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Tuesday Magic Item – New Year Dagger

31 December, 2019

Time has pointsVoddick looked back at the town and sighed. “Well it was nice while it lasted.”

“Truth.  But such a place in not for the likes of us,” said Gollaon.  “Not yet.”

“Why do news of serious threats to the future of the world always find us?”

“Part of being heroes, my friend.”

“You think we are heroes?” said Voddick with a frown.

“Well no one else is riding out to stop the evil are they?”

New Year Dagger

The origin of this singular weapon is unknown but it is believed to have come from elsewhere, it consists of a three-sided cloudy crystal blade with a grip made of some unknown dark metal fused to it.  It is surprisingly heavy and always cold except when it is using its magic, when it is nearly unbearably hot.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Highwayman’s Ice Bow

3 December, 2019

Are bandits hiding nearby?Gollaon leaned back in his chair and sipped at his mulled wine.  “It seems that the war has given way to general lawlessness, bandits everywhere.  Do you think it is worth our while to hunt some of them down?”

Voddick leaned over his mulled ale.  “Perhaps.  I do not much care for thieves even the polite ones like some highwaymen.”

“One of the local bands is making quite a name for themselves, they have a magical frost casting bow.”

“I had heard about that band, they seem more or less reasonable sorts,” nodded Voddick.  “Or at least they understand a goose only plucked can be plucked again later.”

Gollaon laughed.  “That I can respect.”

Highwayman’s Ice Bow

These bows are made of wood harvested at the height of winter, they are always decorated often to the point of near garishness with inlaid silver, crystals and blue and white enamels and paints.  The bow is cold to the touch and the string will gather ice crystals is left still for too long.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Toiler’s Blade

22 October, 2019

Deadly SwordGollaon parried and counter-thrust, taking the attacking swordsman through the throat.  As he toppled another took his place.

“These soldiers just will not give up,” said Voddick precisely smashing an opponent’s knee with his hammer before finishing him off with a punch with his shield.

Gollaon spun and cut.  “And they are coming back for more!”

“Damn necrourgists!”

Toiler’s Blade

These weapons are made of metal reforged from broken weapons and quenched with blood making the blades dark and unwelcoming, the hilts are wrapped with cloth from shrouds or torn banners.  The weapon, when first picked up, seemed heavier than expected but this sensation soon passes.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Houndmaster’s Spear and Collars

8 October, 2019

To huntVoddick took aim with his crossbow and fired to be rewarded with a yelp of pain.  “I hate fighting animals.  They did not ask to be here.”

“And we did?” said Gollaon helping his friend up higher on the hill.

“Well, no, but we knew the risks.”  He paused to recock his crossbow.  “If we can just get a shot at the hunter.”

“We can finish this,” nodded Gollaon, nocking an arrow.

Houndmaster’s Spear and Collars

These spears usually appear very practical and plain, especially for an enchanted item, with minimal decoration around their hardy shaft and brutal spear point.  Most include a butt spike for bracing into the earth against the charge of animals.  The collars are equally practical, usually studded leather echoing the colors and design of the spear they are tied to.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Sabre Tooth Daggers

3 September, 2019

The better tostab you with“That woman is a spectacular combatant,” said Voddick with admiration.

“Indeed, a brutal but effective style,” nodded Gollaon.  “Powerful and direct.”

“Her weapon choice is unusual, made of bone?”

“And almost certainly enchanted.  I think they are from a rare type of hunting cat.”

“That explains much of her style,” commented Vodick watching more closely.

Sabre Tooth Daggers

These daggers are made from the teeth of sabre tooth tigers, which must have been killed by a hunter using a melee a weapon, carefully honed and treated, blessed and worked, often using additional bone of strips of tiger hide to create a grip.

They are +1 keen daggers that on a critical hit, inflict 1 point of bleed damage as well.  When used as a pair, the wielder gains a +4 enhancement bonus to initiative rolls and gain the effects of jump spell when moving to engage in combat, any attack made at the end of a jump gains a +4 to attack.

Additionally, when worn as a pair, the bearer gains low-light vision.

Aura Moderate Transmutation; CL 9th
Slot none; Price 21,301; Weight 1 lb
Construction Requirements
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, cat’s grace, polymorph; Cost 10,500 + 301 for each dagger

For D&D 5E:

Weapon (dagger), rare (requires attunement, see below)

First paragraph as above.

They are magic daggers that gain a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls, and on a critical hit, and the target loses one hit point from bleeding at the start of each of its turns for six rounds unless it receives magical healing. Bleeding damage is cumulative; the target loses 1 hp per round for each bleeding wound it’s taken from a sabre tooth dagger.  When used as a pair, the wielder gains advantage on initiative rolls and gain the effects of jump spell when moving to engage in combat, any attack made at the end of a jump gains +1d4 added to the attack roll.

Additionally, when worn as a pair, the bearer gains dark vision.

Attuning a pair of these weapons counts as only a single attunement for a character.

Notes: Inspired by the beautiful sabre tooth tiger skeleton in the Smithsonian that we saw in the new fossil hall yesterday.

Photo of the sabre tooth tiger skeleton from the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and taken by me.


Tuesday Magic Item – Deflecting Dagger

27 August, 2019

Guardian BladeGollaon tightened the bandage around his right forearm.  “Ready?”

“I think we have him cornered,” said Voddick, weapons drawn.

“He has escaped before,” Gollaon prepared to place his hand on the doorknob

“We can but try.”

Gollaon nodded.  “Count of three?”

The door swung open.  “Come in,” said a weary voice from inside, “and let us end this.”

Deflecting Dagger

These parrying daggers are made of only the best materials, finely made and finely decorated, the blade is often etched with a motto of some sort.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Sun Champion’s Blade

25 June, 2019

Bright bladeVoddick and Gollaon watched as the Paladin of the Sun charged into the seething mass of unliving corpses surging up the road.  Voddick used his crossbow and Gollaon his bow to try and keep the brave warrior from being flanked but to no avail.

“Looks like we will have to go and try to rescue him,” said Voddick reading his warhammer and shield.

“Indeed, it is what we are being paid for,” he said as he rushed forward.  “But why does he have to make it so difficult?”

Sun Champion’s Blade

These finely wrought swords glow with the Sun’s radiance and are usually decorated with the Sun’s symbol either on the hilt or on the blade itself.  They are often ostentatious with decorated hilts and sheaths.  Their name is a bit grand, they were produced in some number by the servants of the God of Smiths for the Sun Cult before the Sundering and many still survive.

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