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Finding me at GenCon

9 August, 2017

GenCon 50!Hello Friends,

This year, I will again be at GenCon and again, working for AEG doing game demos.

If you want to drop by and say hello, I will mostly be in the AEG section of the Events Hall in the ICC.

Every day, from 10am to Noon, I am demoing Istanbul, which is a fantastic board game and if you have time (and generic tickets) come by and I will fit you in if I can and teach you how to play.

Then on Thurs, Fri and Sat, from 2pm-6pm, more game demos in the events hall (with the 4-6 shift being more Istanbul).  Friday night, I will be working, somewhere in the crowd, at AEG’s Big Game Night.

And my last game demo of the Weekend will be Lovecraft Letter from 1-3pm on Sunday, the new madness and horror themed take on the classic Love Letter game.

Other than that, I will be wandering around and taking it all in.  May have a dinner with some L5R friends on Saturday but that is still up in the air, so drop me a note if you want to meet up!  Love catching up with and meeting new friends.

Also, you can check out my general GenCon advice here.


Sean’s GenCon Advice 2017

2 August, 2017

GenCon is about two weeks away, so, I thought I would (again) share my hard-earned experience and try and help out people who are going.


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Sean’s GenCon Advice 2016

14 July, 2016

GenCon is about three weeks away, so, I thought I would (again) share my hard-earned experience and try and help out people who are going.


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GenCon 2015, My Experience

15 August, 2015

AEG booth in progressAs is usual, AEG contacted me about working their demo team for GenCon and equally as usual, I accepted.  So my friend H, who also works GenCon for AEG, and I headed up when the time was right.  So, as we were required to help with setup starting on Tuesday, we left Monday, and drove to Cave City, spent the night and then into Indianapolis on Tuesday morning, arriving safely at the Crowne Plaza (conveniently located almost directly across from the dealers hall).  Dropped our stuff off in the room and then met up with the rest of the team and the mad setup began!  It was kind of fun but tiring, assembling displays, tables and shifting boxes and products for about seven hours.  Fun Fact, the convention center does not turn the air conditioning on in the dealers hall until Thursday.  Then, dinner at the Ram where they had War Machine-themed menus, cider on tap and delightful fish and chips.  I have tired to eat at the Ram for the last two years and I will make it back some time as I really enjoyed the experience. Read the rest of this entry ?


Safely Back from GenCon 2015

4 August, 2015

Through dangers untold and troubles unnumbered . . . wait, wrong journey.  Back home safely from GenCon and a report (or series there of) in the next week or so will explore that amazing convention in more detail.

But I would like to thank all of the players in my Legend of the Five Rings games at GenCon and all of the people who demoed and played games with me over the Best Four Days in Gaming.  I had a wonderful time and I hope you all did as well.

Hope to see some of you again next year.


Leaving for GenCon on the morrow and where to find me there

26 July, 2015

My friend Howard and I head off on the long drive to GenCon tomorrow, via Cave City.  We will be in Indianapolis from Tuesday on, helping with AEG’s booth setup mostly so not sure what free time I will have on Tues or Wens.  Once the convention starts, I have two L5R RPGgames again this year:

Saving the Oinari Shrine, an introductory action-adventure scenario featuring all Younger Clan (minor clans for those being less polite) characters.  Playing at:

Thursday, 9am / Friday, 7pm / Saturday, Noon/ Sunday, 10am

Death at Snow Peak Spring, an advanced investigation/intrigue scenario featuring the yoriki of the Imperial Magistrate Doji Akira.  Playing at:

Thursday, 2pm / Friday, 1pm / Saturday, 5pm

While each session is listed for six player, I always have seven characters prepared and I am always happy to accept generic tickets to fill the seventh slot (along with any unclaimed slots) if you think you will have the time and interest to play.  I should also have a little time to talk before each game if you want to drop by and chat.

I will also by doing other tasks as assigned by AEG.  But feel free drop me a note and we can try and catch up.  (And my GenCon travel advice here for those who are interested.)


You can register for GenCon events now!

17 May, 2015

It is the 17th and GenCon event registration is Open!

Go here to see the Legend of the Five Rings RPG games I am GMing there!

Hope to see some of you there!

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