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The Jade Pillar Dynasty – “Our Rule is Eternal”

31 July, 2009

Not all of the lands of the Sea of Stars welcome visitors, some are quite happy to be left alone in their ways.  One such place is:

The Jade Pillar Dynasty

For more than seventy generations, since before the Sundering, the Jade Pillar Dynasty has ruled the Middle Kingdom of Yu.  Read the rest of this entry ?


Plans for August

30 July, 2009

August (named after that amazing Roman politician Augustus Caesar) will be a month of personalities from the Sea of Stars.  If there is someone -or something– in particular you would like to see, write a comment or post in the forum.

I will be off to GenCon from the 12th-16th but page updates will continue during that time.  Your comments will be approved as I have time but will probably have do wait until the 16th for those made during GenCon.


Bonus Magic Item – Badge – Light of Taren Kost

29 July, 2009

My father has been visiting from Florida, so I have not had time to write anything for the Wednesday post.  So instead I will give you a wondrous item:

Badge – Light of Taren Kost

This item is a embossed silver pin of a lit candle over the civic seal of Taren Kost.  It is given out in recognition of great service to the city.  Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Courtly Fan of the Wizardess

28 July, 2009

Another item from the Julian Collection, for the Wizard in the public eye:

Courtly Fan of the Wizardess

This highly decorated fan is made from rare woods, the finest paper and reinforced with silver chased steel.  Read the rest of this entry ?


The White Isles – Elves and Skyships

27 July, 2009

Today, we turn to one of the non-human kingdoms:

The White Isles

Even before the Sundering, the White Isles were isles and the elves who lived upon them were sailors, some of the finest in fact.  Read the rest of this entry ?


Ennies – Your Vote Counts

25 July, 2009

Yes, it is an Ennies Post.  I hear all the cool kids are doing them.

You can Vote here.  Make your voice heard.

Ben Baugh, part of my gaming group, is nominated in three categories: Best Writing for “Don’t Lose Your Mind“, Evil Hat Productions; Best Setting for “The Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor“, Arc Dream Publishing; and Product of the Year for “Don’t Lose Your Mind“, Evil Hat Productions.  So, if you need an extra nudge to vote for any of those, consider this to be it.


Borusa – the City of Scholars

24 July, 2009

For those that seek to learn, there are few better place to visit than:

Borusa, the City of Scholars

Even before the Sundering, Borusa was famous for libraries and booksellers, wizard-sages and scholars. Read the rest of this entry ?


Fantastic Art Sites

23 July, 2009

Using fantastic both as in yesterday’s article and in the sense of really good.

Maggie Hogarth’s Stardancer, science fiction and fantasy art, stories and more.  Some time ago, when she actually had time for commissions, Maggie drew one of my Mantyd-Caste for me.  A piece I am very proud of owning.

Audra Furuichi’s Compeito, Fantasy, fun and other stuff here.  Audra is kindly letting me use one of her fantasy pieces for an upcoming project.

Ursula Vernon’s Red Wombat Studio, which I only just discovered today.  Lots of fun and bizarre things here, well worth a visit.


Fantastic Fantasy – Some Thoughts

22 July, 2009

Last night I went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (which was average) but it got me thinking about what I had liked about the Harry Potter series and fantasy in general.   What I liked about Harry Potter was the fantastical nature of the Wizarding World.  Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Sling Bullets

21 July, 2009

Slings are an often neglected weapon in fantasy games.  A popular weapon in the ancient world, sling bullets were every bid as lethal as arrows.  Today I present three magical bullets for slingers. Read the rest of this entry ?

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