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Tuesday Magic Item – Ring and Bookmark of the Poet

2 June, 2020

Pure silver, pure poetryGollaon rode alongside the young poet and their companions, listing but rarely speaking.

As camp was being set up, Voddick came over to Gollaon, “It is not like you to be so quiet, my friend. Are you intimidated?” he teased.

“No, just trying to find the rhythm of the group, it is not worth disruption the poet’s . . . weave to satisfy any of my desires for recognition.”

“You are most in love with this poetry,” laughed Voddick.

“It is spectacular, I am glad it is being written down,” Gollaon replied, a bit snippy.

“Someone has a good memory?”


Ring and Bookmark of the Poet

These paired items are created together, the decoration of the ring is echoed in the bookmark and vice versa.  It is said the patterned subtly change over time, reflecting the personality of the wearer.

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Tuesday Magic Item- Hofkapellmeister’s Rod

26 May, 2020
A Master of Courtly Musicks

Voddick leaned back on the bench, letting the music wash over him.

“Remind you of home?” whispered Gollaon leaning in.

Voddick nodded.  “We had choirs there.  It is a good memory.”

“It is impressive, kind of them to invite us.”

Voddick nodded again.  “So, relax and listen.  It is rare to get to enjoy such a large orchestra.  They are expensive to maintain.”

It was Gollain’s turn to nod.  “Means they should be able to afford us.”

Hofkapellmeister’s Rod

These rods are usually simple wood except for the handle which is usually decorated with some sort of allusion to music and to the noble house which commissioned it.  The handle is usually wrapped in cloth or soft leather to make it more comfortable to use.  It is a sign of authority and skill among musician to be awarded such a title and object.

Using the rod make one more aware of the flow and harmony of music, and when such are out of balance, gaining a +3 resistance bonus to save against any magic that is part of song or music.  The user also gains a +4 competence bonus to Profession (composer) and Profession (conductor) or other similar checks as well as to all Perform (musical instrument or singing) checks when working with a orchestra that has been instructed by the rod’s owner.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Twinned Hearts Amulets

19 May, 2020

Love is“It seems a long journey just to deliver a letter, a portrait and some jewellery,” said Voddick quietly while watching said items being presented to the local rulers.

“Such is the way of arranged marriages among the nobility,” replied Gollaon equally quietly.  “At least they are making an effort to make this a happy and pleasant experience for their children.”

“Yes?” asked Voddick curiously.

“The amulet is one of a pair, if both accept them willingly, it will help their love to blossom.”

“Hmm, I thought that magic could not compel love,” said Voddick.

“It is tricky but not impossible.”

Twinned Hearts Amulets

These amulets are always made in pairs, either matching or complementary and often bearing the coat of arms (or similar heraldic markings) of the families it was first made for.  They are usually made of valuable material, gold and gems, showing the   Due to their nature, of agreements and debits, fae enchanters are often tasked with the creation of such items.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Sling Snake

12 May, 2020

Snake not sling“Not that I have anything against anyone keeping snakes for pets,” said Gollaon quietly.

“But many snakes for pets is a bit disturbing,” agreed Voddick, sipping at his beer and watching the people.

Gollaon shooed one away with their boot.  “I . . . am not a person who likes snakes as a general rule.”

“Well, we must at least pretend while we are here, it would not do to insult our hosts.”

“Indeed not and they seem to have done well by them.”

Sling Snake

These snakes are specially bred and fed a diet of magical treated food buy the Fae, they gain the ability to flatten themselves and they become docile in the hands of a bonded owner.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Mirror of Three Kingdoms

5 May, 2020

Three visions of you

“That noble did not seem that charming yesterday,” said Voddick in a whisper.

“Nor as clumsy,” mentioned Gollaon, equally quietly, as they almost tripped on the edge of a carpet.

“But that speech, its quite good.”

“Surprisingly so.”

“Something is up, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but I am not sure what,” said Gollaon studying the noble carefully.

Mirror of Three Kingdoms

These mirrors are always beautiful in unusual and unexpected ways, something about the design is just slightly off.  Which would be because the mirror was made in the fae lands.  The mirror will sometimes decide it is needed by someone else and will move of its own accord which has been known to cause all sort of problems.

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Xenacious Talisman (A to Z, Tuesday Magic Item)

28 April, 2020

One of the things that has always bothered me in fantasy world was the default assumption of xenophobia, that anyone from not here was bad and evil.  Fantasy worlds are full of wonders and strange and interesting being may of whom are happy to talk over a cup of tea.  Which is why I subverted this trope to a default of xenophilia in the Sea of Stars.

See the world!“I like our new employer,” said Voddick.  “Nice to be traveling with someone one who is exciting about seeing new places.”

“As do I, it is . . . refreshing,” replied Gollaon with a smile.

“It gives me hope for the future, makes it exciting to travel again,” Voddick struck a dramatic pose

“Yes!” Gollaon stepped up and matched the pose.

“Are you two done?  There is an amazing mural here!”

Xenacious Talisman

These talismans are always made in a blend of styles, not two are the same, incorporate coins, symbols and other elements from various cultures and places.

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Rattail Blade (A to Z, Tuesday Magic Item)

21 April, 2020

The god of rats and vermin was one of the last gods to be hunted down and before he was killed, he set in motion what he hoped would be his vengeance (see Osquip, Stellar).  Others, learning of the divine hatred imbued in the Osquip has taken to using that magic to build weapons.

Rats rememberVoddick and Gollaon watched as the guards searched one fellow heading into the Senatehouse of the Serene Republic.  They looked at each other and followed.  “Something wrong,” said Voddick.

“Very wrong,” agreed Gollaon.  “His eyes were too dark.”

“And a twitchy nose.”

They looked at each other.  “Rat tail.”

The man they were following spotted them and started to run.

Rattail Blade

These weapons are always narrow and usually long, their blades are a dull color usually gray or blackened, and their grips are rough leather.  The sheaths are always pale leather.

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