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Chimeric Monster Subtype for D&D 5E

15 January, 2020

The original ChimeraWhile D&D 5E is not as much into finely classifying and subclassifying all its monster by type and subtype, chimeric monsters are an important group in the Sea of Stars so I wanted to give them a set of special abilities tied to their nature as well.

Chimeric [Subtype]

A chimeric being is a hybrid creature made from blending together aspects of other creatures.  Some are created by alchemical and magical experiments, other emerge spontaneously from unknown sources.

•    Final Form– For whatever reason, the chimeric being’s form is the end and final result of many changes and it has no wish to change again, it gains a advantage on any saving throw to resist any attempt to further change or weaken its form (including but not limited to polymorph).
•    Hybrid Health– A chimeric creature is full of surprising vigor, gaining a advantage on saving throws against disease and poisons.
•    Obsession with a Food– Each chimeric creature has a particular food that it desires above all others.  A chimeric being will go out of its way to obtain such.  A trainer who has access to such food may gain a advantage on their Charisma (Animal Handling) rolls when training a captive chimeric beast.

Notes: Obviously this subtype would be applicable to chimera, hippogriff, owlbear and such monsters.

Chimeric creatures created for this design journal (for Pathfinder) include: Cobra-Cat, MothLion, StagWolf and Sting Squirrel.

Original Pathfinder version can be found here.

Image Chimera. Apulian red-figure dish, ca. 350-340 BC. owned by the Louvre, photo by Jastrow found on Wikimedia Commons and is in the Public Domain.


Tuesday Magic Item – Horseshoes of Hauling

14 January, 2020

Loadbearing animalsVoddick watched the tinker’s donkey go past, piled high with every manner of bit and bob that the fellow had for sale.  “That is a tough little beast,” he said.

“I could sell him to you,” said the tinker, “but he would need new shoes.”

As Voddick was pondering, Gollaon came over.  “No deal.  But good luck in your travels.”

Disappointed, the tinker headed on.

Once he was out of earshot, Gollaon leaned in.  “The donkey was wearing magic horseshoes.  It is a classic con.”

Horseshoes of Hauling

Once attached to an animal, they look just like any other horseshoe, the magic symbols that empower them are on the side that faces the animal’s hoof.  Original created for mine ponies, they spread to guilds and then to the nobility where they found favor among certain portly knights.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Distaff of Teaching

7 January, 2020

Hard work but vitalVoddick rode up to the old woman walking down the road, a distaff cradled in the crook of her arm.  “Need you an escort to the next village, grandmother?” he asked with a polite nod.

She nodded back.  “Should I feel safe traveling with such a disreputable pair?”

Gollaon crossed his hands over his heart.  “Disreputable?  You wound me.  Rakish, perhaps.”

“Well, if you are only raking, then you may accompany me,” said the old woman with a wink.

“Charmed,” smiled Gollaon.

“Honored,” nodded Voddick.

Distaff of Teaching

These distaffs are made of a simple length of wood, carved with blessing, carefully waxed and polished.  Such items are often overlooked as being potential magical or even valuable but are important to the spinning of raw fiber into thread for cloth.

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Tuesday Magic Item – New Year Dagger

31 December, 2019

Time has pointsVoddick looked back at the town and sighed. “Well it was nice while it lasted.”

“Truth.  But such a place in not for the likes of us,” said Gollaon.  “Not yet.”

“Why do news of serious threats to the future of the world always find us?”

“Part of being heroes, my friend.”

“You think we are heroes?” said Voddick with a frown.

“Well no one else is riding out to stop the evil are they?”

New Year Dagger

The origin of this singular weapon is unknown but it is believed to have come from elsewhere, it consists of a three-sided cloudy crystal blade with a grip made of some unknown dark metal fused to it.  It is surprisingly heavy and always cold except when it is using its magic, when it is nearly unbearably hot.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Festival Blessing Token

24 December, 2019

Take this and be safeVoddick put his feet up by the fire and sipped at his posset.  “Good to have some time to just rest without madmen and monster chasing after us.”

Gollaon swirled the mulled wine is his goblet.  “Truth, my friend.”

“While reflection, indeed, having the time to reflect, is not in our usual purview,” said Voddick, “it occurs to me now, that this is why I fight.  To allow people to have these happy times, free from fear.”

“It is a good goal,” nodded Gollaon. “And, yes, one I share in.  I would love to see a peaceful world, full of festivals and good cheer.”

“And it would give you more time for your preferred pursuits,” replied Voddick with a wink.

“There is truth to it though . . .”

Festival Blessing Token

These simple tokens are given as gifts during festivals, usually by friends and family, and their magic lasts until expended (or a year has passed) which ever comes first.  In fact, their magic only is activated when given as a gift during a festival, they tap into the enchantment generated by the event to activate their abilities.  Though a person may only have one of these items active at a time, not matter how many they received.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Festival Dice

17 December, 2019

Game with friends!Gollaon took another drink and tossed the dice.  “Ha!  I win again!”

“Good throw,” said Voddick around a mouthful of sweet bread.

Gollaon handed him a bowl of wine and shared part of his winning around.  “Time for us to be moving on.”  He waggled his eyebrows.  “I have someone to meet.”

Voddick gratefully took a drink.  “I suppose I will find myself some ceremony to watch while you enjoy yourself.”

“You can find someone to be with too, my friend.”

Voddick shook his head.  “Not today, I will just explore the festival.”

“As you like it, my friend.”

Festival Dice

These dice can be anything from simple knuckle bones to fancy carved bone or inlaid wood, there is always at least a pair and they are usually simple cubic dice (though other platonic solids are occasionally used).  Holding them, one just has the feeling that they want to be used.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Gift of Life

10 December, 2019

Like the phoenic, you riseGollaon coughed up blood and sat up, his eyes wide and starting.  “Wha . . .” he coughed again.  “What happened?”

“You took a spear to the chest, hit your heart and lung,” replied Voddick.

“Sounds bad,” croaked out Gollaon.

“You have no idea, you were stone dead, my friend,” replied a grave Voddick.

“Then how?”

“That your lover of yours, the one you charmed last week was more taken with you then I thought.  They pushed themself to the bring of death to bring you back.  We have them wrapped up in warm blankets, they should recover, given a few days of peace.”

“Did we win that at least?”  Gollaon tried to look around.

“I think so,” nodded Voddick, “for the sake of both of you.”

Gift of Life

These tokens come in a variety of shapes and sizes, always made of silver or more valuable metal sometime decorated with designs in enamel or inlaid in other precious metals, the design call to healing, life and rebirth, a phoenix being especially popular.

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