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Tuesday Magic Item – Summer Shade

6 June, 2023

Protect yourself from the Sun“It is odd to see all the people with umbrellas on a sunny day,” said Voddick watching the promenade.

Gollaon nodded.  “To be pale is to be fashionable here.”

Voddick shook his head.  “I will never understand fashion.”

Summer Shade

These can be umbrellas or parasols, depending on the local traditions and fashion, but are always at the height of fashion . . . or at least, they were, depending on how old the item is.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Flower Chain Seeds

30 May, 2023

Gollaon tossed a knife and then dove back behind the ruined wall.  “That got their attention.”

Voddick nodded and stood up just enough to get his crossbow above the crumbling stones of the wall.  With a snack, the bow released.  His effort was rewarded with a yelp of pain and an arrow shattering against the wall as he ducked back down.  “Now, let us see if they take the bait.”

A shout on the other side of the wall answered that.

“Now we wait for them to hit the seeded ground and . . .”  Gollaon readied sword and dagger.

Flower Chain Seeds

These items are large seeds that are mostly black in color but when they catch the light just so, there is an iridescent flash to them.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Grave Goggles

23 May, 2023

Gollaon said, adjusting their goggles, “I feel a bit foolish in these things.”

Voddick shrugged.  “If they work as they are supposed to it will be worth looking a bit foolish.”

Gollaon stopped dead in their tracks.  “Oh, they work.”

Grave Goggles

These goggles are constructed of glass from a religious site, recast in flames from a funerary pyre with fitting made from leather and metal recovered from the dead.  They are always cold but condensation never collects upon them.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Scale of Exquisite Perception

16 May, 2023

Gollaon watched as the merchant stacked the coins on the scale.

Voddick leaned in.  “I fear they will be disappointed.”

“You noticed the debased currency from Laccini as well.”

“I did.”

Scale of Exquisite Perception

These scales are beautifully crafted, precisely calibrated and balanced.  They are also fairly sizable and take time to set up or pack away for travel.  These scales are welcomed by honest merchants and hated by forgers and other such criminals.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Dragon Scale Arrows

9 May, 2023

Gollaon looked over the collection of arrows with points in a variety of colors and hues.

Voddick passed his hand just over them.  “Exquisite craftsmanship.  I have not seen a finer collection.”

“A craft passed from mother to daughter and father to son since time immemorial,” said the Earthkine crafter.

Gollaon caught their eye and nodded.

Dragon Scale Arrows

Made from dragon scales, as you would expect, these arrows are a useful addition to any quiver be it hunters of dragons or wizards.  The dragon scales used to tip these arrows are magically or alchemically hardened and supernaturally sharp so one must be careful handling them.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Faerie Candies

2 May, 2023

Dragon, my favorite!Gollaon watched the candy seller carefully.

Voddick watched his friend as he ate an apple.  “Problem?”

“I do not think so,” said Gollaon slowly, “but I think there are going to be some very surprised parents.”

Faerie Candies

These items are manufactured by fae confectioners for ‘export’ to the mortal realm.  They are designed to sow confusion and chaos but can sometimes be useful.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Box of Surprises

25 April, 2023

It beginsGollaon watched as the jester set down the box, catching the eye of Voddick, Gollaon gestured for him to be ready for trouble.

Voddick nodded and stepped slightly closer to their charge just as the box exploded in a riot of colored lights and smoke.

Box of Surprises

It is suspected that boxes of surprises were originally created by some sort of trickster god or perhaps a mischievous fae noble but they have been reproduced by mortal hands for equally troublesome uses.  The boxes range from as small as a shoebox to as large as a small chest and are always decorated in unusual patterns.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Fool’s Flower

18 April, 2023

Surprise!Voddick shook his head as the well-dressed dandy strode by, their clothes a riot of colors and patterns.

“A bit garish, but such is the fashion here, for the nonce,” said Gollaon.

“And among all that, a cut flower!  Was there not already enough color without killing a flower?”

“Oh, that was a cunningly made künstlich flower,” said Gollaon.  “I recognized the style.”

“Oddly, that makes me feel better about it.”

Fool’s Flower

Made to resemble real flowers through careful artifice and connected by a metal pipe to a reservoir of liquid.  Yes, it is a magical version of the classic squirting flower.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Curse of Unpleasantness

11 April, 2023

You unpleasant churl!Voddick frowned as the well-dressed man passed by, muttering loudly about how ill-mannered everyone was today.

Gollaon watched him go.  “It seems that the baron finally offended someone who could strike back.”

Voddick looked to his friend.  “What do you mean?

“I mean that the baron has been cursed, now his inner unpleasantness is on display for everyone . . . except himself.”

Curse of Unpleasantness

These curses are petty in nature but they can be brutally effective.  They are most commonly written on a piece of paper which is then given to the victim, the curse is expressed as a single rude or discourteous thing the victim did and reading it triggers the curse (and renders the piece of paper blank).

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Tuesday Magic Item – Multiplying Marbles

4 April, 2023

Gollaon watched the fox-masked person dash down the hallway followed by several Ducal guards.  The masked person paused and cast out a handful of marbles that hit bound and . . .  became more all bouncing and skittering across the stone floor in an increasing multitude.  When the guards hit them, they skidded and tumbled, crashing into each other and falling behind the masked person who vanished around a corner.

Voddick sipped at his drink.  “That was unexpected.”

“My only regret was that I could not cheer them on,” whispered Gollaon to their friend.

Multiplying Marbles

Four beautiful multicolored glass marbles are the core of this magical item, the marbles that make up this set attract each other even if separated, they will eventually make their way back together, even escaping from boxes or bags to do so.

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