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February and the RPG Blog Carnival Ends

28 February, 2022

HephaestusThanks to all who helped out with this month’s RPG Blog Carnival!  It was fun and I hope to host again soon.

With the start of March, the Equinox and Spring draw nearer.  As you no doubt are aware, the name of March comes from the Roman month Martius which in turn comes from Mars, as you would expect.  Mars was the Roman god of war (and a soldier’s god rather than a warrior as contrasted with his Greek counterpart Ares)

The theme for March, as usual, will be the military and things martial.  If there is anything in particular you would like to see, please let me know.  I will try to do something, spell or item, for the Equinox as well.

February, 2022 saw the following post in the journal:

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Dragons! Ending this month’s RPG Blog Carnival

28 February, 2022

Today is the last day of the RPG Blog Carnival for the Month of February, 2022, on the theme of Something, Something, Dragons so still time to join in!

DragonsI had hoped for more participation, but this has been a wierd month with lost of distractions (especially over the last few days!).

Codex Anathema talked about the Draconic Prophecies of Eberron (in Spanish!)

Curato Alain linked to this thread on RPG Geek: Not your Usual Dragon.

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Review – Shadowrun: Double Clutch

24 February, 2022

SR-DCShadowrun: Double Clutch is a sourcebook, specifically a “Core Rigger Rulebook” for the Sixth World Edition of Shadowrun covering vehicles and more things that can be done with them. This book is an essential addition to a GM’s collection for seeing the state of play for vehicles in the Sixth World and the rules for chases and repairing and modifying vehicles. Obviously, anyone playing a rigger or other vehicle specialist will want access to this book but GM should be careful about letting people go crazy with vehicle modifications.

Shadowrun: Double Clutch, is the Core Rigger Rulebook for Shadowrun, Sixth World Edition, providing a look at the current state of play for vehicle and drone technologies along with expanded rules for piloting vehicles and using drones.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Dragonheart Amulet

22 February, 2022

The San Martinos Chuch marble dragon from Lucca, Italia.n

Gollaon paced nervously as they waited in the antechamber.

“Be calm, my friend,” said Voddick.  “It is not like you to be so ill at ease.”

“I just am not comfortable around . . . them,” the last part was said as a whisper.

“Well, it cannot be helped, sometimes we just have to confront those at the top of the treasure pile,” Voddick said.

“Truth.  But still . . . them and their direct servants throw me off my game.”

“Take a deep breath and relax.  They are just another tyrant and we have deal with many of those.”

Dragonheart Amulet

These amulets are made for members of the various draconic houses, often serving as badges of authority as well as symbols of loyalty.  As symbols of the houses, they are usually worked in the colors and motifs usually used by that house, for example House Hazolai (“Highest Lightning”) works their amulets in crystal and gold designed to catch the light and envoke the image of lightning.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Dragon Egg Shield

15 February, 2022

eggs_by_mizaeltenguVoddick looked at his shield and then at the white shield born by the champion, he frowned.  “Does that now seem . . .”

“Like part of a very large eggshell?” finished Gollaon.  “I suspect it is.”

“Surely the only beings with eggs that size are the dragons?”

Gollaon nodded.

“I now wonder who that champion ultimately serves . . .”

Dragon Egg Shield

These shields are made from a section of a dragons egg, some are smooth, others rough, some white, others, other colors.  The edges are sometime reinforced with metal and any straps or grips are magically or alchemically attached.  The shield is surprisingly light and remarkably durable.

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Dragons and their forms in the Sea of Stars

10 February, 2022

While the dragons, in theory (as well as in Imperial law and pretty much in fact as well) rule the Sea of Stars, they are fairly rarely seen, or are they?

dragons_dance_by_vsales_depmnuk-preArguably the most powerful beings in the Sea of Stars are the Dragons, they defeated the gods and usurped mortal rulers to claim the entire world as theirs. Yet, while immortal, they are not invincible, the gods slew them in their hundreds, the Visse Conspiracy -now called the Sen’Tek- murdered scores and many more have been lost to other causes (not least to intra-draconic conflict).

Each dragon is unique but each is knowable, draconic powers follow their boodlines and with proper research a dragon’s powers and possibly weaknesses may be revealed. Confronting a dragon head-on without knowing anything about it is suicidal, confronting one with proper knowledge, preparation and a plan is just exceedingly dangerous. Read the rest of this entry ?


Review – Forgotten Peoples of the Ancient World

9 February, 2022

FPotAWIn Forgotten Peoples of the Ancient World, Philip Matyszak looks at forty ancient civilizations that are mostly forgotten in the modern world. While ranging from Northern Europe to India, most of them were in the Middle and Near East, the cradle of civilizations.

This book is popular history and there is nothing wrong with that, each culture receives just a brief overview usually with some of the interesting events or important historical contributions highlighted. Each section ends with a “future echoes” piece showing how something from that civilization is still with us today, though some of them seem quite a stretch. But an enjoyable, if light, read.

Looking at the book as a resource for world builders, both in fiction and games, it is an excellent source, giving you just enough information about a group to know if you want to delve more deeply into their culture for your purposes. It also teaches an important lesson, cultures are not static monoliths, unchanging over time but are in constant flux as they interact with their environment and, more importantly, their neighboring cultures. As much as a culture might think it remains the same (and promote that idea), people, ideas and technologies arrive and cause changes all the time. It may not be the constant flurry of new ideas and technology that swirl around us today, but things were continually changing even in the most apparently static cultures of the past and this is good to keep in mind when trying to build cultures for fiction and games.

Notes: The link is an Amazon Affiliate link and if you purchase through it, this site will get a small sliver of money.


Tuesday Magic Item – Star of Fame

8 February, 2022

sparkling-starVoddick watched the woman walk past, he frowned and furrowed his brown in concentraition.  “I am sure I have seen her somewhere before . . . is she a noble?

Gollaon idly tapped their fingers on the hilt of their dagger.  “I think she would be pleased to be mistaken for such, but I believe she is an actress.”

“Indeed?” asked Voddick.  “She seemed so . . . regal.”

“Truth,” nodded Gollaon.  “I suspect her natural . . . grace had been enhanced by a minor glamour.”

“So often it is the case,” replied Voddick. “We should see if we could catch one of her shows.”

Star of Fame

These pieces of jewellery are designed to be noticed which occasionally caused them to drift into garish designs but at the very least they are always flashy.  They can be worn as a broach, amulet or hair or hat ornament as long as they can be seen by all.

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Superheroes – Once upon a Time in 1968 – Issue 13 – The Darkness in the Light

6 February, 2022


SpirePicking up directly after Issue 12, with our heroes still on Jaiipuur at the party celebrating their victory over the Gosovians.

Cover: The high spire of Jaaipuur illuminated against a dark background.  Shadowfist and 808 are super imposed in the front of it, Shadowfist’s hands on 808’s shoulders, “Your perfect wold is a lie!” she says.  808 looks shocked.   Across the bottom, “Will our young heroes survive the revelations within?!”

Opening page:  The high spire (again) with character’s face’s in circles showing where there are:

  • 808, top of the Tower “Blithely enjoying the party in his honor.”
  • Horizon, top of the tower, balcony, “Brooding over the damage he may have caused.”
  • Roboto, top of the tower, “Not sure where everyone else is.”
  • Shadowfist, basement, “Horrifed by what she learned.”
  • Vulpix, ???, “Where is Vulpix?”

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Tuesday Magic Item – Hoard Coin

1 February, 2022

WRD“Hunting the thief who stole a set of decorated tankards seems a little . . . low of a task for us, my friend,” said Voddick pacing his taller friend.

“True but it may help us make a reputation in this town,” replied Gollaon.  “And . . .”

“The owner of the tankards is very attractive,” sighed Voddick.  “Yet, you are not wrong, we need to build a reputation for competence in this town.

“Any ally is a good ally.”

Hoard Coin

These coins are always made of the most precious of metals, usually gold, and ofter have a dragon’s head on one face and a dragon in flight on the other.  Along the edge is occasionally listed a motto such as “For greed all of nature is too little.”  The first of these items was said to have been created by a dragon who was annoyed by people who moked their “greed” and desire to “hoard” when people were just as bad.

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