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Tuesday Magic Item – Fog of War Cloak

20 February, 2018

“Good of the Wizard-Militant to provide us with new cloaks,” said Voddick trudging down the fog-shouded trail.

“Agreed,” nodded Gollaon.  “Now, are you sure we are heading the right way?”

“I . . . I am not sure,” replied Voddick looking around.  “You know I am not very good with trees.”

“Oh, there is a picket.”

“Wonderful, a fire and some tea would be welcome.”

The guard waved them by and the pair headed further into the camp.  As one they both stopped.  “This is the enemy camp,” whispered Voddick.”

“Yes, now how do we leave without attracting attention?”

Over the top!

Fog of War Cloak

These cloaks are of thick and durable cloth, usually gray or dust colored.  Sometime the lining is more colorful or sewn with a unit insignia or symbol.  They are very tough and long lasting.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Lucky Helm

13 February, 2018

Keeps YOU safe“Hey, that Geoff!” said Voddick turning in his saddle to get a better look as the soldiers passing by.

“Geoff?! We have not seen him since that skirmish in Volak,” said Gollaon giving a wave to the trouping warriors.

“He was with a Red Banner then,” said Voddick.  “Wonder how he ended up with the Gold Snakes?”

“I heard the Red Banner was near wiped out in a campaign against some pirates.”

“Hmm.  Well Geoff’s luck has held and he still has that stupid helm.”

Lucky Helm

These helms are usually a little battered but well loved by their owners who often decorate them as best they can, while dented and scarred, they have no breaks or flaws to endanger their wearer.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Traitor’s Tongue

6 February, 2018

Can it speak?“Questioning the dead always makes me uncomfortable,” said Voddick quietly.

“Why?” queried Gollaon is equally soft tones.

“It just seems . . . disrespectful.”

Gollaon nodded.  “I can understand that.  I just worry about any magic that taps into the shadowed lands.  Many things that prowl there have no love for the living.”

“Now I am even more uncomfortable with this.”

Traitor’s Tongue

Some of these are preserved human tongues, others are carved stone, and rarely they are made of the tongue of a devil.  In any case, they are inscribed with runes and sigils to forge a link between our world and the one beyond.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Swift Sparrow Amulet

30 January, 2018

Sparrow“It is so good to be back in a city,” said Voddick with a wide sweep of his hands.

“Agreed, and this one is exceptionally fine,” said Gollaon watching some of the young nobles ride by.

“Watch where you are going!” shouted Voddick as a messenger ran by him quickly followed by another.  “You too!”  He shouted as they vanished into the crowds.

“Fast and skillful,” said Gollaon.

“But a little rude.”

“They get paid for speed I imagine.”

Swift Sparrow Amulet

These amulets can be plain or gaudy but they always feature a sparrow, usually in flight but not always.  They are never worn on a chain but always on a cord.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Trail Guides

23 January, 2018

At the begin8ing and end of a journeyGollaon set a piece of bread and poured a drop of wine on the standing stone, reciting a few words in an ancient language.

Voddick bowed his head and waited patiently until he finished.

“That is done,” smiled Gollaon, taking a quick pull of wine for himself.

“No problems?  The spirits or whatever will help us travel this twice-overgrown wilderness?”

“I believe so, the ritual I used was at least as ancient as the stone and their was no rejection of the gifts.”

“Good, then let us get going,” Voddick shouldered his heavy pack.  “The sooner we are back in civilization the better.”

“I could not agree more.”

Trail Guides

These marker stones are placed at the beginnings, and thus also the ends of trails, through the wild corners of the world.  Each is marked with runes or symbols that the initiated can understand warning of the dangers ahead.  A small sacrifice will enlist the aid of the spirits aligned with each stone to make travel along the trails less hazardous.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Incense of Swift Travel

16 January, 2018

A gift to the stoneVoddick watched the smoke curl up from the incense set on the milestone, he whispered to Gollaon.  “It is rare to see such ceremonies, their roots obviously date far back.”

“Well spotted,” replied Gollaon with an appreciative raised eyebrow.  “I do would place it origins in the mists of time before the Imperium.”

“Will it still work?”

“I suppose that we will find out soon enough.”

Incense of Swift Travel

This incense must be made specifically for each road requiring either careful study of the route or access to an existing formula.  It is usually made in discs or coils to be placed on shrines or milestones.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Door of Diminution

10 January, 2018

Big door, little peopleVoddick was about to pound on the door when Gollaon pulled him back.  “Do not touch the door!”

“Why not?” asked Voddick a little unbalanced by the interruption and demand.

Gollaon pointed to the ground in front of the door where there was a tiny shoe.  “I have heard of wizards using such traps for the unwary.  An enchantment on the door shrinks those who try to open it.  Most wizards who use such a trap also have many large and hungry cats who also know of the door’s properties.”

“The fiend,” said Voddick.

“We had best find another way to approach the wizard within.”


Door of Diminution

It is not known what cruel wizard first created these nasty traps, but legend said they was killed by a very angry (though very small) dragon.  These doors are always very heavily built with magical glyphs and sigils worked into the design, often along the edge where they cannot be seen by the casual observer.

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