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March ends, April begins foolishly

31 March, 2016

April begins tomorrow with a day of tricks and tribulations, such bluff and bravado are talents I lack, so do not expect anything fancy from me.

The origin of the name of the Roman month Aprilis from which we derive April is unclear, it may refer to the opening (aperire) of buds and flowers as Spring arrives or in some way to the goddess Venus, to whom it is a sacred month.

I am again doing the the Blogging from A to Z Challenge for April, the theme will be “The Sea of Stars” so if you have questions or anything you wanted to know more about, let me know and I will try to work it in.

March, 2016, saw the following posts here:

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Tuesday Magic Item – Martyr’s Spear

29 March, 2016

Once more, dear friends . . .The lead rebel fell, pierced by two crossbow bolts, but the young woman following him grabbed up his spear and urged the others forward.

“They have heart,” said Voddick, snapping a shot off at one of the opposing crossbowmen, “but will it be enough to balance out their lack of armament and training?”

“Well,” replied Gollaon drawing his sword, “it certainly will not be without our help.”

Voddick paused to recock his crossbow.  “Bravery in a good cause should be recognized after all.  Let’s go.”

Martyr’s Spear

These weapons are often rather crudely made, as they are often made by people who do not usually make weapons, but they are always well decorated with protective symbols, slogans and marks of the group that created it.

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Of Rifts and Ruins – A Petrichor Campaign Report

27 March, 2016

While our heroes decided what to do with the road builders, which was to follow the road to see where it began, the stone workers clustered around an unexpected obstruction.  A large irregularly shaped crystal, filled with flickering multicolored light, Elsbeth immediately desires it.  They decide to let the stone worker move it, which they try to do, but it cracks and spilling out (and up) is a crack in the fabric of the world, looking like a frozen black lightning bolt.  From which emerges a floating jellyfish-like creature, its surface looks like a soap bubble rippling with translucent rainbow colors.

Something like thisLorrend immediate prepares to engage this threat.  The stone workers back away as the tentacles of the floating creature wrap around on of them and then it pulls itself inside of the worker leaving acid scars on the exterior surface.  Lorrend tries to charge the transformed threat but Tulip, his warhorse, almost slips off the end of the road into the pit the crystal is in.  Pedr and Elsbeth unleash thundering sonic attacks which badly damage the possess worker and causes collateral damage to the other ones (who were still trying to get away).  Then two more of the floaters emerge from the rift.  It is a rough fight, with the possess working being destroyed and that floater killed before it can return back through the rift but the other two lay about with acid laced tentacles that cause disturbing visions.  Soon enough they are dispatched and collapse into pools of multi-hued acidic jelly before soaking into the ground.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Fire-Hearted Talisman

22 March, 2016

To keep you safeVoddick watched as the young warriors gripped their talismans and were wreathed in spectral flame.  As one they let out a mighty war cry and charged out to meet their enemies.

Voddick and Gollaon followed at a more sedate pace.  “Those amulets certainly are everything that was claimed.  I hope they remember their training in their rush to battle.”

Voddick snapped a shot with his crossbow and paused to reload.  “We did the best we could in the time allowed.  They are brave and inspired, that counts for quite a bit.”

“True, but I wish we could have given them better weapons and armor to back that enthusiasm up.”

Fire-Hearted Talisman

These talismans are made of expendable material, extra glass, pot shard, sacred bags, something simple and usually marked with religious and sometime patriotic symbols.

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New Spell – Blessing of Spring (for Pathfinder and D&D5)

20 March, 2016

Welcome Spring!It is the Spring Equinox!  Welcome Spring!  And to celebrate, a new spell:

Blessing of the Spring
School abjuration [earth]; Level Clr 2, Drd 2
Components V, S, DF
Casting Time 1 hour
Range Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Target Up to five creatures/level
Duration Instantaneous
Saving Throw Harmless (Will); Spell Resistance No

This spell can only be cast from the Spring Equinox to just before the Summer Solstice.

Those blessed by the spell gain a +1 sacred bonus to saves against disease, poisons and exhaustion, additionally they gain a +2 sacred bonus to any skill check related to farming and other husbandry tasks for the next 24-hours.

Special: Cast as a three hour ritual as part of a Festival performed on the Spring Equinox, the effects of the blessing last until the Summer Solstice.  Each assistant who can cast this spell that aids the primary caster increases the primary caster’s level by the assistants level +1 for each assistant (for example, a 7th level druid aided by four 3rd level assistants in the ritual would cast at 7 +(4 x 3) +4 = 23rd level and be able to bless a community of 115 people).

For D&D5:
Blessing of the Spring
2nd-level abjuration (ritual)
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Of Shadows and Stoßtruppen – A Petrichor Campaign Report

15 March, 2016
All of this and Thunder too

Elsbeth by her player

Back to the tree, Old Father Mastic, safely after rescuing the survivors of the Gold Sword Company from the cyclops our heroes reunited with their companions.  Johan looked quite wild, a smoking pipe clenched between his teeth, while Elsbeth complained about the lack of beer and the challenge of surviving without such.  Johan explains that he has been communing with the spirit of the tree and has learned much, namely that a force that he calls the Shadow Between is trying to slip into the world and that is why the tree raised its daughters, to protect itself from it/them.  The last of the daughters, who has taken the name Élato, remains violent just not toward our heroes and has become a semi-ally.

Pedr receives a messenger, a semi-skeletal crow bearing a message in its exposed rib-cage, from his patron, which asks what are they doing.  Pedr pens a long report and sends it back the next day.  Late that night Klaus rushes in sounding the alarm, “Wolves!  And worse!”

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New Monster – Straw Soldier (for Pathfinder and D&D5)

15 March, 2016

Straw Soldier     CR 1 (XP 400)

A line of silent soldiers armed for war with spears and shield, an arrow strike one squarely in the chest but it does not slow in the least.

Straw Soldiers are build to provide temporary advantage in warfare, expendable constructs to bolster ranks and provide the illusion of larger armies.  They are provided with wooded shields and spear or clubs painted to resemble swords attached securely to their hands.  They cannot perform complex tasks, but they can march and fight.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Straw Helmet (for Pathfinder and D&D5)

15 March, 2016

Impressive“Well, our new troops are quiet, I’ll give them that,” said Voddick marching beside the straw soldier.

“And loyal to a fault,” agreed Gollaon, patting one of the straw soldier on the shoulder.  “But I am not thrilled about being the distraction in this plan.”

“Nor I, but better than leading the assault.”

“That is true.  Especially given the foolhardy nature of our allies in this fight, hopefully they will let us get into position before attacking.”

“Good point, we had best step up our pace,” said Voddick, matching action to words.

Straw Helmet

These helmets look quite impressive, from a distance, close up it is obvious that they are just painted and decorated woven straw or wicker.

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Rokugan SRIU Episode 8 “Jaded Desires” (L5R Campaign Report)

14 March, 2016

Having solved their spirit problem, they hope, the unit is introduced to their newest member:

Mirumoto Daremo, trained as a Kitsuki investigator and who made a terrible mistake in judgement, executing an innocent man and now has devoted himself fully to the cause of justice.  (Kitsuki Investigator 1, played by J3.)

And are given their next mission: The Imperial road near the Lion-Crane border along the Three-Sides River have been suffering from inexplicable attrition and wear this season, it is almost as if it were being sabotaged.

The next morning they set out, with assigned horses, winding their way down the Imperial Road to their destination.  As they approach the way-station the report originated from, Three-Side Post Station, they encounter road crews out repairing the roads.  Stopping to investigate, it looks the stones making up the upper surface of the roads were taken and then the summer rains caused more damage as all of the sites are near small streams.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Lance Seed

8 March, 2016

Lances low!Voddick jumped back as a lance of new wood shot up out of the ground.  The cavalryman nearby laughed and wrenched it free of the earth.

“I hate those things,” muttered Voddick.

“Not half as much as I hate pompous jerks who serve in the cavalry,” added Gollaon in a low voice.

“Agreed.  We will make sure he learn a lesson about how to treat allies . . . if he survives tomorrow in the field.”

“He probably will, that kind usually do.”

“Sadly true.”

Lance Seed

These are heavy seeds, usually so dark brown that they are almost black.  Cast into fresh earth, they nearly instantaneously grow into a sapling that ends in a sharp point and with a small root ball that serves as an excellent counterweight.

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