Short Reviews of Shadowrun PDFs

21 February, 2013

A variety of short resources for the Shadowrun RPG (4th Edition), some updating pieces of older resources for the current timeline and edition of the rules.

Gun Heaven is a collection of those toys that Shadowrunners love so much, guns, guns of all sizes from hold out pistols to assault cannon.  It is only one weapon per page with a half page illustration and half page of statistics and discussion (as is traditional in Shadowrun products, framed as online chatter which imply a few adventure ideas).  It contains statistics for actual weapons (such as the M-16 and Ingram Mac10) as well as classics from earlier editions of Shadowrun (such as the Predator heavy pistol), so new rules are introduced for ‘vintage’ and other outdated weapons, as well as a few that are on the cutting edge of weapon development in the Shadowrun future.  A fun product but not a required one.

Milspec Tech 2, provides mostly high end military hardware up to and including a stealth bomber and a submarine but also a few less pricey and more common items such as security and surveillance drones and even a few firearms.  The handful of security drones and handheld weapons may see use in a standard Shadowrun campaign but it is difficult to see use of the major military hardware except as plot macguffins still an interesting read as idea of where military technology is going in the Sixth World.

Safehouses is about the care and use of that most useful of place, a safe house to hide from your enemies (or occasionally your allies) in.  After some in-character advice, which nicely gives a feel for the problems and possibilities of hiding in the Shadowrun world.  Then, there are rules, these build off of the lifestyle rules in the Runner’s Companion for constructing hideouts and safe houses.  Lastly a set a set of example safe houses wraps up the product.  If you are playing the sort of long term campaign this could prove to be a useful resource and it is an amusing read.

Used Car Lot, vehicles for the discerning (or desperate) shadowrunner and others including a fair number of ‘classic’ vehicles from earlier editions of Shadowrun (such as the Ford AmeriCar and the Yamaha Rapier motorcycle) along with rules for older and obsolete vehicles.  It is all ground vehicles that require a driver, no new drones here, and it is useful for scene setting and nostalgia (for those who have played earlier editions of the game) but hardly a must have supplement unless your campaign is all about the cars.

Disclosure: As a featured reviewer for RPGNow/DriveThroughRPG, I received my copy of this product for free from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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