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Tuesday Magic Item – Amulet of Mind Tricks

4 May, 2021

From far away and a distant time“Our new charge seem more more confident after acquiring that old amulet,” said Voddick before taking a sip of ale.

“Agreed,” said Gollaon.  He paused to dip some bread in his wine.  “Did you say odd or old?  Because it is both.”

“Old, but you are correct.  That iconography on it seems . . . very out of place.”

Gollaon looked back to see if he could get a better look, but no luck.  “I think it is something old or modeled on something old.  I have seen similar symbols on ancient ruins.”

Voddick nodded.  “We should try to learn more about it before it get our charge, or us, into trouble.”

Amulet of Mind Tricks

These amulets are old or, at least, give the impression of vast antiquity and being from a distant land.  They are always decorated with runes and symbols usually around a central design, usually made of brass decorated with gold or silver, occasional a crystal is inset, but this is not universal. Read the rest of this entry ?


Review – Shadowrun: Street Wyrd

3 May, 2021

Shadowrun: Street Wyrd is the long awaited Core Magic Book for the new edition of Shadowrun, and it is going to be a required book for Shadowrun games masters as it provides so many new resources in spells, adept powers, metamagic, magical groups and so much more. And players will be happy with new ways to improve their characters.

Shadowrun: Street Wyrd, is the Core Magic Book for Shadowrun, Sixth World Edition, expanding the available options for magic in all of its wonderful forms.

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