-at-arms.

“Worthy ideals inspire righteous people,” replied Gollaon idly watching the fight.

“We should try and find some of those.”

“Worthy ideals or righteous people?”


Steadfast Staff

These simple wood staves are usually only decorated in the most simple manner, perhaps with the owner’s name or a local symbol.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Corpse Custodian Pin

11 September, 2018

PinnedVoddick tossed the shovel aside.  “Ready!”

Gollaon gave him a hand up.  “They are ready to lay the corpses in.”

Voddick dropped his voice once they were away.  “I were prefer to put them on a pyre, with those necrourgists out there.”

“You must give our employers their traditions and they have protections.”

“Hopefully it will be enough.”

Corpse Custodian Pin

These are often mass produced with a disc of copper or silver usually decorated with religious iconography and sayings;  The pins that attach them are strong and made of steel or iron.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Agent’s Seal

4 September, 2018

BadgeVoddick caught Gollaon’s elbow and led him away from the new arrival.  “Not a conquest to pursue,” Voddick said quietly, “an Agent of the Imperium.”

“Indeed?” said Gollaon glancing back. “They are rare.”

“And dangerous.”

“Good point.  Perhaps we should go and get a drink?”

Agent’s Seal

These seals serve both as identification and a way to secure communications for agents of a power, they are standardized within each organization and follow a pattern: made of a hard material, usually metal, sometime carved stone or wood, showing the symbol of the organization, inscribed with the name of the bearer and set with a crystal or gem.

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Last of August, September arrives

31 August, 2018

Now we move into September (and hopefully some cooler weather here in Georgia, USA), the seventh month of the Roman calendar.  September does not seem to have any particular ties to myth or tradition among the Romans, however, as Seven is usually viewed as a magical number, magic and spells will be our theme for this month.   Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see.

At the start of the month I will be in Washington, DC, area visiting family and museums.  My plan is to set the journal to update during that time but I will slow to approve comments from new people but I will do so as soon as I can.  I shall return with new and inspired ideas and photographs of the wonders of the Smithsonian and other museums and historical places.

August, 2018, saw the following posts here:

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Review – Shadowrun: Street Lethal

30 August, 2018

Shadowrun: Street LethalShadowrun: Street Lethal bills itself as the Advanced Combat Sourcebook for Shadowrun but it is not that, there are new toys, some crazy bleeding edge technology, and some excellent information on corporate security along with updates on mercenaries, pirates and militias in the Sixth World. But apart from one rule section with very narrow applicability, there is not really much to make it an “advanced combat sourcebook,” it is however a very useful sourcebook, especially for a Shadowrun GM, but it could have used a more accurate subtitle.

Shadowrun: Street Lethal, the Advanced Combat Sourcebook of the 5th edition of Shadowrun, while it does not actually add that much in the way of rules it provides new weaponry, for player characters and NPCs, information on how Corporation Security works, and studies the role of mercenaries, pirates and militia in the Sixth World.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Alamarian Dulcimer’s Ring

28 August, 2018

A ring of music

Voddick sipped at his spiced ale.  “I hear that Evard’s Black Orchastra is playing tomorrow.”

“That is the band of Alamarian Dulicmer’s children, yes?” asked Gollaon.

“Yes,” nodded Voddick, “they are all adults, it is no children’s chorus.”

“I met Dulcimer’s once.”

“Yes?  I would think you would get along.”

“Well, he had even more of a roving heart than me,” replied Voddick with a grin.  “It was a pleasure to watch a master at work.”

Alamarian Dulcimer’s Ring

These rings are silver and decorated with musical symbology, dropped on a hard surface, it chimes musically (and for much longer than it should).  Some, many, have dedications as they were given as gifts.

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PinkCat: Running in the Shade “Great Rasputin’s Ghost! ” (A different sort of SR campaign report)

26 August, 2018

To understand what is going on here, you had best read the first PinkCat: Running in the Shade post, but short summary, this is a campaign report for our Shadowrun campaign set in NorCal through the filter of a cartoon made by one of the team members.

Episode Thirty-Eight: Great Rasputin’s Ghost!

Guest Starring: Clawz, DD, DoubleUp and Rani.  And introducing:

  • Bobin, hyperactive ex-corporate Chihuahua multi-tasker who is always trying to catch up.  (Stand in for Tobin, ex-Horizon corporate shrink who plays in my Seattle game and was “guest starring” in the NorCal game this week.  Played by M.)

Like this but a wolfThe class is on a field trip to the Museum of Old and Not at All Boring Art, where Bobin is taking in the art, when all of the doors and windows close and lock.  From the Treasures of the Czars exhibit, a ghostly voice announces, “I return!” in a comic Russian accent.  Light flicker and eerie music plays.  Poking their head around the corner, they see, well, a wolf version of Rasputin standing among the various Czarist treasures.

He laughs maniacally and rants about forging a new Ruzzian Empire once he finds a new Czar to lead it.  Clawz choose this moment to lean to far forward and falls, attracting Rasputin’s attention.  Rasputin uses hypnotic powers to convince Clawz to be the new Czar and instantly Clawz is wearing a Ruzzian Imperial Uniform and giving commands in a Russian accent.

The rest of the episode is the rest of the team dodging Rasputin and Clawz as they convert people into Russians while trying to figure out how to trap the returned Rasputin.  Lots of good chases ala Scooby Doo before they team works out how to use a Faberge Egg as a spirit trap and tricks the ghost of Rasputin into opening it, setting off the trap; thus freeing everyone from his influence and saving the day.

What really happened:

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