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Into March, out of February

28 February, 2023

Join us!A strange month of weather here, frosts and warm days, rain and sun, hope everyone has been safe.

The name of March is drawn from the Roman month Martius which in turn gains its name from Mars, as you would expect.  Mars is the Roman god of war (and more a soldier’s god than a warrior as contrasted with his Greek counterpart Ares).  The theme for this march will be Taverns, Bars and other places to meet as part of the RPG Blog Carnival which I am hosting once again!  (Also feeding into Petrichor 365, how convenient.)  As usual, if there is anything, in particular, you would like to see, please let me know.  I will try to do something, spell or item, for the Equinox as well.

February 2023, saw the following post in the journal:

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Tuesday Magic Item – Kind Death Talisman

28 February, 2023

Death be kindGollaon watched the young soldiers take the talismans from their elders, carefully keeping any emotion from their face.

Voddick watched as well, his face equally blank.  “Let us hope they do not have to use those.”

“We will do our best to keep them safe.”

Kind Death Talisman

These items are usually worked in the form of memento more, remembrances of death, skulls, coffins and such like.  Some are just simple carved wood or stone, and others are made of precious metals and gems.

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Knuckles, Thug (Petrichor 365)

28 February, 2023

Knuckle sammich“Stupid, brutal punks are something the world never seems to run out of.

Knuckles, as he is known, never actually intended to come to Petrichor, he was working the docks and was hired to help keep some people in line aboard ship and the ship sailed.  Once the ship arrived, it was abandoned and dismantled and Knuckles found himself stranded in Port Imperial.  But, you know, there are always people who need thugs . . .

Knuckles is smart enough to know that he will never be a planner and that he does better working for someone else.  So, he hangs out in places such as Toecutter’s waiting to be chosen for some job.  He has a solid reputation among the sort of people who hire thugs. Read the rest of this entry ?


Samorathi the Rationalist (Petrichor 365)

27 February, 2023

Philosophy is vitalWhile it cannot entirely replace faith, many people in the Sea of Stars take comfort in philosophy.  Indeed, debates between philosophers is a popular form of entertainment.  The opening of Petrichor has given some philosophers a chance to test their philosophies on the crucible of action and exploration.

One of those who has decided to test their philosophy against the hard and dangerous world is Samorathi the Rationalist.

Samorathi the Rationalist hails from the City-State of Androsiv which has a long tradition of philosophical study and debate.  The Draconic House that “oversees” the city-state encourages and supports the Academies that teach and debate philosophy.

The opportunity to test theory against reality was too much of a draw and she packed her bags and took ship to Petrichor.  Since arriving, she divides her time between exploring the wilderness and refining her philosophy. Read the rest of this entry ?


Zerif the Chronicler (Petrichor 365)

26 February, 2023

Tell a storyThe one inexhaustible resource coming out of Petrichor is stories, some true, some made up, and most a mixture of the two.  Quite a market in these stories has emerged across the Sea of Stars.

One of those people who quickly realize the potential market for stories from Petrichor was Zanif, a passable storyteller who arrived as part of an entourage and slipped away when they headed into the wilderness . . . never to be heard from again.  The fact that he was not there for the expedition’s demise did not stop him from weaving an elaborate story of its doomed journey and how he, the only survivor, only just made it back to tell the tale. Read the rest of this entry ?


A ship arrives at port (Petrichor 365)

25 February, 2023

Sail ho!Ships are arriving in Port Imperial all the time.  So, for inspiration for such ships, we have another random table!

A ship arrives in port!

It is (d12)
1-9 Alone
10-11 Part of a small convoy (1d3+1 ships)
12 Part of a large convoy (1d4+4 ships)

The ship is: (d10) Read the rest of this entry ?


Star-Eyed Jack (Petrichor 365)

24 February, 2023

True form?  UnlikelyOne thing that has been noticed and remarked upon, is that much of the new land of Petrichor seems plagued or, more polities, populated with being from the Seasonal Realms beyond the turning of the clock or, as some might call it, the Fae Realm.  In general, such creatures flee further into the wilderness or back to their own land as the settlements march on . . . but not all of them.

One such being has decided that living among the multitudes of fascinating, and easily trickable, people of Port Imperial is much more interesting and has earned the name of Star-Eyed Jack by the locals.  Star-Eyed JAck accepts the name as its right and goes on its merry way, it avoids the more settled locals who may be forewarned and looks to new arrivals to Petrichor who are so much more fun.

Star-Eyed Jack is not . . . consistent in appearance, they are always in the range for humans but can be as small as a child or as large as a full-sized adult but always slender and always with pupils that look like stars, thus their name.  But they can appear as a man or woman, boy or girl, as they wish. Read the rest of this entry ?


The Black Cat (Petrichor 365)

23 February, 2023

I work hereJust far enough away from the dock to not be entirely disreputable is a slightly askew three-story building obviously made from bits and pieces of ships and crates with reinforcements and braces at odd points.  A sign of a black cat curled around a wine bottle hangs above the heavy front door.

The front door opens into a cozy common room with chairs rather than benches and a serving area behind a particularly heavy table next to a small fireplace that has a variety of time cooking in it.   A strongly built Gemkine woman from the Amethyst line maintains the fire and serves food and drink.  She is Restalla Gemcup, and she wears her purple-black hair in a braid that is then pinned around the crown of her head, her eyes are a dark violet.  Her forearms are tattooed with scenes of feasting.   Restalla does not talk much but she is happy to listen.  She has a surprisingly wide range of weaponry concealed under her serving table and has no problem executing violence on those who cause trouble in the establishment.

There are several dart boards set up on the walls away from the doors and fireplace.  There is a battered chess set, with several pieces replaced by roughly carved replacements, and a backgammon set for customer use.

[Those who do not want to read about something related to sex work should stop here.] Read the rest of this entry ?


The House of Solace (Petrichor 365)

22 February, 2023

A variety of talentsOn the edge of what has become the nicer side of Port Imperial, there is a three-story building made of timber and brick, above the front door there is a sign of a curled up and sleeping white cat.  Next to the step up to the front door there are iron scrapers to get the mud off of a person’s shoes.

The door opens to a short corridor with hooks for cloaks and coats along both sides, a nice carpet, and a high desk at the end.  Behind the desk will inevitably be Soval Hon, a tall bespeckled human wearing formal clothes in dark colors, he will inquire of the new arrivals their desires and explain the rules of the house (chief among them, payment in advance and no violence against the workers), those who have been here before are usually waved through.

[Those who do not want to read about something related to sex work should stop here.] Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Ancestor’s Blessing

21 February, 2023

A gift to the spirit worldGollaon watched as Voddick lit a candle and a stick of incense at the small shrine to the ancestors.

“It is good to have someone to watch over you,” said Gollaon.

“They have been helpful in the past,” said Voddick.

Ancestor’s Blessing

This is not a physical item but rather a spiritual one.  One entreats the ancestors for aid, making an offering as well, and, hopefully, they give it.

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