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December draws to a close, farewell MMXXII

31 December, 2022

Janus and Bellona, doors and warAnother year has gone by! It seems like just the other moment it was the start of Summer and here we are at the end of the year.

January is, supernaturally, named after the Roman god of doorways, Janus (Ianuarius), who as fits his portfolio is often portrayed as looking both forward and back, in and out.   So in January, we will return to the themes of doorways, transport and travel to open new possibilities for the New Year.  As usual, if there is something on this theme, or another, you would like to see, let me know.

There has been a lot of talk of #Dungeon23 going around which seems like a fun idea.  But as MegaDungeons are not really my thing but it seems like a neat exercise so trying to do a piece to expand Port Imperial in Petrichor everyday might be a useful exercise and indeed that is what I am going to do with Petrichor 365.

Looking back over December, 2022, we find a month with quite a few campaign reports and more:

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Petrichor 365 – Port Imperial

31 December, 2022

The island of Petrichor was only opened to exploration recently when the rains finally ended and revealed a world worth exploring . . . and exploiting.  Naturally, venturers, settlers, and fools rushed in to take advantage of the new opportunities.The city spread out before you

The Empress refused to assign the new island to any dragon’s realm or to any of the

Draconic Houses. She laid claim only to the excellent natural harbour and the land around it, this was promptly named Port Imperial (after several fancier names were quashed by the Empress). The initial settlement consisted only of docks and a fort on the highest point. But soon, even before the fort was finished, explorers, hunters, and even farmers started arriving to take advantage of the implied Imperial protection of the fort. And hot on their heels, merchants, innkeepers and others arrived to make profits off of the other arrivals. Within scant months, Port Imperial started blossoming from a military outpost to a settlement and soon to a town.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Water Box

27 December, 2022

Gollaon washed their hands yet again and then closed the tap.  “While it may not be magic, it is just as good.”

Voddick nodded.  “Not having to run and fetch water makes life so much easier.  The flow here is helped by water boxes.”

“That sounds familiar,” said Gollaon.

“Boxes with water spirits inside to push the water along and keep it fresh.  Quite handy but you have to treat the spirits well or they get mischievous.”

Water Box

These boxes are usually made of hard stone, some type of material that will not wear quickly from the flow of water.  Sometimes ceramic or glazed clay is used and the rare water box made to be portable is usually made of metal.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Generous Gingerbread

20 December, 2022

Tasty.Gollaon inhaled deeply.  “What a delightful aroma.”

Voddick nodded in agreement.  “Once again. Mother Sugarfoot has outdone herself.  I hope that we are negotiating with will appreciate this offering in the spirit it is intended.”

“How could it not?”food

“That is so,” agreed Voddick.

Generous Gingerbread

This gingerbread is moist and delicious and the aroma is amazing.  It is designed as a gift to bring people together.

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Queen Magic, A Supervillain of the 1960s

15 December, 2022

Ron Randall is an experienced comic book artist who I first met back in Portland (OR) at the occasional Portland comic book shows which I used to haunt when I lived in thQueen Magice Pacific Northwest.  He is a skilled artist who has worked across the spectrum of comic books including Justice League International, Star Trek and more.  But he is (perhaps) most well known as the creator of Trekker, the story of Mercy StClair a trekker (a sanctioned bounty hunter) in the future which he is still creating (and you can support via his Patreon).

When I knew him, Randall was consistently willing to pass on his hard won experience in the industry in the form of advice to new artists.  I am glad to know that he is still doing well and creating things that he loves.

He did a piece of art for me, many years ago, of my Shadowrun character Rebel Belle, which is now included with this post.  More recently, he did one of the Empress for me.


Tuesday Magic Item – Captain’s Amulet

13 December, 2022

A fine example.Gollaon paced the deck of the ship.  “I know this is the fasted way to get there but somehow, traveling by ship always seems to take forever.”

The ship’s Captain raised an eyebrow.  “We go as fast as the winds allow.  We make the best time we safely can.”

Voddick leaned on that railing. “My friend was not criticizing the ship, its crew or you, captain,  Just being confined to shipboard is wearing for them.”

The Captain nodded.  “It can be for anyone.”

Captain’s Amulet

These amulets are an odd magic because the amulet is designed to help to keep the ship that the captain, well, captains, safe, but the captain must already have successfully kept the ship safe on a dangerous journey.

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Dateline – Seattle, December 2079 – The Giving Gala

12 December, 2022

So, the following is some long-form in-game writing set in my Shadowrun campaign verse.  It ties into a game I ran at Tyche’s Games and a news story in the Seattle Scream (more information on both can be found here).  There are maybe five or six people in the world who are likely to appreciate it (but feel free to prove me wrong).

Dateline – Seattle

The Giving Gala is always a good show, last year I was here as a VIP, being courted by Rebel Entertainment, this year, I refused the invite and just purchased my own ticket.  Like any other Jill SixPack, this year, I wanted to see the event from the floor, among the people who were here for the music and the scene.

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Superheroes – Once upon a Time in 1968 – Issue 15, B-Story – Shopping

10 December, 2022

A B-Story is a short filler story to complete a comic, this is the one in the back of Issue 15 and follows some undisclosed amount of time after that story.

Opening page:  The team in civilian clothes, Roboto thoroughly wrapped up with scarf and hat, wandering through an international Christmas market in New York City as snow falls and there is an additional person with them, Vulpix’ slightly younger cousin!  “How did we get here, turn the page to find out, dear reader.” Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Beauty’s Artwork

6 December, 2022

Classic beautyGollaon paced around the bust. “The workmanship is amazing.  So very lifelike and . . . sublimely beautiful.”

Voddick nodded.  “Very well shaped, truly a masterwork.”

“Considering its age, it is remarkable how much it resembles the current queen mother . . .” Gollain stopped when Voddick put a finger to his lips

Voddick drew Gollaon aside into another room.  “It was watching you.”

Beauty’s Artwork

These fine artworks come in many types but they are always precisely to scale with life, whether it is a portrait, bust, or other sculpture and they are always made in an unnervingly realistic style.

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December Shadowrun Campaign News and a new Seattle Scream Prop (#81)

1 December, 2022

It is always grim in Shadowrun's SeattleAh, Shadowrun sadly another slow month, the holiday season tends to do that though.  But another live game is coming up at Tyche’s Games this coming Saturday (3 Dec)!  Come and join in if you are in the local area.

Also, hopefully, playing some Shadowrun tonight in my friend’s NorCal based campaign which will be fun.

More news from Seattle and beyond in the Seattle Scream (#81)!  Again, just general background though some may be setting up Saturday’s adventure, we will see.

Still working on my review of Hack & Slash, the new Shadowrun Matrix book, and hope to have that up soon.

Notes: Photo by nikosey found on pxhere and used under a CC0 Public Domain license.  It has a good cyberpunk look to it I think.

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