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A to Z – Dragon’s Blood

4 April, 2018

It only takes a dropThe very essence of dragons is magic, no where is this more apparent then in their blood which is a potent magical enhancer . . . and addictive to any magic user who partakes of it.

This is the real thing, the blood of a dragon, alchemically refined to keep its potency. (Though fresh dragon’s blood has the same effects, it must be drunk quite soon after it is spilled or the magic is lost.) The appearance of the dragon’s blood depends on the type of dragon it came from.  It also carries a ‘taste’ of sense impressions which give a sensorial clue to the personality, elemental alignment and soul of the dragon it was drawn from.

Consuming dragon’s blood fills one with power and confidence, heightening natural magic use and washing away cares.  However, the users is filled with a overwhelming sense of power and desire and the consumer may indulge in actions and activity they would normally consider unthinkable as it also washes away inhibitions.  Unfortunately, it also burns through the body’s energy reserves, leaving the user tired and weak when it wears off (though a good meal will help recovery).

Using actual dragon’s blood as a base, alchemists have developed a substance that is close to dragon’s blood, though not as potent. To those who have not tasted the real thing, the synthetic is sweet and potent, but to those who have tasted the true blood, it seems bitter and incomplete.

Those unfortunates who have tasted and become addicted to dragon’s blood often turn to the use of the synthetic to satisfy their cravings for power.  The synthetic requires a trace of dragon blood or a larger amount of blood from one of the dragonkine or false dragons as a base.

A small number of debased dragonkine sell their blood to alchemists for such uses.  Some true dragon consider the manufacture of synthetic dragon’s blood (or even the refining of true dragn’s blood) an insult and will destroy the laboratory and maker of such.

Notes: Dragon’s blood is an interesting lot device which I have only rarely used in my campaign.  Dangerous to use but some will pay any price for power.

Image “Blood Hibiscus” by Kryziz Bonny is licensed under CC BY 2.0.


Tuesday Magic Item – Dragon’s Tongue Disc

16 November, 2016

Tail or tongue?“I know dragons have their own language, and that is all well and good,” said Voddick quietly over his ale, “but people speaking it always makes me uncomfortable.”

“Agreed,” said Gollaon, “it is not meant for human tongue and throat.  It has a certain majesty when spoken by the dragons themselves.  Though the one in livery speaks it extremely well.”

“She does not pause much and speaks well, from what I can tell,” noted Voddick after listening for a moment.

“You have a good ear,” nodded Gollaon.  “She must have been raised in Draconic house.”

Dragon’s Tongue Disc

These small discs are made from precious metals and usually marked with the crest of one of the draconic houses.  Designed to quickly provide newly inducted members of the House with the ability to speak “a proper language”.  Placed on one’s tongue, it bonds to the flesh in a particularly painful fashion.

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Ouroboros, Lost God of the Dragons (A to Z Challenge, O)

18 April, 2016

Beginning and EndThe dragons have almost entirely expunged the fact from their collective memory but they once had a god as well, one that was killed before the Gods War began.   At the time, it was blamed on the Heartrippers of the Sons of War, an extremely martial religious order dedicated to proving themselves through combat against the strongest foes in the world.

The body, sans heart, of the Dragon God was found by the Sage of the Emerald Way who had come to consult, the slain god was surrounded by the corpses of a dozen Heartrippers.  This intensified the conflict between the dragons, and the Heartrippers and other divine agents that sided with them.  Indeed, divine agents and the dragons engaged in scattered skirmishes that, in retrospect, could be seen as the opening salvos of the Gods War.  However much the death of the God of Dragons sparked the unification of the dragons against the gods, it simply does not figure into the draconic history and self-conception; the dragons have remade themselves as the masters of the world, embracing the philosophy of Dominae wholeheartedly acknowledging their ties to a god would only make them look weak.  Only a few, less than five, of the Draconic houses have any recognition or remembrance of this god in their family traditions and even then, only as a powerful ancestor.

The odd thing is, and this was remarked at the time by the small number of beings trying to keep the peace between the two sides, that whoever actually killed the Ouroboros was never identified.  None of the Heartripper sect ever parades his heart of claimed the kill, nor did anyone else.  The knowledge of the actual slayer of the god of dragons has surely been lost to the sands of time as  the world before the Sundering has been.

Notes: Oddly, it had only just occurred to me that they was a divine being that represented the dragons in some fashion.  Once that though had come along, it also seemed obvious that said god would have been slain before the Gods War.

Photo by Janericloebe found on Wikimedia commons and used under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.




Ypisaran Serpentfolk (A to Z Challenge, Y)

29 April, 2015

Ypisaran Serpentfolk

Tea with a SerpentladyThe Serpentfolk are the children of the goddess Ypisara, though she is now only acknowledged as the great mother of their race.  A minor race, they weathered the war of against the gods and the Sundering better than most due to the act of submission and self-sacrifice by Ypisara in exchange for the protection of the Empress, she gave her life willingly to the Dragon Queen.

Since then, her children have thrived, in a restrained fashion, under the protective eye of the Empress who acts as their patron and protector.

Personality: The Serpentfolk are a dedicated and loyal people, devoted to their communities and, in a vague sense, the Empire as a whole.  While each of the serpentfolk is their own person they often think of themselves as part of a chain of community and tend to weight the good of the group over the good of the individual. Read the rest of this entry ?


Judge, one of the Empress’ Seven Stars (A to Z Challenge, J)

11 April, 2015

the Judge

Quote: Law serves Justice and Justice serves the Empire.
    A perfect legal code is impossible.

Sometimes like thisDescription: In his true, draconic form, the Judge is a large dragon with scales a dark, charcoal grey edged with a dark silver, his wings are darker than his body, nearly black.  The Judge’s eyes are a dark blue flecked with silver. His claws, a deep silver-grey.  His voice is dark and controlled.

The Judge’s usual human form is tall and well built with wide shoulders, dark grey skin and black hair with silver highlights.  His eyes remain the same.  He favors whatever is worn as judicial grab where he is, in the Capital, he favors dark robes with a silver chain of office.

Background: The Judge was one of the first dragons recruited into the Empress’ grant vision and one of the Seven of them who survived the War with the Gods.  He was instrumental in defining the doctrine of Dominae which underpins the Imperial philosophy.

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Hunters of Dragons (A to Z Challenge, H)

9 April, 2015

Hunters of Dragons

While the dragons may rule the Sea of Stars they do not lack for enemies.  Though the majority of dragon hunting cults and organizations that existed prior to the Sundering were . . . snuffed out in the aftermath of the fall of the gods, a handful of the actual hunters survived and passed on their knowledge in secret.  While out on the Edge of the World, the surviving giants refined their tools and tactics for the inevitable confrontation with dragons.  In their councils and workshops, the dwarves studied their potential foes and prepared weapons.

A shadowy network of these hunters now stretches across the Sea of Stars, with additional techniques pioneered by the Sen’tek and their failed bid for power.  While individual dragons and Draconic Houses make efforts to stamp them out in the territories they rule, the Empress and the Imperium is officially unconcerned as long as they avoid attacking Imperial agents, which bring terrible reprisals.

Books and pamphlets of tactics, theories and potential weapons circulate through underground Hunter Clubs and ancient books of lore penned by the extinct dragon hunter cults are avidly sought.  Scholars and amateurs alike study the weakness of dragons and seek their true names to allow others to construct weapons that will be most efficacious against particular dragons.  Unfortunately for the hunters, dragons are so varied in powers and abilities, there are very few universally applicable tactics or weapons that can be used against them.

While brute force and good intentions may be enough to take down a young dragon, an inexperienced hunter will never live to become experienced one if they do not learn everything they can about their enemy for older dragons have learned to compensate for their weaknesses and are prepared for most attacks.  The greatest weapon against the dragons is knowledge, but such knowledge often comes with its own price.

Notes: Just some background information and things to think about for those who wish to hunt dragons.


Ba’ai’i, The Dark Star (A to Z Challenge, B)

2 April, 2015

Ba’ai’i, the Dark Star, Ruler of the Dark Star Dominion

Darkness given formQuote: “The only thing that matters is power.”

Description: In his true draconic form, Ba’ai’i is a massive four-winged black dragon.  His scales absorb light so completely that it is difficult to make out any details about his form but it causes unease just being around.  His eyes are a dark, molten gold and are the only part about him that is not black.  His voice echoes as if emerging from a distant and otherworldly place.

He is more commonly encountered is his humanoid form, which is a tall (7’/2.13m) black skinned human with dark molten gold eyes.  His skin is not so light consuming as his scales and details can be made out, such as a scar that runs from under his left ear to the base of his throat.  He dresses in the best and most formal clothes for the occasion, favoring military uniforms and ornate robes, with a minimum of tasteful but fabulously valuable jewelry for decoration.  In his human form, his voice only retains a faint otherworldly echo when he speaks.

Background: Older even than the Empress, Ba’ai’i has always sought to increase his personal power even at the expense of others.  He was a late recruit into the Dragon Empress’ plot to overthrown the gods but once committed, he performed admirably.  Seizing prime land, he immediately set about consolidating his power, even going so far as to build churches and cults to himself, as to be the sole ruler and sole god of his Dominion.

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