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Down and Out in Taren Kost – Campaign Report Episode 10

21 August, 2019

This takes place shortly after Episode 9, surprisingly, it is a straight chronology from one game to another.

Our cast for this episode:

Reed Greenbottle, Hartessa and Mercutio

Episode 10: What a Bloody Mess!

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Tuesday Magic Item – Bloodthirsty Sword

20 August, 2019

Look how many I have killed“I don’t like the look of this,” said Gollaon, rapidly doubling back into the alley.

“His men?” asked Voddick following, eye scanning for danger.

“Yes, and too many of them.”  He ducked down a side alley.  “Damn!”

Voddick readied his war hammer and drew a short sword with his off hand.  “I knew I shouldn’t  have left my shield behind today,” he grumbled.

Gollaon drew sword and fan.  “Well, at least he respects us enough to have sent his best thugs.”

“I am honored.”

Bloodthirsty Sword

While these weapons are usually of find make, there is something about them that appears disreputable and unwholesome, stains on the blade that never quite come of, a slight chip on the edge that always catches the light, and so on.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Minion’s Coin

13 August, 2019

Be loyal to coin“His men seem very loyal,” said Voddick watching the rough looking crowd.

“I know, you would not expect it from such ruffians and ne’er-do-wells,” agreed Gollaon sipping at his wine.

“He pays well, I expect,” agreed Voddick, signalling for a refill of his mug of ale.  “But it seems more than that.”

“I agree,” sighed Gollaon.  “It is not that he is without charm but . . .”

“It is not the right sort of charm for these fellows.”

Gollaon’s eye lit up.  “Then it must be another sort of charm!”

Minion’s Coin

These coins are predominantly silver and slightly thinker than the usual coin for the region, they have symbols but no mark of value or place of origin noted on them.

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Pondering Wild Magic in D&D 5E

9 August, 2019

Wild?In my current D&D (5th Edition) games, I have two wild sorcerers, one in the Down and Out in Taren Kost adventures and the other in my learn to play game on one Friday night a month at Tyche’s Games.  So, I have been looking at wild magic in D&D and finding it . . . dull.

You can find the current wild magic table here and the effects range from “you accidentally kill the party” (07-08, fireball centered on you or 13-14, confusion centered on you), to nice for you (71-72, resistance to all damage for the next minute), to “you don’t get to have fun for the next in-game hour” (save or be polymorphed into a sheep for an hour) to “what? why?” (95-96, you and everyone else in 30′ become vulnerable to piercing damage for the next minute).  But they are both weirdly specific and static and do not give a sense of wild and chaotic magic, at least, not to me.

So, I am going to just go more free form and flexible.  I will use a deck of cards whenever a wild magic effect is triggered and the roll to trigger will be the spell level or less on a D20 when casting a spell, more powerful effects should be more likely to trigger.

My basic idea is:

  • Black card, negative effect (Spade, affects wild mage, Club, affects someone/thing else)
  • Red card, positive (Heart, affects wild mage, Diamond, affects someone/thing else)
  • Joker, draw twice more.

The higher value of the card, the greater the effect. Designed to be very free form and flexible.  I will post how it works out but it will be at least a week before I get to use it.

Notes: Image from a search for “chaos magic” and is “Veuve Clicquot HQ, Reims, France” by Matt Hamm is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.



Tuesday Magic Item – Villain’s Cloak

6 August, 2019

CloakedVoddick looked around and then raised his hand experimentally before letting it fall.  He leaned closer to Gollaon, “He has enchanted his cloak to blow dramatically even without wind?”

“Well spotted,” nodded Gollaon.  “It is a nice effect is it not?”

“Yes, I suppose so,” Voddick agreed grudgingly.  “Seems a bit of a cheat though.”

“Yes, entirely, that is the point,” said Voddick.  “It is all about attracting attention to the wearer.”

“Seems dangerous.”

“It has defenses too.”,

“Clever,” said Voddick studying the speaker even more carefully.

Villain’s Cloak

These cloaks are usually dark of color, black and crimson being common, and of a dramatic cut.  The fittings are also striking and often decorated with gems and arcane symbols.

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