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New Magic Item – Flesh-Biting Blade

19 February, 2017

Dangerous to allGollaon looked over the captured sword.  “Nasty piece of work.”

Voddick, rubbed under the cut on his forehead, “Very.  I would be careful with it, my friend.  Such weapons often have evil spirits bound into them.”

“Not a wise choice,” Gollaon managed to force it back into its scabbard.

“No, weapon-bound spirits are dangerous enough, it is foolish to temp fate by binding one that is malevolent.”

Flesh-Biting Blade

These weapons usually look vicious with wavy or serrated blades, they are very hard to keep clean and often have bits of hair or skin caught in their edge, but this does not impair their sharpness and ability to inflict damage.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Heartbreaker

14 February, 2017

It will stab you in the heartGollaon paused in the cleaning of his sword and sighed.

“Who are you pining over now?” asked Voddick as he carefully stitched a repair in his shirt.

“That girl.”

“That does not narrow it much you know,” grumbled Voddick.

“The raven-haired lass with the flashing blue eye,” he sighed.

“The one who stabbed you in that brawl?  The one with the eyepatch!?”

“The very one.”


The origin of this dagger is unknown, but rumors about it have been circulating for centuries if not longer.  It is a plain steel weapon with a curved blade, unexceptional in appearance but it is warmer than the ambient temperature to the touch.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Ice Wyrm Bow

6 December, 2016

Cold as ice“This chill is seeping into my bones,” groused Voddick.

Gollaon tightened the scarf he was wearing.  “I am not found of it either but we had best keep moving.”

Voddick stomped forward.  “I cannot feel my toes.”

“Well, do not complain too loudly or our guide might make it the last thing you do.”

“Aye, she is a wicked one and that bow of hers is none too friendly either.”

Ice Wyrm Bow

These composite bows are made from pieces of the nastiest monsters the frostlands contain but mostly ice wyrm bone and sinew which gives them a ivory and pale blue color with sparkles of ice crystals.  They are bitterly cold to the touch no matter the surrounding temperature and should not be handled with bare flesh.

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New Magic Item – Scorpion Stone (for Pathfinder and D&D5)

16 October, 2016

That's going to stingGollaon ducked behind the battlement just in time; the sling bullet whizzed over his head to crack against the far wall.  Gollaon started to reach down to pick it up.

“Leave it!” stated Voddick.  “I have seen stones like that before.  They sting with venom, nasty things.”

Golloan kicked it into a corner.  “Vicious.”

Further down the wall, a soldier yelped and dropped the stone he just picked up.

“Guess I should pass on the warning,” grumbled Voddick.

Scorpion Stone

These bullets, usually made of lead but occasionally of fired clay, are marked with a venomous creature usually a scorpion.  They should not be handled with bare flesh as they will sting anyone who does so.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Eclipse Arrow

6 September, 2016

Fight in the shadeVoddick lined up his shot and triggered his crossbow.  The lead horseman stumbled but kept coming.  “Gollaon, if you have a plan . . .”

Gollaon drew out a black arrow with golden fletching.  “I have been saving this for just such an occasion.”  He nocked the arrow, drew and released.

Voddick could not tell the result of the shot as the second it hit, the world around the lead rider went black and the sounds were terrible.

“Well, that worked.  Poor horses.”

Eclipse Arrow

These arrows are always highly distinct, black shafts and golden or silver fletching are common.  Sun or Moon, or both, imagery is often used to decorate the arrowhead.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Jellyfish Discus

30 August, 2016

Getting a grip on you“What was that?” cried Voddick watching the whirling disc continue on beyond him.

“Get down!” shouted Gollaon, taking shelter behind a wall.  “Do not let them hit you.”

“What are they?”

“Terrors of the sea reformed into weapons against those on land,” replied Gollaon, stringing his bow.

A cry went up from one of the other soldiers, now enmeshed is writhing tentacles.  “Nasty,” mutter Voddick, snapping a shot with his crossbow.

Jellyfish Discus

These throwing discs are colorful, rubbery and damp to the touch, which many find unpleasant, but they are exceedingly well balanced for throwing and glide though the air when tossed.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Monarchomachs Blade

26 July, 2016

Sic Semper TyrannusGollaon leaned in to read the notice nailed to the courthouse door.  “Time to be leaving, my friend.”

“Civil war?” asked Voddick.

“Yes, it is a notice of abjuration, severing them from the authority of the king,” read Gollaon.

“He will not like that.  This will be getting decidedly uncivil once word reaches the royal garrison.”

“Thus, time to be on our way, such local conflicts never end well.”

Monarchomachs Blade

These swords are etched with faint words, so worn as to be almost unreadable, and usually show the signs of hard use.  The hilt is plain and the entire weapon is very utilitarian and practical.
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