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Tin Cup Eddie, Street Messenger (Petrichor 365)

1 February, 2023

The rare hatless EddieWhile Port Imperial, as a newly established city with a primarily transient population, does not have a large number of street urchins, it does have some.  One of the most well-known is Tin Cup Eddie.

Tin Cup Eddie is somewhere between eight and twelve and recognizable by their flat cap and tin cup, the rest of their clothes depend on what they were able to scrounge up which may be clean and fairly well-fitting one week and just above rags the next.  The same with shoes, though they usually go barefoot or wrap their feet in rags rather than wear poorly fitting shoes.

They are almost always a bit grubby, though they try to look respectable.  Eddie mostly works as a messenger, running notes from point to point (and usually taking a reply back) but they are not opposed to making a coin or two as a guide or horse watcher.  It is said, admittedly mostly by Eddie, that no one else knows the shortcuts and secret paths through the city better than they do.  if asked what Eddie stands for their will answer: Edward or Edwina or Edbert or Eddington or something else that could be shortened to Eddie that they think will please the questioner but they rarely remember what replies they have given and will likely answer the same question to the same person with a different name.  Equally, when asked how they came to be here, they will spin a yarn that they think will get them sympathy: abandoned, parents died on the ship over, escaped slave, escaped indentured servant, and so on.

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