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Tuesday Magic Item – Knockabout Knuckledusters

24 January, 2023

That's gonna hurtGollaon winched as the thug went down to a vicious blow to the jaw.

Voddick disabled another with a stomp to the foot.  The rest fled in panic.

“Well done,” said Gollaon, “you dispatched those ruffians with alacrity.”

“Your friend looked ready for a fight and there were six of them,” she replied, slipping the knuckle dusters off her hand.  “And I did not want to see your pretty face scarred.”

Knockabout Knuckledusters

These weapons are knuckle dusters and are almost always made in pairs and can be plain or fancy but are usually plain and practical, weapons for thugs and scrappers, not knights and nobles.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Flame Wood Staff

10 January, 2023

Fire can be your friendGollaon and Voddick paused their tile game to watch the warrior practice with their staff, as they watched, the ends of the staff burst into flames, to the pair’s surprise but not to that of the wielder he continued moving through their martial exercises.

“A fame wood staff!” said Gollaon excitedly, “I remember hearing of them in stories when I was a child.”

“Were not the flame trees lost in the Sundering?” asked Voddick.

“I heard some were discovered on Petrichor,” replied Gollaon.

Flame Wood Staff

These staves are made from wood of the flame tree, its red and black grain looks like hot coals when it catches the light just right.  They are sometimes decorated with a few carvings but not so many as to weaken the staff or make it hard to maneuver.  The Flame Wood staff is warm to the touch and it quickly becomes hot with the ends bursting into flame, which do not harm the staff at all, when used for a period of time.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Spiritdrinker

11 October, 2022

Choose your weaponGollaon slowly sipped at a glass of wine as they watched the swordsman practice.

Voddick joined his friend and took a drink of ale.  “That is a uniquely decorated sword he has,” he said.  “But did it not have a different pattern when we were here last month?”

“I was just pondering the same thing,” Gollaon took another sip.


It is thought (perhaps hoped) that there is only one of these blades, its maker is thought to have been the God of Smiths at the request of Lady-Lord of Mischief.  The weapon is quite plain at first, though it is perfectly balanced and whoever picks it up finds it fits their hand perfectly.  As it is used, it shapes itself to its wielder and, perhaps, the reverse is true as well.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Serpent Weapons

30 August, 2022

Gollaon grabbed up a shield from a fallen guard.  “Moon’s smile!  That bastard is using a snake sword.”

Voddick frowned and hunkered down behind his shield.  “Let me take the lead then.  Guard my back.”

“Gladly,” said Gollaon.

Serpent Weapons

These melee weapons are always decorated in snake or serpent motifs, snakeskin is often used in the grips and sheath if is a weapon that uses a sheath.  They seem to move and flex when held.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Tyrant’s Bane Ribbon

23 August, 2022

A ribbon for justiceGollaon turned down the alleyway and gestured for Voddick to follow.  “More guards,” he whispered.

Voddick pressed himself into a doorway.  “More Tyrants.  Cannot we ever be free of such petty cruelty?”

“We just need to do our job and keep them busy chasing shadows for the new few hours.  The locals have a plan to finish the Tyrant off.” said Gollaon, weighing a few stones in their hand.

“As long as we can avoid actually getting into a fight with any of the Tyrant’s soldiers, it should work out.”

Tyrant’s Bane Ribbon

These ribbons seem ordinary but they are woven of tears, sorrow and a desire for justice, not the easiest materials to work with.  They are usually black but if another color is common for mourning in the culture it was made in, it will likely be that color.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Leech Shell Spiral

12 April, 2022

Round and roundVoddick dodged back around the corner as a whirling disc spun by.  “Keep back!” Voddick shouted to Gollaon.

“What is it?”

“Leech discs!  They killed the groom,” answered Voddick.

“Horrible weapons, let us see about bringing some justice to anyone who would use such,” said Gollaon wrapping his cloak around his arm.

Leech Shell Spiral

These items are usually made from the shells of pouncing leech snails, carefully cut to reveal their inner spiral and treated, occasionally weighted.  They are vicious and unpleasant weapons.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Dizzying Darts

28 December, 2021

Dart“Darts?” Voddick said looking at his shield.

“Do not let them hit you!” said Gollaon taking cover behind a barrel.  “They are dizzying darts!”

Voddick crouched behind his shield.  “Curses!  I hate those.  So, they are definitely kidnapper then.

“Agreed, we has best find an alternate route and save our charge.”

Dizzying Dart

These darts are enchanted to make prey unstable and easy to catch, originally made for an order of paladins who sought to capture wanted criminals so they could face justice.  These darts are unusal weapon, actually design to inflict minimal physical damage, but to make to person hit vulnerable to capture.  Unfortunately, the magics to make such were stolen and they have been used by kidnappers and slavers.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Axel’s Plant Hating Cleaver

30 November, 2021

Get to the chopperVoddick frowned as he watched the lead soldier cutting his way through the undergrowth with considerable glee.  “Our pathbreaker does not seem to care for plants,” he said to his companion.

“Indeed, I think it has to do with his blade.  He seems quite normal until it is drawn,” said Gollaon following behind.

“But he does clear an effective path.  But I do not think he is making any friends among the forest dwellers,” he added steping over a severed branch.

Axel’s Plant Hating Cleaver

This heavy chopping blade is designed to cut it way through vegitation and enemies with equal ease, it has obviously seen hard use and the blade is stained with unidentificable stains.  Made for the mercenary Axel Druckknopf, it became inbued with his viceral hater of all plants and begitation

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Tuesday Magic Item – Freeman’s Pick

9 November, 2021

Break down walls and tyrants

“Now we have mobilized the locals, what next?” asked Voddick.

“I fear we are going to have to storm the castle,” answered Gollaon.

“That sort of task rarely ends well,” said Voddick grimly.  “Unless we can convince his solders to turn their coats.”

“If we can make a good show of force, they may see reason.”

“Well, they do have some tools that might help, those pick carry some ancient magic,” said Voddick.  “Do you think you and the other archers can keep the defenders from killing us while we give them a demonstration of that magic.”

“We will do our best.”

Freeman’s Pick

These picks are tools as well as weapons and able to shift from one role to another as needed.  They are usually decorated with scenes or symbols from the regions in which it was made.  The metal is always well cared for and free of corrosion.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Knight Killing Longbow

26 October, 2021

LongBow2Gollaon inspected the arrows, “Excellent craftsmanship don’t you think.”.

“Agreed.  This bodkin point is superb,”  said Voddick.

“They should punch through most armor,” agreed Gollaon.  “I could have used those a few month back.”


Knight Killing Longbow

These long bows are simple yet stong, light on decoration but perfectly made for their task.  These are magic weapon made by the people, created by craftsmanship and belief, their existance is a careful secret for while often used in the service of the nobility no noble wshes such weapons toexist.

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