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Ends December and the Year MMXVIII, let us Welcome MMXIX

31 December, 2018

Backward and forward

January, 2019, and the New Year and are just around the corner.  Good fortune to all in MMXIX!

January is named after Janus (Ianuarius) the god of doorways, usually pictured as looking both forward and back.   We will revisit the themes of doorways, transport and travel for January what with moving into the New Year and all its possibilities.  As usual, if there is something on this theme you would like to see, let me know.

Looking back over December, 2018, we find a quite month but not without interest:

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Shadowrun campaign news, heading into a new year, and a new Seattle Scream (#58) prop

30 December, 2018

Our various Shadowrun games continue on, not least monthly with introductory games at Tyche’s Games (every first Sat, feel free to join us), and the occasional game as part of our Thursday night rotation both the NorCal game and occasional one-shot adventure in Seattle.  I got to GM both a Halloween and Christmas themed adventure, with plague spirits for the former and rescuing stolen toys for the later, and play in a Christmas themed one in the NorCal campaign (“Secret Santa“).

The latest news from my campaign here in Seattle Scream #58, the EcoTerrorist piece is laying some (undeserved) blame on one of the player runner teams but that is corporate controlled media for you.  We will see what people make of the rest of them.

Now, be careful out there in the shadows my friends.  The world is dangerous so keep your wits about you and your weapons near to hand.

Photo by Kaleb Kloppe and licensed under CC BY 2.0.



PinkCat: Running in the Shade “Secret Santa” (A different sort of SR campaign report)

25 December, 2018

To understand what is going on here, you had best read the first PinkCat: Running in the Shade post, but short summary, this is a campaign report for our Shadowrun campaign set in NorCal through the filter of a cartoon made by one of the team members.

Episode Forty: Secret Santa

Secret Santa gifts!Guest Starring: DoubleUp, Rani and Tora. Introducing:

  • Doc Cav, a new (mad) science teacher at the school, a cyborged lizard in the Inspector Gadget mold.  (Standing in for Cavalier, a transhumanist street samurai. played by B.)

The school has decided that hosting a “Secret Santa” would be good for student bonding.  Of course, everyone wants silly things, so the cast ends up hunting all over town for the strange and unusual gifts and humorous adventure ensures.

The episode ends with everyone around a false tree in the school cafeteria, with other holiday symbols around too multi-cultural the school is, exchanging gifts and food and singing songs.  A happy holidays to all.

What really happened:

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Tuesday Magic Item – Mug of Midwinter Cheer

25 December, 2018

Have a warm drinkVoddick refilled his mug of mulled wine.  “Good to spend these celebrations such as these among friends.”

Gollaon took a swing of his wine.  “Indeed.  We are fortunate to be among them on these long nights.”

Voddick nodded and raised his mug.  “To good friends, loyal companions and another year of adventure.”

“To more adventure, more friends and good company!”

Mug of Midwinter Cheer

These mugs range from the rough and ready to the ornate, often decorated with winter scenes, but they are all likely to have seen hard use.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Mazer of Misrule

19 December, 2018

MazerVoddick sipped at the mulled wine and passed the mazer down the table.  “Good,” he nodded.

Gollaon did the same.  He learned in to whisper to his companion.  “The cup is enchanted, we had best keep our wits about us.”

“Enchanted?  How?”

“To reduce inhibitions.  A sip of this wine makes you as . . . open minded as if you had drunk an amphora,” explained Gollaon.

Voddick looked up and down the tables.  “And everyone here has been drinking from it . . . Yes, we had definitely keep our wits about us.”

Mazer of Misrule

Mazers are special type of wooden drinking vessel, a wide cup or shallow bowl without handles, with a broad flat foot and a knob or boss in the center of the inside.  These are made to be used and shared by a group on special occasions, drinking and toasting together.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Portrait of a Heroine

11 December, 2018

The heroine“Our new commander seems willing to take great risks,” said Voddick as he oiled the bow of his crossbow.

Gollaon finished tying a new grip on his dagger.  “Yes, but I think she has an angle.”

“The mysterious healing?”

“Exactly, I think someone is watching over her from afar.”

“Ah, your are thinking she has one of Cossalo’s portraits,” said Voddick waggling a bolt at his friend.

“Exactly and I had heard he was working in Eosiant.”

“And his apprentice was getting quite skilled as well.”

Portrait of a Heroine

These life-sized portraits are painted with the highest skill and usually present their subject in minimal clothing, it always presents their current physical state, showing wounds and injuries quite clearly. The backgrounds are vague and change as the subject travels, giving a clue to the subjects current location but never enough information to pinpoint it.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Winter Whip

5 December, 2018

A whipping chillVoddick made sure his cleats where tightly attached to his boots before he opened the door and stopped out into the driving snow.

Gollaon followed.  “Well, the pay is good.”  He said through the scarf wrapped around his face.

“I do not mind, the ice, or the snow, or even the bitter wind,” said Voddick.  “But I hate falling and looking ridiculous.”

“True,” nodded Gollaon.  “Pride does help keep one warm.”

“Damn straight.”

Winter Whip

These whips are made of white leather, taken from arctic creatures, the grip is wrapped around a length of rock crystal and tied with silver wire.  They are cool to the touch, moving to cold when used.  Frost gathers around the whip when it is set down, even in summer weather.

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Let December and Winter begin! With a glance back at November

4 December, 2018

WintryThis was suppose to post at the end of November, it was suppose to post while I was at PAX Unplugged, but I mis-scheduled it!  So here it is, a few days late.

Tomorrow is the first of December and the meteorological start of Winter, and feels that way where I am! December was the tenth month of the Roman calendar (for those keeping score at home).  December is also a month filled with holidays.  So, the themes for this month on the Sea of Stars design journal will be Winter, festivals and gift: cursed gifts, divine gifts, magical gifts or whatever else we can think up.

If there is a particular idea inspired by the themes that you would like to see expanded upon, let me know and I will try to realize it.

Looking back over November, 2018, we saw the following posts here: Read the rest of this entry ?

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