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Dark Future Ahead 14 – News from the ‘Net of a Cyberpunk bent

5 February, 2016

Tune in for the latest interesting and cyberpunk inspiring stories that I have found:

Did you know that cheese in one of the most stolen foods in the world?  Read about the high tech band of thieves who stole nearly one million dollars of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

What do you do when you are hired to acquire Red Mercury, the unobtainium of the post-Soviet world?

Ever wonder how the Predator drone came to be an armed weapon of war?  Apparently, it is all the fault of an Air Force special project team called Big Safari, read about it here.

And it seems that it takes a drone to catch a drone.  I expect that we will see more and more anti-drone tech in the coming years.

Putin’s Russia pursues propaganda and hybrid warfare against the West, lessons for a corporate state?

What visions of the coming dark future have you seen recently?


Creative Sunday – J E Shields, Art for Gamers

17 January, 2016

Art!I do not remember where I learned of J E Shield’s work, but it was probably G+, but since then I have supported his Patreon and enjoyed the stockart that such support provides.  As a patron of his, you get to make suggestions as to what he will draw for his stock art which has lead to some wacky things indeed.

The other cool thing about how he structured his Patreon is that it provides a fair amount of art that he releases under a PWYW (pay what you want) option so you can take a look (and even use) some of his art at very affordable option.

Now, Shields is actually not producing any new art for the Patreon this month as he is off to Alaska for a few weeks.  So you have some time to review and decide if you would like to help him out via his Patreon.

Art borrowed from his Patreon page and used without permission.


Creative Sunday – Ron Randall

20 December, 2015

Not as I envisioned her but still coolRon Randall is an experience comic book artist who I first met back in Portland (OR) at the occasional Portland comic book shows which I used to haunt when I lived in the Pacific Northwest.  He is a skilled artist who has worked across the spectrum of comic books including Justice League International, Star Trek and more.  But he is (perhaps) most well known as the creator of Trekker, the story of Mercy StClair a trekker (a sanctioned bounty hunter) in the future which he is still creating (and you can support via his Patreon).

When I knew him, Randall was consistently willing to pass on his hard won experience in the industry in the form of advice to new artists.  I am glad to know that he is still doing well and creating things that he loves.

He did a piece of art for me, many years ago, of my Shadowrun character Rebel Belle, which is now included with this post.




Creative Sunday – Sam and Fuzzy

14 December, 2015

SamandFuzzySam Logan has created (and continues to create) the Sam and Fuzzy online comic.  Which is the story of Sam, an ordinary guy -we first meet him driving a taxi- who end up in increasingly improbable and often dangerous situations.  But he is always trying to make the world at least a little better.  Fuzzy is, well, Fuzzy, mildly insane, occasionally violent, but amusing.  The early comics are a bit rough, well, very rough.  But it gets better and moves into actually plotlines.

Sam Logan is a good guy, I have meet him at GenCon, and the world of Sam and Fuzzy is evolving and has some odd, strange and delightful places.  Especially, the Underground.  The world is also populated with fascinating and crazy characters such as Mr Sin (and his company, SinCo), the thief Hazel Kim and her cat(?) Brian, the band Noosehead and so many more.  It is just a fun world to wander through.

There is even a roleplaying game tied into the setting, The Underground.

Art from Sam Logan’s DA page and used without permission.


Creative Sunday – The Mongolian Wizard series by Michael Swanwick

22 November, 2015

Some fiction this time around, The Mongolian Wizard series by Michael Swanwick.

The series is set in an alternate fin de siècle, where magic is used alongside technology and the Mongolian Wizard is slowly conquering his way across the continent.  Having started, naturally, with Russia.  Let me just say that the Mongolian Wizard

Our protagonist is Franz-Karl Ritter and he serves as our viewpoint onto this most interesting but unhappy world.  The magic is interesting and the rules are slowly elaborated over the stories.  They are good read.



Creative Sunday – Magellan

15 November, 2015

Magellan is a superhero webcomic drawn by Grace Crowley which I have been following for years.  It mostly follows one of the young cadets, Kaycee Jones, whose overriding goal in life is to be a superhero even though she has no superpower beyond determination and focus.

The world is fully realized and plays with superheroic tropes in a variety of interesting ways.  I highly recommend it to anyone who like superheroes or academy/school based stories or both!

Go Team Magellan

Grace also has her own Patreon for those wishing to support Magellan.

Notes: Sorry about missing last Sunday but I was en route to a trade show for work and my entire week has been disrupted.

Banner from the Magellan site and used without permission.


Dark Future Ahead 13 – News from the ‘Net of a Cyberpunk bent

12 November, 2015

Time again for the latest interesting and cyberpunk inspiring stories that I have found:

Converting oil tankers into housing and communities.  Seems like an interesting place to live or at least visit.

While an Italian group (called WASP, World’s Advanced Saving Project) is building a machine that uses 3D printing technique to build a house from local materials.  The building are basic but look tough, useful for emergency shelters, barracks, inexpensive housing, and other uses.  How would you react to a village full of these?

Inside one of the main internet hub in NY, if this does not inspire adventure ideas I do not know what will.

Boeing, working to keep airports safe, by developing lasers to burn drones out of the sky.  You think it is bad when a bird get sucked into a jet engine, a pizza deliver drone is every worse.

What about agrivoltaics, the mixed use of solar energy generating photovoltaic arrays and agriculture?  An interesting way forward for a changing world.

Or perhaps floating farms, mixing fish farming and hydroponics, might be another option.  Anchor them offshore and harvest year round.

What signs of the coming dark future have you seen recently?


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