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Tuesday Magic Item – Plague-Slaying Blade

17 March, 2020

Strike at the heart of the diseaseVoddick and Gollaon paced behind the paladin and her glowing blade.  Voddick leaned in to his friend and whispered, “She does not seem like she needs protecting to me.”

“I hope you are right,” replied Gollaon, also whispering, “the worry would be that this disease is not just a run of the mill outbreak and masterminded by some force or being.”

Voddick shivered.  “I could go a lifetime without fighting plague wraiths again.”


Plague-Slaying Blade

These weapon are usually swords, but the occasion polearm has been made, the blades are of gleaming steel decorated with sigils of health and wards against disease often in gold or silver.  The grips are usually wrapped in white leather or linen.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Siege Javelin

10 March, 2020

Aftermath of a javein strike“Why did we volunteer for this mission again?” asked Voddick, hefting the ungainly javelin.

“Triple pay and first choice of pillage?” replied Gollaon.  “Besides if we let this drag on much longer they are going to start killing the servants and slaves rather than feed them.”

“True and this siege has been bloody enough as it is,” agreed Voddick.

“Now, we throw on the count of three.  One, two, three!”

Siege Javelin

These heavy javelins often have a blunt tip and it is not uncommon to find the shaft marked with motto and comments such as “Take this!”, “Knock Knock” and similar.  They are not well balanced being rather point heavy.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Dagger of Cupidity

25 February, 2020

A lovely dagger for a crimeVoddick fell back to join Gollaon.  “I do not trust our new associate, he seem far too interested in coin and not enough on the job at hand.”

“I had noticed that as well,” said Gollaon.

“Yesterday, Koz said that she saw him rifling a passed out drunk for loose coins.”

“Yes, he takes every chance to enrich himself.  We will have to watch out so that does not cause us trouble or drag us into danger.”

Voddick nodded.

Dagger of Cupidity

The hilts of these daggers are well decorated but close examination will usually reveal the decoration is gilding and semiprecious stones or cut glass.  The blades are entirely practical and usually blued so as not to catch the light.

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Tuesday Magic Item – New Year Dagger

31 December, 2019

Time has pointsVoddick looked back at the town and sighed. “Well it was nice while it lasted.”

“Truth.  But such a place in not for the likes of us,” said Gollaon.  “Not yet.”

“Why do news of serious threats to the future of the world always find us?”

“Part of being heroes, my friend.”

“You think we are heroes?” said Voddick with a frown.

“Well no one else is riding out to stop the evil are they?”

New Year Dagger

The origin of this singular weapon is unknown but it is believed to have come from elsewhere, it consists of a three-sided cloudy crystal blade with a grip made of some unknown dark metal fused to it.  It is surprisingly heavy and always cold except when it is using its magic, when it is nearly unbearably hot.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Highwayman’s Ice Bow

3 December, 2019

Are bandits hiding nearby?Gollaon leaned back in his chair and sipped at his mulled wine.  “It seems that the war has given way to general lawlessness, bandits everywhere.  Do you think it is worth our while to hunt some of them down?”

Voddick leaned over his mulled ale.  “Perhaps.  I do not much care for thieves even the polite ones like some highwaymen.”

“One of the local bands is making quite a name for themselves, they have a magical frost casting bow.”

“I had heard about that band, they seem more or less reasonable sorts,” nodded Voddick.  “Or at least they understand a goose only plucked can be plucked again later.”

Gollaon laughed.  “That I can respect.”

Highwayman’s Ice Bow

These bows are made of wood harvested at the height of winter, they are always decorated often to the point of near garishness with inlaid silver, crystals and blue and white enamels and paints.  The bow is cold to the touch and the string will gather ice crystals is left still for too long.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Toiler’s Blade

22 October, 2019

Deadly SwordGollaon parried and counter-thrust, taking the attacking swordsman through the throat.  As he toppled another took his place.

“These soldiers just will not give up,” said Voddick precisely smashing an opponent’s knee with his hammer before finishing him off with a punch with his shield.

Gollaon spun and cut.  “And they are coming back for more!”

“Damn necrourgists!”

Toiler’s Blade

These weapons are made of metal reforged from broken weapons and quenched with blood making the blades dark and unwelcoming, the hilts are wrapped with cloth from shrouds or torn banners.  The weapon, when first picked up, seemed heavier than expected but this sensation soon passes.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Houndmaster’s Spear and Collars

8 October, 2019

To huntVoddick took aim with his crossbow and fired to be rewarded with a yelp of pain.  “I hate fighting animals.  They did not ask to be here.”

“And we did?” said Gollaon helping his friend up higher on the hill.

“Well, no, but we knew the risks.”  He paused to recock his crossbow.  “If we can just get a shot at the hunter.”

“We can finish this,” nodded Gollaon, nocking an arrow.

Houndmaster’s Spear and Collars

These spears usually appear very practical and plain, especially for an enchanted item, with minimal decoration around their hardy shaft and brutal spear point.  Most include a butt spike for bracing into the earth against the charge of animals.  The collars are equally practical, usually studded leather echoing the colors and design of the spear they are tied to.

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