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Tuesday Magic Item – Sword of the Dashing King

25 April, 2017

The Dashing King“So, we side with the rebels, lead by a former peasant and soldier, or we side with the corrupt governor in suppressing them?” asked Voddick, looking out over the gathering sides.

“Or we can just leave,” said Gollaon.

Voddick snorted.  “As though you would abandon a heroic underdog.”

“And just as you know if we flee we will be chased by both sides no matter who wins.”

Voddick sighed and loosened his sword in its scabbard and picked up his crossbow.  “Best get a good place before it comes to blows.  You know I hate arriving late at a battle.”

“Right you are.”

Sword of the Dashing King

This long sword is a practical weapon, unadorned and having seen hard use, but the grip is usually wrapped in bright leather with a colorful tassel once it has been used for a while.  Unless it is being used, there is very little about it to indicate its legendary nature and if found after having been long lost even the colorful wrapping and tassel are likely to have faded.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Parthenogenesis Amulet

18 April, 2017

Athena Parthenos

Voddick studied the paintings along the hall.  “The styles change but the subjects are obviously related.  A strong bloodline.”

“Indeed, the line passes from mother to daughter and has for centuries, a Matron always rules here,” said  Gollaon, running a finger along the bottom of one of the frames.

“No fathers pictured, though.  Unimportant people?”

“Unneeded,” answered Gollaon.  “The ruling line is only mother and daughters.”

“How does that work?”

Parthenogenesis Amulet

These amulets are made of ivory and gold and often decorated in repeating motifs, always of the finest detailed craftsmanship.  The source of the original amulet is lost to the mists of time, but the Empress was so charmed when she rediscovered it that she had a hundred and one of them commissioned and distributed throughout the Imperium.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Gelert’s Shield

11 April, 2017


“The Commander’s new bodyguard did sterling work during the battle,” said Voddick.  “Without him things would have gone badly.  I saw him catch a spear that would have skewered the Commander on his shield.”

“You are among the few who noticed,” replied Gollaon pouring himself some wine.  “Not only in the bearer a selfless warrior but the shield itself make it harder to recognize their heroism.”

“How odd,” Voddick said before taking a swallow of ale.

“It is said that the court magician that build the first of these shields was jealous of the bodyguard and insured that they would never get the recognition they deserved.”


Gelert’s Shield

These shields are solidly built and usually decorated with the arms or symbols of the patron who ordered it made.  They were custom fitted to their original user and would have fitted them comfortably.

Gelert’s Shield is a +3 Heavy Shield that can share its shield’s bonus with one adjacent ally against one attack per turn or against all attacks if the wielder possesses three or more Shield feats.  Up to thrice a day, the shield’s wielder can take half the damage from an attack (including magical attacks) that targets an adjacent ally.
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Tuesday Magic Item – Naming Love Poem

4 April, 2017

PoemGollaon watched their charge from around the corner speaking to the one who had caught their eye, being careful not to be seen by either.

“Foolishness, it is,” quietly grumbled Voddick.  “We should have kept safely locked in the inn.  Where trouble would have to find us, not the other way around.”

“You have not a single romantic bone in your body, my friend,” replied Gollaon with a smile.  “Let young love run free.”

“As long as it does not run us into trouble, I will be happy.”

Naming Love Poem

This poem is a form of ritual magic, the poem itself has become so well known that it has acquired its own magic.  To activate its magic, the person who wishes to confess their love must copy the poem by hand or recite it in front of at least six witnesses.  They must either have a token of the person they wish to confess their love to, a lock of hair is preferred, or name them at the end of the poem.  The whole process cannot take less than two minutes and usually takes more, especially if the poem is being copied.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Heart of Battle

28 March, 2017

Victory!“Our new officer is quite the tactician,” said Voddick, carefully slotting new quarrels into his box of such.

“Agreed.  But it may not all be natural talent,” said Gollaon waxing a bow string.

“Ah, you noticed the amulet too,” grinned Voddick.

‘”Ha!  That’s right, your people use the same technique do they not?”

“Truth.  Once you have seen a shard of a crystallized heart, it sticks with you.”

Heart of Battle

These amulets are made from the fragment of a hero’s heart that has been magically turned to crystal after their death, some are just the shard on a chain, others set the crystal in precious metal decorated with other gems.  The crystal faintly glows and once it has been worn for a day and a night, it flickers in tune to the wearer’s heartbeat.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Cornerstone Shield

21 March, 2017

Superior protection“Moon’s Gaze!” cursed Voddick as the cowering slave he was escorting away from the combat fell into two bloody pieces with only a bare squeak of pain.

Gollaon pivoted around, looking for the source of the attack, but no enemy was near to them.

Voddick knelt down.  “Dead.  But how?”

“The leader of the blighted realm, he has a magical shield, yes?” demanded Gollaon.

“Yes.  A massive and ancient thing,” replied Voddick closing the slave’s eyes.

“Damn all slave owners to hell!  We need to find out where he is fighting,” said Gollaon, pulling Voddick to his feet.

“What?  Why?”

“The shield’s magic is killing the slaves to keep its master alive!”

Cornerstone Shield

This shield is a masterwork of craftsmanship, the decoration depicting the subjugation of the some people to their, obviously in the ideology of the shield’s maker, superiors.  It weighs much more that it should, until it is strapped up, then it is as light as a feather if the bearer is a slave owner, otherwise its weight renders it unwieldy and clumsy.

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New Magic Item – Movable Feast Cloth

20 March, 2017

Eat, drink and be merry“Nice of them to share their feast with us,” said Voddick tucking into a drumstick.

“We did drive those brigands off,” said Gollaon after taking a sip of ale.

“Truth.  But still, mercenary vagabonds such as ourselves are not always welcome.”

“But we are stylish and well dressed mercenary vagabonds, welcome most everywhere.”

Movable Feast Cloth

These embroidered cloths are obviously made by skilled local crafters, they do not show the technical sophistication or consistence of guild-made works but the love and care of people doing something they love.  The decorative motif is usually tied to the local religious traditions and adored with representation of local produce and dishes.

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