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Tuesday Magic Item – Shoes of the Wilis

28 June, 2022

Let's danceGollaon frowned and moved to get a better look at the dancer.  Voddick thought nothing of it at first, used to his friend trying to get a better look at handsome folk, but then he noticed that his friend’s attention was focused almost entirely on the dancer’s shoes.

Voddick sidled up to Gollaon.  “What is it, my friend?” he asked in a whisper.

“Those shoes, there is something about them, but I just cannot put my finger on it . . .”

Voddick looked closer.  “Something fae perhaps?”

Shoes of the Wilis

These shoes are always well made from the best of materials, though no iron or steel is ever used in their construction.  While obviously of the highest quality and value, to those who appreciate such things, they are never overly decorated or gaudy. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Solstice Ring

21 June, 2022

Ring around my heartGollaon gently played the viola as the happy couple took their vows under the Summer sun.  It was a beautiful day and the couples’ whole extended family had arrived.

Voddick oversaw the drinks that had been brought passing them out and, occasionally, keeping more from those who had gone too far down the path of inebriation.

As the event wound down, the two friends met up.  “A task well done,” said Gollaon.

“Indeed, may they be happy and safe together,” nodded Voddick.

Solstice Ring

These rings are always made of gold or a gold alloy, as gold is the metal of the sun, and are usually undecorated on the outside though they sometimes bear an inscription on the interior.  These rings draw upon the light of the longest day to bless and protect those pledged to each other with the rings.   Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Librarian’s Ring

14 June, 2022

So many booksVoddick looked up at the seemingly unending shelves of books.  “So much knowledge,” he whispered.

Gollaon nodded in agreement.  “This library has been gathering the written word for centuries. I suspect they have books they do not even remember.”

Voddick gave a low whistle.  “If only we had more time.”

“Truth, now let us find that librarian.”

Librarian’s Ring

These items are usually in the form of a signet ring bearing the seal of the library they were made for.  They are usually undecorated apart from the seal, though sometimes a motto or such is inscribed on the interior of the ring. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Guitar of the Golden Singer

7 June, 2022

Play me a songGollaon leaned forward, waiting for the next song to start.

Voddick handed his friend a glass of wine.  “You seem very excited about the singer.”

“They are very . . . dynamic,” replied Gollaon, taking a sip of wine.  “It is a whole new way to present music.  It may be the birth of a new style.”

Voddick shrugged.  “They do play well.”

Guitar of the Golden Singer

These guitars are beautifully made of finest woods oiled and polished to a golden sheen, sometimes with a small amount of gold used in decoration.  Their creator’s name is inscribed on the back and each new owner should add their name as well.  The strings are made of finely drawn silver wire.  The first one was made for the songmaster known as the Gold Singer for their love of cloth of gold garments.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Scythe of the Harvest God

31 May, 2022

Let the harvest begin“That is one fancy scythe,” said Voddick, looking over the supposed agricultural tool, that was decorated with gold leaf and the blued steel blade was decorated with pastoral scenes in gold and silver.

“Truth,” agreed Gollaon, “it is a powerful ensorcelled item as well.  I have seen one other like it, though far away.”

“So it will be used for the harvest tomorrow?”

“Yes, it will be impressive, though taxing upon the reaper.”

Scythe of the Harvest God

These scythes are beautiful, as much works of art as tools for agricultural work.  Harvest scenes or abstract versions of grains are popular as are marks of the gods of harvest.  The scythes are virtually indestructable requiring divine intervention or specific circumstances unique to each scythe. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Helpful Honey

24 May, 2022

As sweet as“Kind of the beekeeper to give us some of his honey,” said Voddick tucking away the jar of honey.

“We help protect the hives, the product of the hives helps to protect us, it seems a virtuous cycle,” said Gollaon with a smile.

“I like that, seems . . . complete.”

“Sometimes the things we do work out.”

Helpful Honey

This honey is a beautiful golden hue but sometimes, if you catch it just right in the light, it has a rainbow sheen.  It must be kept in clear glass, stored in any other sort of container, it just vanishes.  The honey’s magic comes from the types of bees that make it and the types of flowers they gather pollen from, usually, one or both are from the fae worlds.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Fae Torc of Forms

17 May, 2022

Change your look“Was not that . . .” whispered Voddick.

“The Duchess, now the Duke,” answered Gollaon.  “They seem to have acquired a rather potent magic item for form shifting.”

“Hmm,” mused Voddick.  “I can see uses for it I suppose but I do not think such magics are for me.”

“Some people are not comfortable with the form they were born with, nothing wrong with them finding one that suits them better.”


Fae Torc of Forms

These torcs can be made of various precious metals, from copper to gold, and subtly decorated with runes and symbols representing various genders and kindreds, these are so carefully worked that it requires careful examination to even notice them.  Rarely they are decorated with gems or enamel work.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Comfortable Saddle

10 May, 2022

Saddle up!Gollaon leaned back, “This is the nicest saddle I have ever had.  Why could we not have had these before?”

“Because we are simple mercenaries who cannot afford the finer things in life,” replied Voddick.  “But you speak truth, these saddles are fantastic.”

“We should try and make them part of our pay.”

“Superb idea.”

Comfortable Saddle

These saddles are always decorated, sometimes ornately, sometimes simply, but decorations seem to be part of the enchantment process to create these magic items.  Some are made from exotic leather but this does not seem to actually be required to make them but seems to have become common perhaps so that the creators can pad out the price. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Boar Crest Helmet

3 May, 2022

Tough as a boar“Well, we seem to be on the side of the underdog, yet again,” said Voddick checking his gear.

“Well, they are enthusiastic at least,” said Gollaon with a smile, checking that the arrows in the quiver were loose and ready.  “It is nice to be support rather than leading the charge.”

“Truth.  Though it will still be dangerous.”

“Such is our lot in life.”

Boar Crest Helmet

These helmets are exquisitly made of steel and shaped horn decorared with copper and gold and always with a boar on the crest.  They are a symbol of a warrior chieftan and anyone who wears one had best be able to fight with the best of them.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Bone Flute of Spirit Stilling

26 April, 2022

Music to sooth the spiritsGollaon listened to the distent music of a flute.  “Rather haunting, no?” he said to Voddick.

“Yes, though I think it is being used to reveal a haunting,” Voddick replied quietly.

“Ghost hunters?” Gollaon asked looking to Voddick.

“Yes, did you not see them arrive?”

“I must have been otherwise occupied.”

Bone Flute of Spirit Stilling

These flutes are made from carved bone, the bone often comes from a person, and they are enchanted, often blessed as well, to play notes that reach beyond this word into the next.  The music of the flute affects those beings who are in the liminal state between life and death, calming and soothing them. Read the rest of this entry ?

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