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Tuesday Magic Item – Showman’s Blade

5 February, 2019

That sword

“It is good to have some time to enjoy a carnival,” said Voddick enjoying a mug of spiced ale.

“But we should keep our wits about us,” said Gollaon eating some honeyed almonds.

“Truth.  Some here are looking for entertainment of a more violent fashion.” Voddick nodded to a group of swaggering toughs.

“We had best keep an eye on them so they do not spoil the festival for the rest,” said Gollaon with a sigh.

Showman’s Blade

These weapons, almost always swords, have elaborately decorated hilts and are often decorated with runes or designs on the blade that flare with magical power when it is used.  Unlike many swords with overly elaborate hilts, the blades are well made and suiting to combat not just show.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Winter Whip

5 December, 2018

A whipping chillVoddick made sure his cleats where tightly attached to his boots before he opened the door and stopped out into the driving snow.

Gollaon followed.  “Well, the pay is good.”  He said through the scarf wrapped around his face.

“I do not mind, the ice, or the snow, or even the bitter wind,” said Voddick.  “But I hate falling and looking ridiculous.”

“True,” nodded Gollaon.  “Pride does help keep one warm.”

“Damn straight.”

Winter Whip

These whips are made of white leather, taken from arctic creatures, the grip is wrapped around a length of rock crystal and tied with silver wire.  They are cool to the touch, moving to cold when used.  Frost gathers around the whip when it is set down, even in summer weather.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Accursed Bone Arrow

16 October, 2018

Carved boneGollaon took cover behind Voddick’s shield as the arrows rained down, several shattered into white and yellowed fragments.  One of the soldiers beside them howled in pain and then feel silent.

“Bastards!” said Gollaon, unlimbering his short sword.

“What foul magic are they using now?” asked Voddick.

“Accused arrows,” said Gollaon.  “Those killed by them rise as the unliving.”


Accursed Bone Arrow

These arrows are tipped in bone arrow heads and often have bone shafts but they are always light and fragile and must be treated with care.  They suck the moisture out of anything they are in contact with so they are best stored in metal containers.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Steadfast Staff

18 September, 2018

Armed and willing to defend“That new arrival, the one with the staff, seems quite devoted to the defense of the local people,” said Voddick, watching them spar with several men-at-arms.

“Worthy ideals inspire righteous people,” replied Gollaon idly watching the fight.

“We should try and find some of those.”

“Worthy ideals or righteous people?”


Steadfast Staff

These simple wood staves are usually only decorated in the most simple manner, perhaps with the owner’s name or a local symbol.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Mosquito Blowgun

21 August, 2018

Mosquito Mask“Thrice damned bloodsuckers,” cursed Voddick slapping at a bug as he waded through the swamp.  “How did we end up here any way?”

“We needed to get out of Glost quickly and this was the only contract leaving directly,” replied Gollaon, scanning the undergrowth.

“Well, those two nights in the palace were worth it,” sighed Voddick.  “Do you have any more of the alchemical paste?  The one to keep the bugs away?”

Gollaon reached forward and plucked a small dark from Voddick’s armor.  “It is not bugs that are trying to bite you my friend.”  He shouted, “Be alert, we have hidden enemies with darts around!”

Mosquito Blowgun

These blowguns are usually made of wood or reed and decorated with carvings and inlays dedicated to mosquito.  They will buzz lightly in the hand when they have not been used in a long time to indicate their hunger.

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Tuesday Magic Item / A to Z – Sword of Slaying Dragons

24 April, 2018

Dragon slayer“I do not think this is the contract for us, even with the weapons they are offering to provide,” said Voddick quietly.

“I cannot but agree,” replied Gollaon.  “But how to extricate ourselves from the situation without raising their ire?”

“We shall have to come up with a plan.”

“A plan so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel.”

Sword of Slaying Dragons

These sword are usually quite plain as to disguise their purpose and made with elongated hilts.  The hilt and tang of the swords are made so that a thin vial or fragment of scale can be securely inserted in contact with the metal and held firm.

Theses weapons are +1 dragon bane sword, a useful if basic tool for one wishing to hunt dragon, it further provides its wielder with a +4 morale bonus to saves against fear-effect from dragons.

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Tuesday Magic Item / A to Z – Hell Lance

10 April, 2018

Knight with lance“Look, they are bringing up their elite.  The knights of the doomsday?” Voddick asked, not sure if he remembered the name correctly.

“Indeed, armed with weapons left over from the Gods War, forged in hell flames and other such fanciful nonsense,” said Gollaon.

“Does that indicate that they are not exceedingly dangerous?”

“Well, yes, but less so because of the weapons.  They were forged primarily to fight a divine foe that no longer exists, but they are still potent magic items.”

Hell Lance

These weapons are deliberately constructed to look cruel and vicious with hooks and barbs common motifs, made of black or red tinted steel with poles of dark wood reinforced with strips of metal and studs.  They are as much a tool of intimidation as a weapon of war.

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