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Tuesday Magic Item – Dagger of Cupidity

25 February, 2020

A lovely dagger for a crimeVoddick fell back to join Gollaon.  “I do not trust our new associate, he seem far too interested in coin and not enough on the job at hand.”

“I had noticed that as well,” said Gollaon.

“Yesterday, Koz said that she saw him rifling a passed out drunk for loose coins.”

“Yes, he takes every chance to enrich himself.  We will have to watch out so that does not cause us trouble or drag us into danger.”

Voddick nodded.

Dagger of Cupidity

The hilts of these daggers are well decorated but close examination will usually reveal the decoration is gilding and semiprecious stones or cut glass.  The blades are entirely practical and usually blued so as not to catch the light.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Serpentsoul Dagger

18 February, 2020

Like this but wrap the hilt in snakeskinVoddick kicked the dagger away from the body of their attacker.  “Best to be sure.”

Gollain nodded, his sword still pointed at the still form.  “Who hates us enough to send a killer after us when we are relaxing?”

“Shall I make a list?  We may be here some time,” sighed Voddick.

“Truth.  We do end up annoying a considerable number of powerful people,” said Gollaon.  “But why now?  We have not been a thorn in anyone’s side in months.”

Voddick just shrugged.

Serpentsoul Dagger

These daggers have beautiful watered steel blades that shimmer like snake skin, their grips are always made of snake skin and usually their sheaths are too,  Held, it is a weapon that wants to be used, wants to strike.  Made in secret by members of a snake-demon cult, over the years some these weapons have fallen into the hands of outsiders.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Cabinet of Repairs

11 February, 2020

Broken things in . . .Voddick sorted his broken bolts.  “See, I told you it was worthwhile collecting them.”

“Well, how was I to know that you were friends with a magical repairer?” replied Gollaon checking his arrows for breaks.

“Well,” Voddick leaned in, “not so much a friend as a distant cousin.  He has always been considered a little shady by my side of the family.”

“Ah,” nodded Gollaon, “that explains much.  So, we should be careful?”

Voddick nodded back.

Cabinet of Repairs

These cabinets come is a variety of shapes and sizes but are always well made, some are fancy, others are practical for hard use and travel.  The secrets to their manufacture has spread far and rise and they are very popular among armies, large households and traveling tinkers.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Spendthrift Coin

4 February, 2020

More valuable than you knowVoddick glanced down, took another few steps, paused and returned.  “Surely that is not a gold dragon?”

Golloan strode over and say the coin sitting perfectly on the center of a cobblestone.  “It is and do not touch it, my friend.”  Gollaon began looking around.

Voddick stopped in midreach.  “Why?”

“Curse,” replied Gollaon springing over and pulling a man dressed in what were once fine clothes, but now were shabbily and stained.

“Please, please, Take that coin from me, it has ruined me.” he pleaded, falling to his knees.  Gollaon and Voddick slowly backed away, leaving the man to his fate.

Spendthrift Coin

These gold coins come from no known mint but are often marked with a wheel of fate or scales of justice, looking at them carefully, something just seems off with them.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Serendipitous Staff

28 January, 2020

Always have a staff handyVoddick was about to shout a warning to the traveler when they knelt down to pick a flower and the falling branch just brushed the top of their hat, knocking it askew.

“Goodness,” said the traveler straightening and then straightening their hat, “that was a close call.  Good thing I like violets.”

“Are you well?” asked Voddick hurrying over.

“Yes, yes, just a little surprised.”

“Well, that branch should make a good bit of firewood,” said Gollaon pushing it with the toe of his boot.

“A true windfall then,” said the traveler with a wink.

Serendipitous Staff

These staves are usually simple staves, decorated by various owners with carvings, ribbons and other small decorations.  It is said the first of these was made from a branch of the world tree that was knocked free by a clumsy godling. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Wagon Box

21 January, 2020

Boxes into wagons to carry boxes . . .Voddick set the box down and mopped his brow.  “I know there is a cunning plan here somewhere.”

“I believed so,” said Gollaon, resting his box against a tree.  “Get all of this to graneries where we will be met by the other group leading oxen they have liberated from the local villages.  Turn boxes into wagons, load the grain and be gone before the baddies realize we had the ability to empty them.”

“That makes some sort of sense,” replied Voddick, shouldering his box again.

“Let us hope that the enemy is complacent as they want.”


Wagon Box

These heavy wooden boxes are usually marked with runes of travel and building.  Set down and activated by a command word, they unfold into a wagon, much larger and heavier than they box itself.  Usually, they are transport wagons but some, such as the Dwarves of Clan Jet, have used the same magic to transport war chariots.  Depending on the magic used, the wagon may be short lived or they may be able to be returned to their box form.

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New Monster – Great Alotian Wagon Eater

16 January, 2020

Is this the lair of a GAWE?Voddick knelt down at the road edge and picked up some splinters of wood and a fragment of metal. “I fear we are not going to find those lost wagons, my friend.”

“Why? Has someone beaten us to them?” Gollaon asked scanning the horizon from horseback.

“No, worse, much worse,” said Voddick shaking his head. “A wagon eater.”

“A wagon eater? Are you joking?”

“Not in the least,” said Voddick. “They are much feared by the Dwarven Clans. They are secretive creatures that rarely emerge from their lairs except to consume abandoned wagons.”

‘How . . . bizarre.”

Great Alotian Wagon Eater
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