About the Sea of Stars

The gods were thrown down and the world shattered into floating islands.  The dragons now reign unchallenged under their Empress.  It is a place of high magic and high adventure; where ghosts dance and trees sing, ships fly and books read their stories out loud.  There are lands of secrets and mysteries; lost cities and forbidden knowledge, bound demons and dark magics.

Prepare yourself to venture out on the Sea of Stars.  Explore a world of adventure without end, magic without limits, and dragons without fear.

The idea for the Sea of Stars came to me shortly after Wizards of the Coast’s setting design contest closed back in 2002 (which would eventually lead to the Eberron campaign setting).   It was a combination of various influences and a reaction to my previous two campaigns which had both been low magic and focused on a limited area (and set of character options).  The Sea of Stars is consciously high magic and designed to be expandable, infinite variety in infinite combination.  The last fantasy setting I would ever need.

Since its inception, I have run two major (multi-year) campaigns, several story arcs (a few of those online) and a handful of one-shot adventures in the Sea of Stars.  But it has always been a world I wanted to share with the gaming community at large and now I am finally doing that.

What I am aiming to achieve with the Sea of Stars:

  • Create a Living World: The Sea of Stars is a place of wonder and change, adventure and danger.  I want to share that and allow others to share their vision of the world with each other.  Let us make this world come alive.
  • Create a Useful Material: Much of the Sea of Stars material is designed to be usable in and of itself, so you can steal it for your own campaign.  While I hope that the Sea of Stars itself becomes a popular setting, no reason to make the pieces hard to use in other settings.
  • Create a Community: This is important, I want to share this setting and get feedback on it.  I want the world to thrive and debate to ring out.  I know it will be difficult but we can only try.
  • Have Fun: The most important point, we should all be doing this because we enjoy it.

Please note that the background and descriptive text of the Sea of Stars is owned by Sean Holland (except as noted) and all rights belong with him. Please do not use or copy without permission.  All mechanics are published under the OGL and will be noted as such.   Thank you.

If you like the Sea of Stars and are on facebook, please become a fan of us there.  You can also support the setting at the Sea of Stars Patreon.


  1. […] this series is Sean Holland. He runs the Sea of Stars resource site, an RPG setting which you can find out all about here. His story is “Playing Chess in New Persepolis.” A two-sentence summary: A young and now […]

  2. You know in general I’ve always preferred more mid to low fantasy settings wherein magic was sparse and life was short and brutish. However I must say that you’ve managed to intrigue me. The prospect of exploring the infinite floating shards of a shattered world sounds like a recipe for serious fun!

    • Thank you. The two campaigns I had run before it were both low magic, restricted choice games so this was partly a reaction against that and partly just because I was to have a wide-open world.

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