Petrichor 365 – Port Imperial

31 December, 2022

The island of Petrichor was only opened to exploration recently when the rains finally ended and revealed a world worth exploring . . . and exploiting.  Naturally, venturers, settlers, and fools rushed in to take advantage of the new opportunities.The city spread out before you

The Empress refused to assign the new island to any dragon’s realm or to any of the

Draconic Houses. She laid claim only to the excellent natural harbour and the land around it, this was promptly named Port Imperial (after several fancier names were quashed by the Empress). The initial settlement consisted only of docks and a fort on the highest point. But soon, even before the fort was finished, explorers, hunters, and even farmers started arriving to take advantage of the implied Imperial protection of the fort. And hot on their heels, merchants, innkeepers and others arrived to make profits off of the other arrivals. Within scant months, Port Imperial started blossoming from a military outpost to a settlement and soon to a town.

The small group of Imperial bureaucrats that came with the military made some small effort to impose order on the new and quickly growing settlement, because they had the weight of the Imperial military behind them, their suggestions were taken as law and a vague sense of order was imposed as it grew. The unspoken and unfocused fear of the Imperial military forced the settlers into habits of self-policing to prevent the military from stepping in.

Building materials were drawn from the local area, a small amount was shipped in, and from the very ships that delivered people to the island. Many of the people arriving had no intention of ever leaving, selling or even just abandoning the ships they arrived in, many of which were barely sea, or star, worthy and were promptly dismantled for materials to feed the demands of the growing settlement.

Notes: So, this is the background for my spin on the #Dungeon23 idea, I am calling it Petrichor 365 (because, why not?) I will be building places, people, and things in and about Port Imperial and Petrichor for 2023, aiming to write one thing a day over the course of the year. Some of the things will be an elaboration on what has shown up in my games set in Petrichor, others will be entirely new, hopefully, they will be useful and inspirational for other people besides myself. As usual, if there is anything in particular you would like to see or themes explored, let me know and I will try to work it in. Otherwise, it will just be what inspired me at that point in time.

First post, the Happy Duck inn, is up!

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