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Somari Strongarm (Petrichor 365)

4 February, 2023

Working hardAmong the workers on the docks, Somari Strongarm is one of the most well-known of the longshoremen on the Port Imperial docks.  This is partly from his size, 7’2″ (2.18m) tall, and partly from his cheerful work ethic.

Somari arrived on one of the ships and just never left.  The longshoremen quickly took him in as one of their own, his strength being quickly recognized.  He likes being part of an organization, especially one that appreciates his abilities.  Somari lives in the longshoreman’s house and is well looked after. Read the rest of this entry ?


Feb ’23 Shadowrun Campaign News and a new Seattle Scream Prop (#83)

4 February, 2023

Let's go to the movies!I had hoped to have this up earlier but things got away from me.  Had a good session of our monthly game at Tyche’s Games (usually first Saturday, come and join us in you are in the area, new players welcome), four players, lots of planning, and some really poor dice rolls for the opposition led to a successful run.  Last month’s game went well too (with even more planning). 

Also got in an online learn-to-play game, with two new players, and re-started the Songs in the Key of X campaign with a new cast of characters, mostly, with a greater focus on characters with both investigation skills and reasons to want to investigate ManaWave.  And played in another online game (DJ Hazy is IN THE HOUSE).  So, much Shadowrunning, which has been fun.

Now for fresh news from Seattle and beyond in the Seattle Scream (#83)!   Continuing some stories for the last Scream and setting up some adventures, such as the one I just ran which keyed off of the film festival.

Notes: Photo found on Pikist and is in the Public Domain.

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