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Tuesday Magic Item – Huckster’s Hat

27 September, 2022

The price of this fine cane?Gollaon looked over the traveling dealer’s wears.  “How much for this scarf?”

Voddick watched the two debate price, quality, dyes, and other things, it was an intricate dance and finally, Gollaon paid for the scarf.

“You are quite good at that,” said Voddick.

“He was a good opponent, it was fun, and I have a new scarf,” smiled Gollaon.

Huckster’s Hat

These hats are usually fashionable or at least started out that way but they are immensely hard-wearing and remain a jaunty accessory even after years of hard use.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Offical’s Hat

20 September, 2022

Clothes, and hats, make the manGollaon signed.  “The worse form of tyranny is bureaucracy.”

Voddick nodded.  “In some way, yes.  But at least this is only costing us time and some coin.  Not blood and bone.”

“It feels like it is costing my soul,” Gollaon grumbled quietly.

“I grew used to it at home,” said Voddick.  “Some things must simply be endured to be overcome. Bureaucracy is often one of those things.”

Offical’s Hat

These hats are made to exact specifications that depend on the culture they are made in.  But they are instantly recognizable in the land they were made in.  At the very least, they are expertly made, and some are noticeably valuable in their own right with exquisite decorations.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Hungry Hat

13 September, 2022

The biting edge of fashionVoddick started and carefully backed away from the Baroness’ guard.

Gollaon sidled up to his friend.  “What is it?” he asked quietly.

“That hat is dangerous,” replied Voddick, “the wearer may be as well but the hat definitely is.”

“Well, it is ugly,” agreed Gollaon, “but why dangerous?”

“I had been told there is a demon bound within such headwear but that may not be accurate,” said Voddick.  “But, whether or not that is true, the hat can attack on its own and sometimes does so unprompted.”


Hungry Hat

These hats are made of tough materials sourced from predators, sharkskin is a favorite choice, and a mouth full of teeth is suggested if not made obvious in their design.  Anyone who is near to the hat for more than a few minutes will get the sense that it is watching them as if it is sizing them up as a potential meal.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Raven’s Mask

6 September, 2022

Stylish Hat says RavenGollaon frowned.  “Something is wrong but I cannot for the life of me pin down what it is.”

Voddick nodded.  “I agree, there is something disturbing in the air.”  He looked around.  “I cannot help but think it is tied to that young courtier.”

“The one with the long black hair?”

“That is the one.  I think you may be right.”

Raven’s Mask

While called a mask, many of these items are in fact hats, but in either case, they are blessed by and tied to the tricker being of Raven.  Somewhere on each of these items sometimes subtly, sometimes not, is the image of a raven.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Serpent Weapons

30 August, 2022

Gollaon grabbed up a shield from a fallen guard.  “Moon’s smile!  That bastard is using a snake sword.”

Voddick frowned and hunkered down behind his shield.  “Let me take the lead then.  Guard my back.”

“Gladly,” said Gollaon.

Serpent Weapons

These melee weapons are always decorated in snake or serpent motifs, snakeskin is often used in the grips and sheath if is a weapon that uses a sheath.  They seem to move and flex when held.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Tyrant’s Bane Ribbon

23 August, 2022

A ribbon for justiceGollaon turned down the alleyway and gestured for Voddick to follow.  “More guards,” he whispered.

Voddick pressed himself into a doorway.  “More Tyrants.  Cannot we ever be free of such petty cruelty?”

“We just need to do our job and keep them busy chasing shadows for the new few hours.  The locals have a plan to finish the Tyrant off.” said Gollaon, weighing a few stones in their hand.

“As long as we can avoid actually getting into a fight with any of the Tyrant’s soldiers, it should work out.”

Tyrant’s Bane Ribbon

These ribbons seem ordinary but they are woven of tears, sorrow and a desire for justice, not the easiest materials to work with.  They are usually black but if another color is common for mourning in the culture it was made in, it will likely be that color.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Crown of Ghosts

16 August, 2022

Heavy is the burdenVoddick watched as the tyrant batted at something only he seem to be able to see, whispered “Is he alright?”

Gollaon, whose attention was on the crown, replied, “I think he is haunted by his victims.”

“Are not all tyrants?

?This one more than most I think.”

Crown of Ghosts

This crown was commissioned by a tyrannical ruler to help them enforce their will, the sorcerer who made it did so only because their family was threatened.  To at least exact revenge against the ruler, the sorcerer layered in a hidden curse to punish them for their transgressions.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Lightning Strike Bracelets

9 August, 2022

Wear lightningGollaon ducked as the crackling arc of lighting blasted the tree around them to flinders.  “We need help here!”

Voddic fired a crossbow bolt in the direction the lightning had originated from.  “Elprie is on here way.”

“Not a moment too soon,” said Gollaon as the warrior-woman rushed forward catching the lightning on her bracelets.

“Come on,” she said through gritted teeth, “let’s take the fight to them.”

Lightning Strike Bracelets

These bracelets can be plain on the outside but the interior is always inscribed with runes of protection and the elements.  When the exterior is decorated they often have gemstones associated with lightning and distinctive runes or markings.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Untearable Bag

2 August, 2022

How much will fit inside?

Gollaon shook his head.  “Why is he even trying?  That will never fit in that small bag . . . Well, I’ll be.”

Voddick laughed.  “Those are quite popular where I come from.  Sometimes they have competitions to see how much they could fit into a bag.”

“Really?  And how much could be fit into one?”

“The most I saw managed was a small cart.”

“My goodness.”

Untearable Bag

These bags start as normal-seeming pouches, but as things are placed into them, the bag expands to contain the items put inside.  There is an upper limit but it is a challenge to reach.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Heart’s Secret Pen

26 July, 2022

Writing with careGollaon took the letter and slipped it into a sheepskin pouch.  “We will see it safe to your . . . friend.  Fear not.”

Voddick nodded and followed behind.  “I spared a glance at the letter while they were writing it, I could not make heads of tails out of it.”

“The pen they were using, it makes the writing secret so that only the intended person can truly read the letter.”

“That is quite useful, come with some terrible curse though, yes?”

“Well, it does require some of your heart’s blood to function . . . or so I have been told,” admitted Gollaon.

Heart’s Secret Pen

These pens are well made and elegantly crafted, hidden somewhere upon them is a symbol of love, but one must search to find it. Read the rest of this entry ?

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