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Goodbye May, Welcome June

31 May, 2019

As JunoJune is named from the Roman month Iunius, or Junius, is named in honor of the ancient Roman goddess Juno who is the wife of Jupiter and oversees marriage among other portfolio (and is associated with the Greek Hera).   The first half of Iunius is a period of religious purification and was considered the most favorable time to marry by the Romans.  It will also be the anniversary of this journal, so I may try and do something special for that.

Summer officially starts this month, so, any thoughts on a theme, readers?  Send me your suggestions and I will try to act on them.

May, 2019, saw the following posts on the design journal:

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Shadowrun Campaign Update with New Seattle Scream Prop (#60)

30 May, 2019

Read the Seattle Scream for relevanceShadowrun gaming is ongoing, as we await the Sixth Edition of the rules later this summer.  Not sure if we will be switching out until we can actually get hold of the new rules and see what they are like.  But the Star Signs campaign, which has had one session, we might move over as the mechanical investment in the characters is minimal at the moment.  The monthly games at Tyche’s Games (every first Saturday every month, come and join) continue apace and will be moving the Sixth Edition, though maybe not immediately after release but certainly by Winter.

The Star Signs campaign is my attempt to move our campaign into a connected set of stories that will reveal aspects of my take on the Shadowrun world but time will tell is it works out, hopefully the new edition will not cause mechanics to distract from story and plot.

Our NorCal still manages about a session a month, the latest report from PinkCat can be found here.

The latest news from my version of Seattle, 2075, can be found in the Seattle Scream #60.

Notes: Photo “Quiet Night at the Terminal” by ashatsea is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.


Tuesday Magic Item – Prudent Pin

28 May, 2019

Pinning together hopes and plansGollaon twirled his new pin before using it to firmly attach his hat.  “Cannot be too careful with the winds about.”

“Truth,” said Voddick lacing his gloves tight.  “I must say, you are even more confident than usual since acquiring that pin.”

“I know,” replied Gollaon, “I just feel like it help me keep my plans organized.”

“And I am not sure if that makes me feel more confident.”

Prudent Pin

These pins, used to hold a cloak closed or just as an accessory, have a head decoration that is in some way related to time: an hourglass, a sundial, something like that.  They are usually metal though occasionally fossilized wood or bone is used.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Cloak of Spectral Shielding

21 May, 2019

Cloaks for all“I am pleased to be among honorable folk again,” said Voddick, as he oiled and cleaned his crossbow.

“As am I,” agreed Gollaon, “they are good about seeing that we are properly fed and paid.”

“Cynical as always, my friend.”

“It has served us well so far.”


Cloak of Spectral Shielding

These cloaks are usually handmade by the family of the person they are made for, as they require the touch of a spirit to empower the magic.  They look whole in bright light but tattered and worn otherwise but are always comfortable and warming for those wearing them.

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Down and Out in Taren Kost – Campaign Report Episode 8

20 May, 2019

The latest adventures from Taren Kost following from Episode 7 (you can find the initial adventures and cast list here).

Our cast for this episode:

Fiorentino, Reed Greenbottle, Hartessa and Mercutio “the Green”

Episode 8: Out into the Countryside

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Questions for Characters venturing into the Sea of Stars

18 May, 2019

People of all sortsInspired by Judd the Librarian’s questions, I decided to write up a few questions to help people think about their characters and where they are from in the Sea of Stars:

For All:

What do you think of dragonrule?  Of the dragons themselves?  Fear?  Admiration?  Jealousy?

Do you have a faith?  Do you eschew organized religion?  Do you have any private rituals?

Do you have a favored weapon?  Does it have a name?

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PinkCat: Running in the Shade “Vaseless” (A different sort of SR campaign report)

15 May, 2019

To understand what is going on here, you had best read the first PinkCat: Running in the Shade post, but short summary, this is a campaign report for our Shadowrun campaign set in NorCal through the filter of a cartoon made by one of the team members.

Episode Forty Three: Vaseless

Guest Starring: Doc Cav, DoubleUp, Rani, Tora and introducing:

Gimmick, a tech-savvy cat that was raised by mice.  (Stand in for Gidget, a human techie born into a family of dwarves.  Played by L1 as a replacement for DD/BB.)

Ming Vase, really!Pink and friends go over to their new friend Gimmick’s house for a sleepover, Doc Cav and Double Up acting as chaperones as Gimmick’s parent will be out of town.  They are given particular instructions about bedtimes and such, but most importantly, keep the very valuable vase (that has been passed down through the generations) safe.  Of course, this is the night that a group of thieves decide to try and steal it!  So, much classic shtick happens along with callbacks to classic movies such as Risky Business and Home Alone, the vase is saved (multiple times) and the thieves are eventually caught and turned over to Officer Bloodhound (who accepts the collar with poor grace).

What really happened:

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Tuesday Magic Item – Day’s Smile Amulet

14 May, 2019

Brightening your life“It is nice to be among good people again,” said Voddick, taking a drink of ale.

“Truth.  But there will inevitably be bad people coming along who wish to take what they have,” said Gollaon looking out over the fields.

“And that is why they have hired us.  We my be good at what we do, but we are not good people.”

Gollaon smiled.  “So very true.”

Day’s Smile Amulet

These amulets are always brightly, one might say cheerfully, colored often incorporating a smiling woman’s face or a sun disc or both.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Exorcist’s Blade

7 May, 2019

A sword for special purposes“Glad we have help, fighting spirits is no simple task,” said Gollaon.

“Truth,” agreed Voddick, checking his blessed bolts.  “We are as well prepared as we can be.”

“Charms and amulets in place?” Gollaon asked as he checked his protective array.

“Yes, I have no wish to be possessed.”

“Agree, the only spirits I want in my body are ones that come out of a bottle.”

“And let us prove that afterward,” said Voddik with a fierce grin.

Exorcist’s Blade

These weapons are made from exotic alloys or carved stone taken from sacred sites and blessed and ensorcelled to hone their ability against hostile spirits.  The hilts are often decorated with occult and esoteric designs.

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