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Tuesday Magic Item – Cloak of Many Colors

5 April, 2022


“I have never seen someone so disliked by cats,” said Voddick watching the scout go by, their fur cloak flapping and the inn cat hissed.

“It is the cloak, such pieces of clothing come with their own curse,” said Gollaon.

“Yes?  Why?”

“It is made of cat pelts.”

“Oh.  But how do the cats know that?” ask Voddick.

Gollaon shrugged.  “I do not know, but somehow, they do.”

Cloak of Many Colors

These cloaks are made of the treated pelts taken from Cats of Many Colors.  The cloak is a fur cloak and usually defaults to a neutral color such as grey when its magic is not active.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Military Boots

22 March, 2022

Good boots are vital.“It is good to be working with professional soldiers again,” said Voddick.  “Do not mistake me, helping militias befend their home is a good feeling.  But it causes me a great deal of sorrow when one of them is hurt or killed.  These people know the risks they are taking and it usually does not hit me so hard when the inevitable happens.”

Golloan nodded.  “While they have people who care for them as well.  Taking the Queen’s coin means that everyone knows what is likely to happen sooner or later.”

“And they do not complan as much about marching.”

“But they still complain, they are soldiers after all.”

Military Boots

These shoes, usually boots but along could be other military footwear such as Roman sandals and such, are practical in the extreme, the only decoration, if any might be an armory stamp or a stitched symbol indicating its place of origin.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Teacher’s Hat

28 September, 2021

448px-Jan_Lievens_(Dutch_-_Prince_Charles_Louis_of_the_Palatinate_with_his_Tutor_Wolrad_von_Plessen_in_Historical_Dress_-_Google_Art_Project“How long has it been since you were last in a school room?” asked Voddick looking around.

“As a student?  Longer than I care to remember, my friend,” answered Gollaon in a voice tinged with nostalgia.

“Perhaps we should retire and teach a new generation . . . someday.”

“Yes, someday.  But not today and probably not soon.”

“Sadly truth.”

Teacher’s Hat

These hats come in a variety of styles but are always suited to an educator (teacher, tutor, usw) in the culture and are always made of excellent materials, occasionally even luxurious ones. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Ashinole’s Diplomatic Cape

24 August, 2021

Cloak“Now that is a dashing outfit,” said Gollaon with a touch of jealousy.

“They are an ambassador and can afford it,” said Voddick.

“We could become ambassadors!”

“Who would let us represent their nation?”

“Fair point.”

Ashinole’s Diplomatic Cape

This cape is made from the highest quality of materials and so many of them, leather and silk, waxed cotton and lined, sometime even fur trim as it is able to adapt to changing fashions and cuts as needed. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Dress of Assignations

31 May, 2011

The notable adventress Telliandre the Ebon-Tressed always managed to be well dressed wherever she went.  Her skill with the blade was a well known as her wit and her ability to get into -and out of- compromising situations.

Dress of Assignations

These dresses are well made, always appearing in the latest fashion.  They are usually black when first found.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Robes of Secure Status

6 October, 2009

For the traveler who wishes to be secure in their travels, not only of their person but of their appearance.   Items such as these are very popular in the Jade Pillar Dynasty.

Robes of Secure Status

For the traveler who needs to be sure that other know his status at all times.  These are primarily made for scholars and officials and as such are well made and decorated according to the station of person they were made for.  As they last nearly forever, they are often passed down from parent to child.

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