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New Monster – Automated Laser Monkey

27 February, 2013

Automated Laser Monkey

The clicking of metal on stone is replaced by a sharp crack as the metal creature launches a beam of blazing light at you.  It dodges back around the corned before you can return fire.  Yes, it was certainly a clockwork monkey armed with an arm-mounted laser.  Who would build such a thing?

Automated Laser Monkey                                                  CR 3 (800 XP)
N small construct (clockwork, living brain)
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Tuesday Magic Item – Pipe of Dreams

26 February, 2013

Have a smokeMoslan the Master Painter awoke late, the Sun was , his subject was already there and anxious.  He set to work, drinking strong tea and taking deep draws upon his pipe between brush strokes.

After a few hour, he chased his subject away, his inspiration fled into smoke.   “Return tomorrow and we will continue.”  He leaned back and lit up his pipe again.

Pipe of Dreams

These pipes are always long stemmed, often in the churchwarden style, and made of exquisitely carved wood, rarely decorated.  They are polished from loving use and care.

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Short Reviews of Shadowrun PDFs

21 February, 2013

A variety of short resources for the Shadowrun RPG (4th Edition), some updating pieces of older resources for the current timeline and edition of the rules.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Flask of Vice

19 February, 2013
Have a drink with me.

Have a drink?

Ughan poured himself out another measure of gin, smiling as it glugged into his cup.  While most of the other things he had acquired in his adventuring career he had lost or sold, the flask, this simple flask, he had kept hold of.

It was his comfort in hard times and good, a constant source of refreshment and solace as needed.  He sipped at his gin and let his mind wander.

Flask of Vice

These metal flasks for surreptitiously holding drink are usually extremely plain, lacking anything beyond the most basic ornamentation.  While many owners scratch or have their name engraved upon the flask, when they die, the flask is whole and unmarked.

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April 2013 A to Z Challenge – What should I do?

16 February, 2013

IBM Selectric TypewriterThe Other Side Blog has reminded me that we are coming up on April and the A to Z blogging Challenge, which I have signed up for.

The question is, what to write about this time?

In 2011, I did magic items, mostly themed around the Greek and Roman Gods.

In 2012, the theme I followed was fantastic places, mostly from the Sea of Stars but from other places as well.

But what to do for 2013?  Would people like to see more magic items?  More fantastic places?  Spells and curses?  Characters?  I want your suggestions and ideas!

Update!  Suggestions and votes (including from G+) so far:

  • Magic Items, 2 votes
  • Spells, 1 vote
  • Low-level city NPCs (no name, use A to Z for their title), 1 vote
  • Exotic Familiars, 1 vote
  • Diseases, 1 vote
  • Traps, 2 votes
  • Mystical or esoteric texts, 1 vote.

New Monster – Wyrmling

16 February, 2013

I tossed aside the crossbow, the bolt having failed to slow the monstrosity, cursed and drew my sword.  Not the foe I had expected, I thought dodging the snapping jaws of a wyrmling.  I cut down, the back of my mind noting the criticism of the strike my first swordsmaster would have made, feeling the shock down my arm as the sword bit into the creature’s spine.  It fell away, limp and, I hoped, dead.  Another wyrmling rushed pass, heading towards my charge.

“Beware, Covlan!” I called, pivoted and thrust, piecing the creature’s tail.  It hissed and coiled back to face me.  It was the largest of them and ready to strike.  I caught its lunge with the flat of my blade and pushed it one way while moving in the other.  Just avoiding its snapping jaws.  The wyrmling coiled and paused, its yellow-green eyes half closed and wary.  I spared a moment to look around.  Two of the three wyrmlings that had attacked us were dead, the snake-like creatures were as large as the horses they sought to devour.  Their thick scales and massive jaws made them dangerous foes and their unsatiable hunger made them implacable ones.


This creature is a strange amalgam of dragon and snake, with a massive head topped with horns and possessing mighty jaws on a thick snake-like body protected by dense scales.

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Review – Vintage Art Collections

14 February, 2013

The Vintage Art collections are exactly what it says on the tin, collections of vintage pieces of art that have fallen into the public domain and as such, may be freely used by people for whatever reason, such as illustration game books or providing reference for an adventure.  Now, while you could possibly find many the pieces here if you wished to spend the time, Unza RPG has done it for you and for a reasonable price you get quite a bit of art to use.

Here are some of the collections available:

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Tuesday Magic Item – Faceless Cameo

12 February, 2013
Cameo is Use

Active Cameo

Moving like a snake, the assassin struck, driving his dagger into the chest of the Duke and then falling back into the crowd.

The Ducal guards moved to grab him, fighting through the confused and increasingly panicky crowd.  While he seemed distinctive when he attacked, he vanished among the milling people.

The guards searched, to no avail, even the magics of the wizard-observer were unable to locate the killer but they did not stop looking.   A reward was posted but the assassin had vanished.

Faceless Cameo

These pieces of jewelry, usually broaches, with a plain silhouette of ivory on dark stone, sometimes with a simple copper or silver frame.  They are almost remarkable in their unremarkableness.

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Review – Oktobermen Special Edition

10 February, 2013

Beware, for the Oktobermen haunt the night committing mystical crimes for their own benefit. If a group of occult-themed supervillains fits into your Mutants & Masterminds campaign, the Oktobermen may be just what you need for supernatural scenarios.

Due Vigilance 1: the Oktobermen with Smoke and Mirrors is a character collection for Mutants & Masterminds.  The art throughout is full color with each of the major characters getting their own illustration.  HeroLab files for all of the characters and a set of cut out, stand-up figures for the team are included as well.  The product begins with the group background and a colorful and useful relationship chart showing what each of the six members of the Oktobermen think of each other. Then it moves into the team members themselves, arranged alphabetically, which means that the team’s leader, Spring-Heeled Jack is the last member detailed (which struck me as strange).

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Tuesday Magic Item – Excitation Ring and Ghoulish variant

6 February, 2013

He moved so quickly, his sword was only a blur and his foes could not lay a blow upon him.  Within a minute, he stood victorious among his defeated enemies.

I had expected him to strike a heroic pose, not to leap over to the nearest bakery and begin devouring bread like a starving man . . .

Excitation Ring

These rings are made of strands of woven electrum wire, the wires comprising the ring move and twist of their own accord and are never in the exact same pattern twice.

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