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Tuesday Magic Item – Zarya Cloak

20 June, 2017

A new dawn“It seems a dangerous plan to cross this ancient battlefield,” said Voddick, glancing around his crossbow ready, “especially at night.”

“What could go wrong?” asked Gollaon, hand resting on his sword hilt.  “Besides the obvious of course.”

“Well, I am glad the sun priestess is with us,” added Voddick.  “Such people always have useful tricks if we met ghosts or ghoulies.”


Zarya Cloak

These fine cloaks have an outer layer of deep midnight blue while the interior lining is the graduated colors of the dawn.  The cloak clasp incorporates a sun disk and silver stars set with crystals.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Gambara’s Desk and Seals

13 June, 2017

Time to write

“It is not like you to be so excited about a simple courier job,” said Voddick as he adjusted the saddle.

“It is not the job, it is who we are delivering the letters to,” said Gollaon who was already mounted and ready to ride.

Voddick pulled himself up.  “Yes?  Who?”

“The incompatible Duchess Veronika, poet, politician and patron.”

“Ah, sounds like a charming woman,” nodded Voddick.

Gambara’s Desk and Seals

These portable writing desks, if the set is intact, have inkwells, pen knifes, quills and pens, sand for blotting, paper and six seals.  It also has a fine lock.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Imago Amulet

6 June, 2017

An imageVoddick threw a casual salute to the passing guard. Gollaon did the same a bit more slowly, a puzzled expression on his face.

“What is it my friend?” asked Voddick.

“Did we not just see that fellow entering the stores tent?”

Voddick paused and looked back after the guard.  “I fear you are right.”

Gollaon was already turning and launching into a run.  “Come on!”

Imago Amulet

These amulets are intaglio of a bust carved on semi-precious stone usually set in silver or rarely more valuable metals.  They are valuable but not too valuable in appearance.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Hart’s Crossbow

30 May, 2017

Take aim!“I knew that one-eyed woman was trouble,” said Voddick after catching his breath,

“I knew so too, but I did not expect her to be the leader of a band of bandits,” he said looking around the side of the tree.  He yelped as a crossbow bolt buried itself in a branch a handspan above his head.

“More running?”

“More running.”

Hart’s Crossbow

Named after the crossbow of a famed bandit queen, which was probably lost, of course every one of them is claimed to be the one used by the Hart in her famous last ride before she disappeared. They are always light crossbows of good quality and usually decorated with carved panels, often made of mother of pearl, showing deer often in hunting scenes.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Library Bane

23 May, 2017

Before use“Don’t let him tear that!” shouted Gollaon, throwing a dagger at the spy.  Who ducked beneath it but momentary lost the firm grip on the paper needed.

“Right!” said Voddick feinting toward the paper and then driving his knee into the spy’s stomach.

“Bastard!” wheezed the spy trying to tear the paper only to have it snatched away from by Gollaon.  Voddick clocked the spy on the chin and they went down.

“What would that paper do?” asked Voddick kneeling to bind the spy.

“Destroy every book here,” he answered with a gesture to the shelves of the library.

Library Bane

Originally designed as a way for a commander to quickly destroy vital papers so they would not be of use to the enemy, spies then got hold of it and used it to protect their secret intelligence from falling into the hands of the rivals, but soon enough, someone realized that it could be used as an offensive weapon.  This item is a complex magical formula written on sturdy material, it is activated by deliberately tearing the formula. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Jurist’s Ring

16 May, 2017

Justice is blindVoddick leaned over to whisper.  “The judge seems very confident, I would be worried about getting something wrong in such an important case.”

“I suspect she has some magical or divine backing for that surety,” whispered back Gollaon.

“The truth will out,” said one of the other spectators quietly.

“I hope that is so,” agreed Gollaon and Voddick nodded.

Jurist’s Ring

These rings are usually heavy and decorated with either symbols of justice or a civic or royal seal.  Once placed on a finger they are difficult, but not impossible, to remove.

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May RPG Blog Carnival – Occult Mysteries and Magic, Part the Third

15 May, 2017

Occult Mysteries and Magic, Part the Third.

Answering some more of the questions posed in the introduction to the carnival for the Sea of Stars:

It is magic!Who controls magical knowledge and its dissemination?  The Wizard-Scholars of the City of Borusa would say it is them but they do not have a monopoly on such knowledge as much as they would like to.  Most of the draconic houses have vast libraries of magical knowledge, depending on the house it may be well used, or a museum of hoarded (and unused) knowledge.  Other group tend to specialize such as the Necrourgists of Laccini or the Court and Battle Wizard the serve in the Eosiant Kingdom  (with magic licensed and controlled by the Directorate).  But almost every major city has a magical tradition and society of some sort.

Can anyone learn magic?  Yes, but some people are more talented in the magical arts, or particular aspects of them, than others.  Because of the great effort needed to train people with minimal talent, it is rarely done and many folk think that only the right sort of people can become magic users.  A few cultures, however, place great store on everyone having at least a little bit of magic for one reason or another and train their people to express at least a spark of magic.

Or is it confined to particular people?  While almost anyone can learn magic, some are born to it.  Those with natural magic, often but not always from draconic blood, sometimes have it spontaneously emerge.  Emergences can be problematic in the some of the quieter places in the Sea of Stars where people are suspicious (if not hostile) to unexplained magical events but in major towns and cities, such spontaneous emergence often set off a race between various factions to recruit the -usually quite confused- young sorcerer.  Many draconic houses and states (like the Dark Star Dominion) maintain schools to train, and usually indoctrinate, these recruited sorcerers.  Those families that have a strong magical bloodline try to cultivate them and develop their own traditions and rituals to aid their childrens’ emergence and focus their talents once revealed.

In other words, in the Sea of Stars, magic and magic users can be found just about anywhere.  This is party to fulfill the setting’s design goal, allowing for wide player choice and options.

How would you answer these questions for your campaign word?

Notes: See Part the Second here.

Photo “Magic” by Steve Garner is licensed under CC BY 2.0.










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