A Sea of Stars Glossary

456px-Ahmad_ibn_Muhammad_ibn_'Ali_al-Muqri_al_Fayyumi_-_Glossary_of_Islamic_Legal_Terminology_-_Walters_W590_-_Bottom_ExteriorA general resources for words used in a particular way in the Sea of Stars campaign setting. New words will be added as they come up or are (re)discovered.

Beastkine, sentient beings that share traits and appearance with lesser (in the sense of being non-sentient) animals, includes such disparet groups at the Bradgerkin, the Serpentfolk and the Sisters of the Swan who have little or nothing in common with each other. (Further Discussion here.)  Also see Kine below.

Gemkine, also known as dwarves from their short statue, their various family lines are tied to particual gems such as diamond, ruby or sapphire, which tends to be reflected in their eye and hair coloration.  A very few of the gemkind are instead tied to metals instead, but the kidred as a whole, remains the Gemkine as gem ancestries far predominate.

Gods War, the conflict between the Gods and the Dragons, initiated by the Dragons under the leadership of the Empress and ended with the defeat of the Gods. Lead directly to The Sundering.

Hellion, a being, usually sentient, who has demonic or diabolic ancestry that is visible is some way.  Some call them “Tieflings” in other realms. (Further discussion here.)

Hollow, an animated creature without a soul, which may or may not have the spark of intelliegnce, such as a clockwork being or one of the Leathermen.  Other worlds might use “golem” in a similar context. (Further discussion here.)

Imperium, also Draconic Imperium, in general, the whole system of rule by dragons over the Sea of Stars. However, it is usually used to specifically refer to the Empress’ personal “Imperial” government and holdings, including -but not limited to- lands, the Imperial Military (army and navy) and the Imperial Buearucracy who see that the Imperial Laws are propigated and obeyed.

Kine, a group sharing some characteristics, usually having common traits or common ancestors, such as the Dragonkine, comprising all of the dragons and their decendants, or the Earthkine, the race also known as elves who are tied to the Earth by their nature.  Also see other -kine listings.

Necrourgy, the magic of death, used to make the living, no longer living, lay curses and make the dead animate in a parody of the life they once held.  Not a popular form of magic in many regions and actually outlawed in some (and embraced in still others).  Often known (wrongly) as “Necromancy” in other places.  (Further discussion here.)

Sundering, The, in the aftermath of the Gods War, for reasons that remain obscure, the world shattered into floating islands in space. This event has become known as The Sundering and there are a multitude of theories about why it happed and why it stopped.

Unbound, spirits freed from the bounds of flesh yet unable to pass on to . . . whatever there is beyond death.  While free of the restraints of bodily life, they are often trapped in this world by unfulfilled desires and painful memories.  (Further discussion here.)

Unliving, the shells of bodies, once alive and now again animate, an unnatural state of affairs.  Usually created and empowered by rituals of necrourgic nature but occasional spontaneously created in places seeped in death or strange magic.  (Further discussion here.)

Notes:  Words are important and very much help to define a setting, getting people to use and accept them is a different challenge all together.  I have found just letting people know they exist and using them when I am games mastering leads to their slow, if uneven, adoption.  But best that it comes naturally as the player adopt them rather than trying to force it upon them, we are playing to have fun after all.

Image A Glossary of Islamic Legal Terminology from the Walters Art Museum and is in the Public Domain.

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