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Tuesday Magic Item – Goblin’s Glass Knife

18 June, 2019

Break the glass, make the knife“There is that noise again,” said Voddick, looking around.

“I heard it this time,” replied Gollaon, knife in hand.  “It almost sounds like metal on stone . . .”

“Glass!  It is glass on stone, scrapping,” Voddick said and paused.  “Not scrapping, sharpening.”

“You do not think . . .”

“Goblins!  We had best warn the others.”

Goblin’s Glass Knife

These weapons are a strange mix of crudity and otherworldly, made from lovingly crafted glass shards shaped and sharpened into vicious blades.  The handles are wrapped in found materials, often cloth, cord and leather, in absurdly complex twists and knots.

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The Third Fey March in the Sea of Stars – RPG Blog Carnival

17 June, 2019

This month’s RPG Blog Carnival is the Third Fey March hosted by Pitfalls & Pixies.

Terrible things are the faeThe fae exist in the Sea of Stars but their realm has been, not sealed away, but at least walled off from the main world.  The Empress does not appreciate the machinations of the Fae Courts and sees no reason to make their ability to interfere easy.  But that does not stop them from crossing over or dragging people into their realm on occasion but they are even more circumspect about such actions than they used to be; for even the fae must fear the anger of the dragons.

The Courts of the Seasons play their games, the factions maneuver, but each century they become more frantic, more desperate.  The fae need to mortal realm, need to harvest the dreams and feed on the imaginings of mortals, without the continued infusion of mortal thoughts and fears and loves, the faerie are becoming increasingly unbalanced and unstable.  Goblin outbreaks are becoming more common.  Something will have to give . . . and it will be bad for those nearby where the dam between the worlds breaks and the fae come pouring through hungry for dreams and sensations.

Notes: I had not really given the fae too much thought before except in passing, but they could be made into a major threat for the Sea of Stars.  Much to ponder.

Image from “Phantastes: a faerie romance … A new edition, etc”, “Single Works” by George MacDonald (1894) from the British Library flicker feed and is in the Public Domain.



Tuesday Magic Item – Guildsmith’s Glass

11 June, 2019

Look closelyVoddick investigated the magnifying glass with care. “I recognize this guild work, it is from the Clocksmith Guild of Novari.”

“The city-state?” asked Gollaon leaning over to look.

“Yes, one where the guilds rule in all but name,” he replied, cleaning the lens with care.  “Such a tool is a sign of status and favor as well as being a practical aid.”


Voddick nodded and spoke a phrase and the glass floated in the air.  He picked up a letter and the glass moved to aid him in reading it.


Guildsmith’s Glass

These magnifying glasses are only of the finest craftsmanship and usually bear decoration both of the guild that created it and the guild that commissioned it, the commissioning guild being most prominent of course.  Decoration will depend on the guilds involved, with those of the jewelers guild often bearing a small fortune in gems for example, while those of the locksmith guild being notable more practical in appearance.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Prudent Pin

28 May, 2019

Pinning together hopes and plansGollaon twirled his new pin before using it to firmly attach his hat.  “Cannot be too careful with the winds about.”

“Truth,” said Voddick lacing his gloves tight.  “I must say, you are even more confident than usual since acquiring that pin.”

“I know,” replied Gollaon, “I just feel like it help me keep my plans organized.”

“And I am not sure if that makes me feel more confident.”

Prudent Pin

These pins, used to hold a cloak closed or just as an accessory, have a head decoration that is in some way related to time: an hourglass, a sundial, something like that.  They are usually metal though occasionally fossilized wood or bone is used.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Cloak of Spectral Shielding

21 May, 2019

Cloaks for all“I am pleased to be among honorable folk again,” said Voddick, as he oiled and cleaned his crossbow.

“As am I,” agreed Gollaon, “they are good about seeing that we are properly fed and paid.”

“Cynical as always, my friend.”

“It has served us well so far.”


Cloak of Spectral Shielding

These cloaks are usually handmade by the family of the person they are made for, as they require the touch of a spirit to empower the magic.  They look whole in bright light but tattered and worn otherwise but are always comfortable and warming for those wearing them.

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Questions for Characters venturing into the Sea of Stars

18 May, 2019

People of all sortsInspired by Judd the Librarian’s questions, I decided to write up a few questions to help people think about their characters and where they are from in the Sea of Stars:

For All:

What do you think of dragonrule?  Of the dragons themselves?  Fear?  Admiration?  Jealousy?

Do you have a faith?  Do you eschew organized religion?  Do you have any private rituals?

Do you have a favored weapon?  Does it have a name?

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Tuesday Magic Item – Day’s Smile Amulet

14 May, 2019

Brightening your life“It is nice to be among good people again,” said Voddick, taking a drink of ale.

“Truth.  But there will inevitably be bad people coming along who wish to take what they have,” said Gollaon looking out over the fields.

“And that is why they have hired us.  We my be good at what we do, but we are not good people.”

Gollaon smiled.  “So very true.”

Day’s Smile Amulet

These amulets are always brightly, one might say cheerfully, colored often incorporating a smiling woman’s face or a sun disc or both.

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