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Coraxin (Ravenkine), a new Beastkine, for Dungeons & Dragons (5E)

28 November, 2021

die_rabenballade_by_shandria“Born as scavengers, we are seen as symbols of death and misfortune, not helped by our dark sisters who truly bring death and destruction in their wake.  We are what we are, travelers and scholars, watchers and gatherers.  We see you.”


The origin of the Coraxin species is told by their legends, but cannot be independently confirmed, however it seems likely this is the truth.  The take runs that an unkindness of ravens had gathered in the snowy forest, hoping to find something to eat, when there was a flash and a crash and suddendly, freshly slain meat!  Once they regathered after the initial shock, they set about consuming this unexpected feast and as they did so . . . they changed.  Becoming the Coraxin.  It is assumed the flesh they consumed was that of one, or more, of the fallen gods and the remnants of divine power uplifted the ravens into the Coraxin.

The Coraxin evolved on the far rim of the Sea of Stars and have never been numerous, though their numbers have slowly grown.  They travel in nomadic bands that act as merchants, messengers and entertainers.

Coraxin are wanderers and often distrusted but at the same time welcomed as they bring news and interesting items from distant places.  They have an uneasy relationship with the Ba’aikire, who also share a kinship with ravens, the Coraxin call the Baikire “Dark Sisters” while the Baikire call the Coraxin “Little Birds”.

Coraxin Traits

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Questions for Characters venturing into the Sea of Stars – Kinship and Kine

25 January, 2021

Home is where the house isInspired by Judd the Librarian’s questions, I decided to write up a few questions to help people think about their characters.  I did a section of questions based on character class, now time for some about their culture and kin in the Sea of Stars:

For All:

What sort of family did you come from?  Did you leave on good terms?  Could you go home?  Do you want to?

Did you have a pet growing up?  If so, what was it?  If not, did you want one?

What is you favorite childhood memory?  And your greatest childhood fear?

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Brave Folk (Badgerkin) for Dungeons & Dragons (5E)

30 December, 2020

Badgerkin (“Brave Folk”)
Badger the bard notIn the Crimson-Lined Valley, the Clans are guarded by the warriors of Drake’s Hold, the bravest of them are from the Badgerkin line. The origins of the Brave Folk are traced back to the Sundering when the Baron of Jackery drew upon all of their resources to defend the Crimson-Lined Valley from invasion. Among the defenders were the trained badgers of the young Baron. What happened has never made clear, but the Brave Folk returned from the battle having driven off the invaders, their leader was the young Baron henceforth known as Rolland the Brave.

Since then the Brave Folk have guarded the Crimson-Lined Valley from harm.

Physical Description: The Badgerkin are humanoid badgers, stocky and powerfully built, their bodies ripple with muscles under their wiry fur. Their fur is grey above and black on the under parts with a distinctive black and white striped face and white-tipped ears.

Their eyes are usually black, brown or amber, with the occasional green, blue eyes are not unknown but are exceptionally rare. Read the rest of this entry ?


Ratikin Species for Dungeons & Dragons (5E)

20 November, 2019

"This ends now!"“We have always lived in the undercity, for more generations than you can count, keeping the city safe from what lies beneath.  But they do not appreciate our work, calling us vermin or worse, but we persevere, as we must.”


The origin of the Ratikin species is unknown, however, there is no indication of them existing before the Sundering so they are believed to have been created by that cataclysmic event.  The Ratikin, like their animal namesake, have spread widely through the Sea of Stars living in the shadows of, and on the castoffs of, the big folk.

The Ratikin tend to keep to themselves, working (and stealing) at the edges of the larger society and, generally, society likes it that way.  The Ratikin organize themselves around family groups which in turn fit into larger clans that come together for mutual defense or larger projects.

Ratikin are usually tolerated at best and often scorned and shunned.  Dwarven communities can always find tasks for them and so many end up in the outer edges of the Dwarven lands.  The Visse, as a general rule, despise the Ratilkin and try to keep them out of Imperial lands when possible. The Dark Star Dominion has impressed all the Ratikin it can and uses them as sappers and expandable engineering troops making it both hated and feared.

Ratikin Traits

Your Ratikin character has a number of traits in common with all other Ratikin. Read the rest of this entry ?


Viscount Taviny zaKozrad – the Villain of the Piece

29 August, 2019

Viscount Taviny zaKozrad

A worthy foeQuote“A pleasure to meet you at last.  Please help yourself to some wine.  You may pour a glass for me and I will drink first if that puts you at ease.”

“We have much to discuss.  Please, let us talk first, they will be opportunities for swordplay later if that is your desire.”

Description: zaKozrad is slender and not unathletic but not overly tall (5’9″/1.75m), he carries himself with a noble air.  His black hair is worn in whatever the current style is in the local court and his dark eyes are alert.

He wears suitable clothes (with a mail shirt underneath when practical) tending to dark color.  He is always armed when local custom allows and when it does not, he has at least a knife or two concealed.

: While from a minor noble family, his mother was successful in court and she raised her son to build on her success, imparting her skills and ambitions to the boy.  Well educated among the children of the nobility, he is a social chameleon, finding friends and allies among all the classes and looking down on no one due to the circumstance of their birth.  zaKozrad is a loyal servant of the High King of Laccini, seeing to advance his nations cause (and his own) by whatever means necessary.

Presenting this Character
: zaKozrad is charming and stylish, well read and philosophical but most of all, an obvious villain.  He represents a Kingdom known for its expansionist agenda and use of necrourgy, he leans into all of the classic villain tropes.  His role is to focus the attention of the rivals to his kingdom by being the obvious, and even comic if that is required, villain.  His plots are obvious, overly convoluted and almost always not quite illegal.  Such as helping a local noble build up their private army or providing necrourgic magical support to a faction.
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Questions for Characters venturing into the Sea of Stars

18 May, 2019

People of all sortsInspired by Judd the Librarian’s questions, I decided to write up a few questions to help people think about their characters and where they are from in the Sea of Stars:

For All:

What do you think of dragonrule?  Of the dragons themselves?  Fear?  Admiration?  Jealousy?

Do you have a faith?  Do you eschew organized religion?  Do you have any private rituals?

Do you have a favored weapon?  Does it have a name?

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Judge, one of the Empress’ Seven Stars (A to Z Challenge, J)

11 April, 2015

the Judge

Quote: Law serves Justice and Justice serves the Empire.
    A perfect legal code is impossible.

Sometimes like thisDescription: In his true, draconic form, the Judge is a large dragon with scales a dark, charcoal grey edged with a dark silver, his wings are darker than his body, nearly black.  The Judge’s eyes are a dark blue flecked with silver. His claws, a deep silver-grey.  His voice is dark and controlled.

The Judge’s usual human form is tall and well built with wide shoulders, dark grey skin and black hair with silver highlights.  His eyes remain the same.  He favors whatever is worn as judicial grab where he is, in the Capital, he favors dark robes with a silver chain of office.

Background: The Judge was one of the first dragons recruited into the Empress’ grant vision and one of the Seven of them who survived the War with the Gods.  He was instrumental in defining the doctrine of Dominae which underpins the Imperial philosophy.

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L5R – Children of Destiny – Our Cast

7 November, 2013

CastleFinally starting this, what with various scheduling problems, the Children of Destiny campaign starts tonight.

Our heroes, Episode One:

Doji Miwako, small but charming Crane and priestess.  Daughter (acknowledged as niece) of Doji Chikako.  (Asahina shugenja 1, played by L.)

Heichi Kuroda, adopted son of the Boar Clan, skilled hunter and expert with the spear.  Biological child of Moto Amon.  (Heichi bushi 1, played by C.)

Moshi Wo, katana-wielding, male Moshi shugenja out to prove himself.  (Moshi shugenja 1, played by J2.)

Soshi Zhaojie, iron-willed Scorpion magistrate in training.  Daughter of Soshi Utami.  (Soshi magistrate 1, played by T1.)

Toku Kumo, a Monkey’s monkey, dedicated to the clan and seeks to follow in his father’s footsteps.  Second son of Toku Kobo.  (Kuni Witch-Hunter 1 <originally Toku Bushi>, played by T2.)

Ujina Okakura, haunted and found of drink and pleasure, this Hare Clan samurai seems destined for a short life like his uncle.  Nephew of Ugasi Okakura. (Usagi bushi 2, played by Z.)

Joining Episode Two:

Seppun Kano, honorable Imperial samurai, trained among the Imperial guard and of whom, great things are expected.  Bitterly betrothed to Otomo Kodachi.  Son of Seppun (formerly Akodo) Katsu.  (Seppun Miharu 1, played by H.)

Joining Episode Three:

Otomo Shintaro, junior minister in the Imperial bureaucracy pressed into service by Doji Akira, a man devoted to the Empire if not his family (also brother of Otomo Kodachi).  Always accompanied by his yojimbo, Bayushi Tsuyoshi.  (Otomo courtier 1, playedby M.)

Yes, quite a large and varied group.  Should be an interesting campaign . . .


New Oracle Mystery – Angel of War

4 June, 2012

Like the fallen angels they style themselves after, the followers of the Angel of War find and guide warriors, hopefully into heroes, by choosing a single person (their ‘chosen bond’) to serve and direct.

Angel of War

The Angel of War marks her own

Mark of the Angel

Deities: As appropriate to the setting.

Class Skills: An oracle with the Angel of War mystery adds Perception, Ride, Stealth and Survival to her list of class skills.

Bonus Spells: shield of faith (2nd), shield other (4th), magic vestment (6th), air walk (8th), break enchantment (10th), heroes’ feast (12th), greater restoration (14th), divine vessel (16th), summon monster IX (18th).

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New Pathfinder Campaign – Gate of Sorrow – Characters

22 May, 2012

So, I have started running an occasional Pathfinder campaign.  The characters are:

Aisha, an oracle of the angel of war, an order called by some the fallen angels.  From a desert kingdom, her last memory before the opening scene was of standing over the bodies of four bandits, bloody sword in hand.  (Oracle 3, human, played by L, my lovely wife)

Falla, once a member of the Order of the Wind, claims to be 147-years old but looks thirteen.  Says that she was the victim of age-renewal magic gone wrong which not only regressed her body but her mind.  Some of the other characters are dubious.  Her last memory before the opening scene was of fleeing out of the back on an inn, two enforcers of the Order of Wind in close support.  (Monk 3, human, played by Z)

Palin She’Are, noble by birth from the Eosiant Kingdom, though claiming to be but a simple swordsman.  Owns a sword of black steel that comes to his hand when asked.  He was fleeing knights in service to his family.  (Noble 1/Fighter 2, human, Played by M)

Esarian Ivyblood, elven wizard from the White Isles and trained in the prestigious College of Gold.  (NPC, so the party had access to a scholar and wizard.)

From their last memories, they awake in . . . <to be continued>

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