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July Wrapup and looking forward to August

31 July, 2010

August (named after the Roman first citizen Augustus Caesar) will be a month of personalities from the Sea of Stars (and possibly other places).  If there is someone -or something– in particular you would like to see, write a comment or post in the Sea of Stars forum.

I will be off to GenCon from the 4th-8th but page updates will continue during that time (and this is where you can find me at GenCon).  If you have not commented before, your comments will have to wait to be approved once I get back (sorry).

July saw the following posts published on the journal:

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Words from the Empress

30 July, 2010

“The only things that matter are power and the truth, one can compel the other.”

“When you have chosen a destination, you must chose what you are willing to do to arrive there.”

“Some things you must fight for to make them true.”

“If you would fly so high that you can touch the stars, you must not be afraid of falling.”

The Empress of the Draconic Imperium


GenCon Plans (2010)

28 July, 2010

I will be heading off to GenCon a week from now, the site will continue to update (if all goes well) but comments from new posters will not be able to be approved until my return.

You can find me in the Exhibitor’s Hall at the AEG booth demonstrating fine games at these times:

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Tuesday Magic Item – Lightning Stroke Blade

27 July, 2010

Hazai of Hazolai, Dracona swordsman, danced and cut his way through the thugs.  His sword flashing and crackling with the harnessed power of lightning.   The kidnapper of young Haza tried to escape but Hazai become a bolt of lightning and appeared in front of the criminal with a peal of thunder.  With a series of quick cuts, the kidnapper fell dead and the siblings embraced.

Lightning Stroke Blade

These weapons are made for the most honored warriors of House Hazolai.  There are thought to be less than a dozen of these weapons, which are always bladed, most of which are swords but at least one is a war axe.  The blades are made of watered steel etched with naturalistic lightning in gold and the hilt (or handle) is made of carved rock crystal, cut so it catches the light.

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Organization – Draconic House Hazolai

26 July, 2010

Draconic House Hazolai (“Diamond Lightning”)

House Hazolai is a successful Draconic House, under the direction of the Matriarch Tainhaz, it has gathered valuable territories and built a trade empire.  It is surprisingly uninterested in the traditional draconic activities of plunder and destruction, seeing much more profit through economic control.

Goal: Expand, Protect, Prosper

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Contests of Monsters and for Pathfinder

25 July, 2010

Troll in the Corner is showing its love of Pathfinder by offering a set of Pathfinder books to those willing to enter its Pathfinder International Give Away.  Take a chance, the prizes are wonderful!  You have until August 4th, do not be late!


Kobold Quarterly offer you a chance to become King of the Monsters!  Submit your best Pathfinder/D&D monster and see if it can claw its way to the top!  You have until the 13th of August, Noon PDT.  Get writing!


L5R JYTB Campaign Report 16

25 July, 2010

Hida Yo’s Interlude – A Day on the Wall

The Wall

The Wall

Having been freed from yojimbo duty to Otomo Takama and temporarily released from Imperial service by Doji Akira after their success in the field battle against the forces of the Dark (now called ‘the Victory of Makino’s Stand’).  Each of our heroes is sent back to their clan with orders to return to Imperial service next year on the first day of Summer in Otosan Utchi.

Hida Yo find his new found fame gets him a cup of sake and a posting on the wall in command of a small unit, three Hida -Akka, Go and Kai- fresh from their gempukku with an attached shugenja (Kuni Katsu) and scout (Hiruma Maki).  They have been assigned to the Fire Dog section of the wall commanded by Taisa Kiau Atsuko, the Iron Widow, who rose from the birthing bed and took command when her husband was killed to drive back an assault.  She has held command ever since.

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Organization – Dark Star Dominion: External Intelligence Office

23 July, 2010

Dark Star Dominion – External Intelligence Office

An office of the Supreme Command of the Dominion Military, the External Intelligence Office is tasked with gathering information for all points outside the lands ruled by the Dark Star Dominion. The EIO has been given increasing funding in resources as the Dominion lays the groundwork for future expansion.

Goal: We see what must be seen . . . and do what must be done

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Tuesday Magic Item – Zealot’s Dagger

20 July, 2010

The governor of Aurthanus perished to the blades of the daggermen but the Cult of Fire Resurgent found it a pyrrhic victory.   The Legions of Irasval swept through the city killing any associated with the Cult.  Many innocents died but the Cult was hunted down and extinguished.

Zealot’s Dagger

These weapons are used by fanatics in their attempt to overcome oppressive regimes, they can be targeted against those who are enemies of the cults that make them.  They are plain with dark handles and well oiled sheaths so that they may be drawn quietly.

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New Magic Item – Rod of Satrapal Authority

19 July, 2010

And so did Olix, Satrap of Errontis and scion of the Dragon Novix, smite the rebels with his rod, laying waste to them with the breath of his master which froze and killed those foolish subject who rebelled.  As the final blow to the revolt, Olix shattered the ice rimed form of the rebellion’s leader with his rod and pronounced the rebellion over.

Rod of Satrapal Authority

These rods are created for the Draconic Houses as symbols of Imperial, Satrapal and Draconic authority.  They are usually decorated with the symbol of the House and, often, with the that of the territory they are assigned to rule.  The materials made to craft the rod are taken from the land it symbolizes rule over, an example would be the Rod of Satrapal Authority over the Sternwald made of purple veined black cirras wood and wrapped with copper and carved amber.

Scepter of Tsar Boris III

A symbol of authority

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