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Tuesday Magic Item – Cornucopia of Friendship

24 November, 2020

Eat well!“Most kind of you to invite us to join you and your family, Madam Sugarfoot,” said Voddick spreading butter on a slice of fresh bread.

“Jan spoke highly of your and it is a time to be among family,” replied Madam Sugarfoot refilling Voddick’s mug of spiced ale.

“It is still very welcoming of you.” agreed Gollaon.  “I am sorry Jan was not able to be here, I looked forward to renewing our acquaintance.”

“Jan has found a very good position in a noble household, very prestigious”

“We done Jan!” said Gollaon raising a glass of spiced wine.

Cornucopia of Friendship

This cornucopia usually appears as made of woven straw, though it can take the form of a large animal horn or even of crafted metal.  It changes its form to be the least intrusive a large horn can be. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Pelican Medallion

17 November, 2020

Do they really?“The young queen is most admirable,” said Voddick, “to spend time among her wounded soldiers.”

“She understands what being a leader is about,” agreed Gollaon.  “Showing that you are willing to share danger with your people, being with them rather than hiding with luxuries.  It is good politics.”

“True, but I hope it is more than that.”

“I think it does, she is giving of her own life’s blood to heal some of the worst wounded,” said Gollaon.  “Like the Pelican, who gives its own blood for to feed its young.”

“I did not know that.”

Pelican Medallion

These medallions bear the image of the pelican wounding itself to feed its young, they can be simple or highly decorated.  They are warm and welcoming to the touch. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Staff of Reason

10 November, 2020

Is it Reason?Gollaon frowned.  “I must say, I do not trust fervent believers,” he said quietly as they made their way through the festival.

Voddick nodded.  “It is a short step from fanaticism to oppression.  We had best be careful.  You will have to restrain your biting wit,” he added with a smile.

“You would think people who devote themselves to what they call reason would be more . . . reasonable.”

“That is exactly what I was warning about.”

Staff of Reason

These staves are made from ivory or white wood with silver fittings, nothing seems to be able to stain them and dirt and muck just falls away from their surface.  The original creator of the staves is unknown but them seem to appear wherever someone is trying to suppress religion or superstition in the name of the public good.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Death-Eating Gloves

13 October, 2020

“The commander’s duelist seems twitchy and pale,” said Voddick quietly. “Not a good combination. Addiction or curse . . . or both?”

Gloves to die for

“Both I fear,” replied Gollaon equally quietly. “I finally managed to get a good look at his gloves. Necromagi work without a doubt.”


“Almost certainly,” agreed Gollaon. “We need to make a plan to remove him from the board before he turns into even more of a monster.”

“Alleyway ambush?”

“That usually works,” nodded Gollaon.

Death-Eating Gloves

These gloves are made of fine grained leather dyed a dark color, red and purple are common but black or blue are not unknown. They are close fitting, almost as a second skin. To those knowledgeable of such things, the gloves are obviously made of the tanned skin from a human or similar being.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Metropolitan Signal Whistle

29 September, 2020

A whistle for help“Good to see a city with properly organized wardens,” said Voddick taking a drink from a fresh tankard of ale.

Gollaon nodded idly.  “It is a challenging thing to organize well.”

“So true, the opportunities for corruption are numerous,” said Voddick.  “It take people convinced of the value of laws to run such a system well.”

“Law?  What about justice?” asked Gollaon.

“Good laws, ably administered are a step towards justice,” replied Voddick.  “But true justice always proves elusive, so we do our best.”

“I will drink to that.”

Metropolitan Signal Whistle

These whistles are usually made of brass to a standardized design, practical and tough, they get the job done without being showy.

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New Magic Item – Shield of Balance

22 September, 2020

Is balance just?“Why did we get chosen to take the fight to the enemy wizards again?” asked Voddick as another bolt of fire sizzled by him.

“Triple pay and a bounty?” replied Gollaon snapping a shot off with his bow.

“Oh, right,” nodded Voddick just before something slammed into his shield.  “Acid?  I just got that shield.”  He said tossing the shield aside as the acid continued to eat it way through its layers.

“Let’s catch up with our brave leader, his shield has been magicked to resist such things, I think.”

Shield of Balance

These shield are always fairly large and often decorated with a simple symbol of balance, being painted half black and half white is common, on the back are inscribed complex calculations of the seasons and paired oppositional symbols of the elements.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Thief Catching Mirror

8 September, 2020

Mirror, mirrorGollaon frowned and moved to another stall in the market and then another.

“What is the matter?” asked Voddick, joining him with a clay cup of beer.

“All of these fine establishments,” he answered, gesturing to the market, “have poor quality mirrors strung up, no matter what they sell, which make me look terrible.  I cannot stand to see those distorted reflections staring back at me.”

“Vanity, vanity, all is vanity,” commented Voddick with a grin.  “But they are to deter thieves.”

“But few thieves are as handsome as me.”

Thief Catching Mirror

These brass or bronze mirror are mass produced and simple items designed for one purpose, the catch thieves.  The mirrors themselves are not very good, showing warped and blurred images.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Dragon Claw Gauntlets

1 September, 2020

Claws and effect“Do wizards imitate dragons because they want their power?” asked Voddick, observing the wizard run through complicated hand gestures wearing gloves reminiscent of a dragon’s claws.

“Does not everyone want a slice of the power of the dragons?” replied Gollaon with a smile.

“Not I, that sort of power attracts trouble.”

“True and we have trouble enough.”

Voddick raised his mug.  “Truth.”

Dragon Claw Gauntlets

These gauntlets are made to evoke the claws of dragonkine and are used by spell-casters to focus their arcane energies and protect the wearer.  Made from heavy leather, usually from rare creatures, with the claws made of metal or alchemically treated claws or talons.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Wallbreaker Maul

25 August, 2020

Knock knockVoddick refilled his mug of ale and sat back down beside Gollaon.  Voddick leaned over and asked, “Is he done boasting yet?”

Gollaon shook his head slightly.  “But it is only getting better.  He really has a high opinion of himself.”

“I had noticed,” grinned Voddick.

“He has moved on to what he is going to do tomorrow.”

“Is he going to win the battle single-handedly for us?”

“According to him, yes.”

Wallbreaker Maul

These long clubs are heavily constructed of stout wood with a heavy core and bound with copper, often decorated with storm and lightning iconography.  When swung, they occasionally crackle with electricity.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Women’s Banner of Progress

18 August, 2020

Forward!“It is nice to see such passion,” Gollaon said, keeping pace with the parade, the brightly colored banner leading the way.

“Though it seems odd that they must fight for such,” said Voddick.  “In my homeland, everyone is encouraged to seek the path they are best suited for.  All have a voice appropriate to their success.”

“As it should be but not all are so enlightened or practical,” Gollaon said with a grin.  “Let us work out how we can lend our support.”

“But we should be looking for a paying job?”

“This is the right thing to do.”

“Well, you are not wrong about that.”

Women’s Banner of Progress

These banners are always bright and colorful and thus highly visible, occasionally even crossing to the impracticably large, designed to inspire.

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