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All Hallow’s Eve ends October, November Approaches

31 October, 2011

Happy All Hallows Day and Eve all!  Tomorrow is the beginning of November, the ninth month of the Roman calendar, and -in the traditional Irish calendar- the start of Winter.   Tomorrow sees the beginning of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) which I will be participating in, as usual, and perhaps I will even complete it this time.

In light of that, and seeing no obvious theme to November I will just write about whatever inspires me.   I will try to keep to the standard Monday, Wednesday, Friday content schedule.  However, if you have any requests, anything you would like to see or any theme you would like me to expand upon, please let me know and I will try to fit it in.

October saw the following posts here:

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Review – The Genius Guide to: the Mosaic Mage

30 October, 2011

For a, well, colorful spin on the traditional wizard, the Mosaic Mage nicely fills that role with a suite of spectrum-based abilities and spells.  If you think magic should be more colorful, give the Mosaic Magic a chance.

The Genius Guide to: the Mosaic Mage is a 13-page PDF (12-pages if you remove the credits/OGL page) for the Pathfinder RPG designed by Ryan Costello, Jr. and developed by Owen K. C. Stephens and published by Super Genius Games.  This is part of Super Genius Games’ Genius Guide line.

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Wandering the Web [13]

30 October, 2011

Well, it has been a while since a did one of these.  Following are a collection of articles and places that I found informative and inspiring hidden at various places in the web:

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Fun Facts about the Sea of Stars!

29 October, 2011

Fun Facts About the Sea of Stars!

There is no Sunrise!  The Sun lives in a prison in the sky, each morning his cell is opened, looking like the end of an eclipse, and he moves across the sky.  At night, he returns to his cell and the door is closed like an eclipse and then darkness.  Bonus Fun Fact!  If you listen really hard, sometime you can hear the cell door shut.

Spirially Dragon

Dragons are fun!

There are Stars Everywhere!  The skies are full of stars at night, many more than on Earth.  If you look down off the side of an island, down, down, down you will see more stars!  Everywhere we are surrounded by stars.  Complete astrological charts are a major challenge.

The Seasons are the same across the Sea of Stars!  The days are longer in summer and shorter in winter and that is universal everywhere in the Sea of Stars as decreed by the Empress.  Bonus Fun Fact!  The Empress’ Birthday is celebrated on the day with the most sunlight.

The Islands Move!  But they move slowly and in predictable patterns.  Occasionally rogue and uncharted islands are discovered but that is rarer every year.  Bonus Fun Fact!  Finding an unclaimed island can make your fortune!

Imperial Currency is always Good!  The coins minted by the Imperium are made to fixed weights and purity that is universal.  Imperial Auditors insure that other people do not debase the currency and those who do are punished harshly.

Dragons rule, but are rarely seen.  The Empress divided all of the lands up among the victorious dragons; All places are ruled by dragons.  However most dragons do not care for the day to day tasks of rulership and are busy elsewhere often assigning satraps to rule in their stead.  Most people will go their entire life without seeing a dragon.

Skyships are fast but Gates are faster!  Skyships travel the sky as fast as the wind but the swiftest way to traverse the Sea of Stars is to pass through one of the Seven Gate Cities to Shel’lioc, the Capital, and then to another Gate City.  The Seven Gates are the only reliable means of long distance travel magic.

The Empress will accept a public challenge and fight for control of the Empire!  There is a place in the Capital, the Crown Pentagram, where anyone may Challenge the Empress for the right to rule and she will meet the challenger in single combat within three days.  Bonus Fun Fact!  No one has challenged the Empress in over a century.


New Magic Item – Ghoul’s Claw

26 October, 2011

The dagger was not much to look at, a curved blade, pitted by corrosion, and a bone handle wrapped in poorly tanned leather.  But it had killed our friend, Naval, the blade opened him up and left him bleeding and gasping in pain.  The foul little man who had used the dagger had escaped but Aja’s whip took the dagger from his hand.

Ghoul's Claw

Ghoul's Claw

“We should go after that murderer,” hissed Valish.

Aja coiled his whip.  “Let us tend to Naval first, that old man tain’t be much of a threat without this here knife.”

“What if he has others?”

 Ghoul’s Claw

This daggers, often with curved blades, are crudely forged from poor quality steel and quenched in dead men’s blood.  The handle is almost always made of human bone, but bone in any case.  While the blade may start to rust or corrode, it never does so far as to render it unusable.

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The Curse of the Shadow of the Cruel Lover

24 October, 2011

The youngest son of the Duke was struck with lovesickness of the most terrible kind, whenever he was out of sight of the young maiden, he was possessed of nothing but sighs and would not eat or drink.  Even his sleep was wreaked by visions of the woman, keeping him from sleeping and making what moments he did snatch far from restful.

Shadow of the Cruel Lover

This curse is used to summon forth love in a target, but to use a curse to do so, is a terrible thing.  The caster must hold a blessed candle behind their back and welcome their shadow with the ritual words, “Good evening, my shadow.” Then naming the victim of their desires, say “O my shadow, go forth so that he can neither eat, nor drink, nor sleep, nor stay awake for thoughts of me.  Go to his heart and so weaken him, that for love of me, he will find no rest.”  The curse is more effective if cast in the nude.

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Review – Threat Report 39: Eris

23 October, 2011

Eris, goddess of discord, has plans to plunge the world into chaos . . . and to benefit from it.  She is an excellent behinds the scenes villainess to bedevil your heroes with.

Threat Report #39: Eris is a 5-page PDF (3-pages if you remove the cover letter and OGL page) for the Mutants & Masterminds (3rd Edition) RPG written by Stephen Kenson and published by Green Ronin Publishing.  This is part of Green Ronin’s Threat Report line for M&M (3rd).

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