Toecutter’s (Petrichor 365)

8 January, 2023

Have a drinkThere are always places where the tough and disreputable congregate, one of those in Port Imperial is the rough and tumble tavern known as Toecutter‘s after its owner, Avrik Toecutter.

The tavern itself is a single long room with a fire pit in the center. lined and confined by stones, the beer is kept in barrels in the back corner overseen by Avrik or his chosen agent.  The building is made of salvaged wood solidly put together if ill-fitting, letting every errant breeze through.  The roof is thatch over a wooden frame.  The floor is simply pounded earth with straw and rushes thrown around as needed.

The tables are simple affairs of planks, roughly finished, and the benches that go with them little better.  Those who come here are expected to bring their own mugs.  Bread, usually stale, and sausages, of dubious origin, are availible for purchase alongside the beer.  Others may bring their own food to eat as long as they buy beer.

Most of those that come here to drink, and sometimes eat, value their privacy.  Though there is usually a dice game or two going on and sometime gambling with cards or tiles and those table welcome anyone with coin or valuables to wager.

As one would expect, those with better options rarely patronize Toecutter’s, unless they need the services of the sort of ne’er-do-wells that do.  But anyone visiting should be careful of making themselves too much of a target.

Avrik Toecutter is a stout man of below avergae height, well muscled and of ill-mien.  He wears thick leather clothes, that serve as passible armor, and a heavy chopping blade is sheathed at his waist.  Stained leather boots with hobnailed soles complete his work wear.  He keeps an eye and ear on the what criminal dealing he can looking for a chance to cut himself in on the profits.  He has several ‘cousins’ who help run the tavern and brew the beer served.

Notes: A toecutter being a type of Australian criminal that preys on other criminals.

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Image found on the Graphics Fairy website and is in the Public Domain.

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