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Tuesday Magic Item – Old Irik’s Ring of Bargains

3 August, 2021

Medieval_ring,_Bone_finger_ringVoddick watched from the corner of the room as the money lender went about his business.  Gollaon joined him with a mug of ale for Voddick and wine for himself. “Why are you watching that man so intently, my friend.”

“My grandmother told me of a money lender who made magical deals on the side, she considered him deeply evil,” Voddick’s hand wrapped around the mug.  “That man matches his description perfectly, down to the tarnished silver and bone ring on his left hand.”

Gollaon started a little but managed to avoid looking in that direction.  Rather, they just casually leaned back and surveyed the room.  “I have heard of such a ring and its owner.  A maker of dark bargains who has lived well beyond their allotted span.  We must be careful.”

Old Irik’s Ring of Bargains

This ring is made of carved bone decorated with silver, tarnished with age.  Looking closely, the silver seems to spell out “a deal is a deal” or similar sentiment in the reader’s native language.  The tarnish cannot be removed from the silver, no matter how much it is polished. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Comet Bridle

27 July, 2021

Bridle“Are you certain this will work?” ask Voddick for at least the eighth time.

“Yes, yes, I have been thoroughly instructed in how it functions,” Gollaon replied holding up the bridle.

“Does it have to be done on a clifftop?”

“Honestly, I suspect not, but it is so much more dramatic this way!”

Comet Bridle

These bridles are made of leather from exotics beasts, lavishly decorated metal work and the bit is of strong metal often dragon steel or godsmetal.  The decoration are usually astrological or geometric in design.  The whole thing is immensely strong and difficult to damage.  The owner of the bridle has the ability to catch and ride a comet across the night sky to (somewhere near) their final destination. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Chess Set of the Spy Master

20 July, 2021

Chess“The Count seems particularly focused on that chess set,” said Voddick.  “There is even a guard when he is not playing.”

“I suspect it serves as more than just a chess board,” said Gollaon.  “I hear rumors that the Count is the chief intelligencer of the Court.  I suspect the chess set figures into his plans in some way.”

“I have heard of such, there were rumors of such a set in my home city.”

“I suspect that one would have been more ornate, this one is surprisingly practical.”

Chess Set of the Spy Master

These chess sets are of varying styles but always made of hard woods, carved stone or metal.  Some are very ornate, other are simple traveling sets but they all are tough to damage.  They can use any board and some have ones that are built to compliment the set. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Guardian’s Sash and Scabbard

13 July, 2021

320px-Patria_Esercito_Re_p060“The ruler’s guards are quite smartly dressed,” commented Gollaon.

“Indeed and well armed too, those sword are made by a master smith,” said Voddick.

“Well, a ruler should be able to outfit his guards in style.”

“As long as they are not equipped at the expense of good government.”

Gollaon pondered.  “Well, this one seem less tyrannical then several we have seen lately.”

Guardian’s Sash and Scabbard

These sashes are made to impress from the finest cloth or leather, often decorated with metallic threads and awards achieved by the current wearer.  They have a finely tooled scabbard, that can be worn from the sash or separately, that will adjust to hold any one handed weapon that is used by the organization that made the item. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Painful Lesson Dagger

6 July, 2021

The better the stab you with“Is not the evil chief minister a cliche?” asked Voddick in a whisper.

“Perhaps, but power attracts the ambitious and the unscrupulous,” Gollaon replied also in a whisper.


“But this one seems particularly hard and vicious.”

“So, how do we oppose them without getting killed?”


Painful Lesson Dagger

These daggers are well made and the hilts are made of translucent material as their magic is activated, the hilt becomes darker and darker, and the dagger seems heavier and heavier.  Touching the dagger gives the sensation of promises unfulfilled but that the dagger will help the person get what they want. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Hiri Headband

29 June, 2021

240px-Hrīḥ“Our companion seems very sure of themself,” said Voddick, “which is nice but I fear it could veer into overconfidence.”

Gollaon pondered.  “That is a good concern but one not warranted.  They are concerned only about the sanctity of their spirit and will not put that at risk for petty advancement.”

“And you are sure of this, why?”

“They value they purity highly and quite firmly.”


Hiri Headband

These headbands are simple, often just cloth set with a disc bearing a symbol of the faith, some are made of copper.  They are always pleasantly cool to the touch. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Chain of Justice

22 June, 2021

Justice“I know courts seek truth and through it, justice,” said Gollaon, “but I always fear that the system is crafted to keep those in power, well, in power.”

Voddick nodded. “There is some truth to that but this one is good at getting the truth and all must submit to the same test.”

“There is at least some balance,” said Gollaon pondering.  “But still,the system will tilt toward the powerful.”

“That will always be true but with a good advocate, there is the opportunity for justice to emerge and that is more than many systems offer,” said Voddick.

Chain of Justice

These chains are heavy and usually decorated with a medallion bearing a symbol of justice, scales being common.  It does not force confession or self incrimination when used but does compel truth making it a powerful tool but one limited by how it is used. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Watchful Peacock Cloak

15 June, 2021

Juni“The queen mother’s cloak is quite spectacular,” said Voddick in a voice just above a whisper.

“An amazing piece of artistry and, I suspect, a powerful piece of magick,” replied Gollaon, equally quietly.  “It would be a shame not to at least guard all of that work.”

Voddick nodded. “She is rumored to be an amazing judge of character.”

“No doubt improved by her cloak,” smiled Gollaon.  “Let us go and make her acquaintance.”

“Is that wise?” asked Voddick to Gollaons back as they were already move to intercept the queen Mother.

Watchful Peacock Cloak

These cloaks are spectacularly colorful, usually mixing actual peacock feather with embroidery, bead work and metallic threads, creating a feast for the eyes.  But those observing the cloak have an unsettling feeling of being watched. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Bellona’s Torch

8 June, 2021

Sword of Bellona in action“How are we again opposing tyrants?” asked Voddick, back to the wall as he recocked his crossbow.

“There does seem to be a particularly large crop of them lately,” agreed Gollaon releasing an arrow and ducking back.

“It would be a much happier world if people would just let each other alone.”

“Agreed but then there would be less need for people like us.”

“Might that be for the best?” asked Voddick slotting a bolt into his crossbow.

Bellona’s Torch

These swords are harsh weapons of war, their blades blackened by flame and the the grips discolored from use.  Its balance is excellent and the blade stays sharp even after hard use.  They usually are marked with the helmet or torch of Bellona. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Pan of Perfect Pies

1 June, 2021

Pie!That was quite amazing, Madame Sugarfoot,” said Voddick pushing the now empty plate away.

Gollaon added one to the pile as well.  “Superb.  Among the best I have every had.  You know your pies, madame.”

Madame Sugarfoot smiled.  “Old family recipe and old family cookware.”

“You family is famous in stories and song for their skill with cooking,” said Gollaon.

“As they should be with pies like these,” said Voddick with a firm nod.

Pan of Perfect Pies

These pie pans can come in a variety of types, some metal, some fired clay, some fancy, some plain.  But they all bear and makers mark and some motto involving pies, such as “A perfect pie is a gift of friendship.” Read the rest of this entry ?

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