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July ends as August and GenCon begin!

31 July, 2018

Augustus Caesar wants you to know is greatly humbled by you naming a month after him

August (named after the  very unhumble Roman first citizen Augustus Caesar) will be a month of personalities from the Sea of Stars (and possibly other places).  If there is someone -or something– in particular you would like to see, write a comment or otherwise let me know.

I will be off to GenCon from the end of July to early August but page updates should continue during that time (and this is where you can find me at GenCon).  If you have not commented before, your comments may have to wait to be approved once I get back (sorry).

July saw the following posts published on the journal:

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Tuesday Magic Item – Sack of Snacks

31 July, 2018

Spiced nuts for all!

“Do we have any of those candied nuts left?” asked Voddick.

“We can,” answered Gollaon.  “But we will have to open the sack.”

“Best to wait then,” sighed Voddick.  “What about the rhubarb?”

“Yes, we have some of that.”

Voddick took the bag.  “I will have to be careful.  Guarding these merchants will cause me to run to fat.”

Sack of Snacks

These bags are made of well made but rarely fancy cloth, often embroidered with the mark or shield of a merchant house or guild.  They always feel full of something, even when they are not.

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Finding Me at GenCon 2018

28 July, 2018

GenCon!Should you wish to, first review my advice to those going, then look below:

My schedule is unusually up in the air this year as I am part of a new team for my employers at Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG).  The two fixed points I know in my schedule are:

Friday, 6pm – 2am(ish), you will find me in the Board Game Hall overseeing and helping with AEG’s Big Game Night (BGN).  I will be busy but if you want to come and learn one of the recent AEG games, drop by after 9pm and you can join in and play (though not get any swag unless you already have a ticket).  As it winds down I will have more free time, though you may have to talk with me as I check and back away demo games.  In any case, feel free to drop by.

Saturday, 2-6pm, I will be demonstrating the new games from BGN at the AEG booth in the exhibit hall.

Thursday day and night and Friday during the day, I will be around the main floor of the Embassy Suites teaching board games to our team for BGN.  Not sure exactly where or how busy that will be, so drop by if you are in the area there should be a cluster of people learning board games and I will be among them.

MeSpotting me in a crowd!  On duty I will be wearing a red AEG t-shirt and my hair (pulled back in a pony tail) and beard are mostly white, and I am an average height slightly overweight white man, so, yeah, I will not be that easy to spot.  I have included a picture to make it easier.

Beyond that, who knows?  But I arrive on Tuesday to help with setup.  So drop me a note if you want to try and meet up, I am sure we can work something out.

In any case, to all those going and not going, have fun and play more games.


Tuesday Magic Item – Briand’s Chain of Peace

24 July, 2018

Official Chain“Although it spells the end of employment, I am glad to see this war ending,” said Voddick, watching the signing ceremony.

“I agree,” said Gollaon before taking a bite of apple.

“Where next for us?”

“Perhaps we can get work escorting some of the envoys home?  Some of them seem unconvinced that the peace will hold.”

‘Good thought.”

Briand’s Chain of Peace

These chains are usually ornate symbols of status but occasion are relative plain, only bearing a seal of authority on the chain.  Depending on the tradition of the makers, they may be necklaces or belts, in either case, they must be prominently displayed to function.

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Player Expectations, Game Reality and Killing Characters

22 July, 2018

So, about every four weeks I GM a Learn to Play D&D (Fifth Ed) session as part of Tyche’s Games‘, our local game store, Friday Night Initiative program to teach RPGs to people.  This last Friday was one such session, it had four players, three of whom had played in my games before and one new player to D&D as well as my games.

What happened?Everyone generated starting characters and it was decided that everyone knew each other, so they were starting as a group,  The initial adventure had them following up on a mystery in the town they were in, two teenagers had disappeared in recent nights.  They set a trap and they managed to lure out the creature and then chase down to its lair in the basement of a house.  That all went well and the monster was dispatched in a brutal and noisy battle that, in usually D&D fashion only took about thirty second in the game world and the kidnapped teenagers were found and recovered.  However, the house owner had no idea what was happening and shouted down “what is going on down there?” after the fight ended.

One player at first made a jokey reply (“We’re naked don’t come down.”) and then when the house owner showed up at the top of the stairs, tried to use a Persuasion skill roll to get him to come down.  Note that this was just after sounds of combat and the player character was holding a battle axe, so even though the player rolled well for the Persuasion skill, the house owner would not come down but was willing to keep talking.  When the house owner said that they would go to the authorities, the player tried Intimidation and the house holder ran, again even though the player rolled well (17ish) because that what you do when someone with a weapon threatens to preform violence against you.  The player seems annoyed that his “good” rolls did not allow him to control the situation (i.e. the actions of the NPC).  Now, it did not matter as the the important part was the rescue and everything else was glossed over in the glow of saving the teenagers and the monster being defeated, as it should be.  Escalating the situation with the house owner was an unnecessary digression, I just tossed him in for color, and no reason to have it distract from the game as a whole.

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Sean’s GenCon Advice 2018

19 July, 2018

GenCon - An Epic Level EventGenCon is just about two weeks away, so, I thought I would (again) share my hard-earned experience and try and help out people who are going as I do every year.


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Tuesday Magic Item – Firgun Amulet

17 July, 2018

An amulet“I must say, I like our new officer, always a kind word,” said Voddick polishing his sword.

“Indeed, I hope they are not too soft for this job,” agreed Gollaon pouring boiling water into the tea pot.

“It works with some, such as us.”

“But not all, we will have to offer what support we can.  We can be the harsh angels when needed.”

Firgun Amulet

These amulets can be simple or ornate but are always friendly or comforting in appearance, protective magic is often visible inscribed upon them.

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Rokugan SRIU Episode 14 “Wild Horses and Wind Shrines” (L5R Campaign Report)

15 July, 2018

After surviving gunfire and just normal fire, our heroes find themselves in still in Dragon’s Guard City, two weeks later.  Akodo Akina has been sent to Shiro Matsu to return the daisho of the slain governor, Matsu Hotohara, and those of his bodyguards to their families.  While Tonbo Sanetomi has been sent with a report on the Teppo and Gaijin pepper to the Agasha shugenja in the Dragon mountains.

The city, especially the docks and warehouse district, suffer from damage and fires and repairs are ongoing with the nearby monastery of the Order of Harmonious Work dispatching its monks and nuns to help out as well.  The Mirumoto investigator has been helping solve petty crimes as the confusion has led to considerable minor theft, he is surprisingly lenient with the perpetrators, only demanding the items be returned and otherwise delivering a stern warning.

Suzume Ryosuke (last seen in Episode 5!) arrived with

Matsu Yakoshi, a petite and pretty Matsu who was trained as a Bayushi courtier, due to a clause in her parent marriage contract.  She does not get on with her mother . . . or her ancestors.  (Bayushi courtier 1, played by M.)

The Governor's palacewho is newly assigned to the SRIU and new orders from Doji Akira.  It seems there is considerable debate as to whom should govern Dragon’s Guard City, so while that is being sorted out in the Imperial Court, Hida Kenta is assigned as acting governor until such a time as a permanent replacement is decided upon.  The city is overjoyed, as they know Kenta and his team from several previous visits and promptly throw him a huge welcoming party with food, mostly seafood, and drink from all over town brought in.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Social Climber’s Ladder

10 July, 2018

Ladder to love?“Are you sure it is wise to pursue the Doge’s child?” asked Voddick before taking a sip of ale.

“It is all in good fun beside not much chance that I will actually catch them,” replied Gollaon with a wide grin.

“You are successful more oft than not my friend.”

Gollaon nodded his thanks at the implied compliment.  “Besides, I have just reacquired one of these.”  He held up a necklace.

Voddick smiled.  “Ah, good to see.  Those sorts of necklaces have gotten us out of more than one scrape.  And into one or two as I recall.”


Social Climber’s Ladder

These necklaces are always made with a ladder pattern but otherwise come in a variety of styles, they tend to be understated rather than flashy.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Serpent of Ambition

3 July, 2018

Clutching a serpent can be dangerous“I think we should get out of the contract as soon as possible,” said Voddick.

“Why?  It pays well,” replied Gollaon.  “And we are in a city again.”  He gestured to the beautiful buildings around them.

“Both true statement,” agreed Voddick.  “But I fear our employer is too ambitious.”

“We have worked for ambitious nobles before.”

“But this one embraces a snake as a symbol.”

Gollaon paused.  “True.  Let us start looking for ways to extricate ourselves from this situation.”

Serpent of Ambition

These magic item can be any type of jewelry by are usually a broach or ring, they always have a serpent prominent in their design while there may be other design elements partly disguising it, the serpent can always be seen.

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