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Tuesday Magic Item – Knockabout Knuckledusters

24 January, 2023

That's gonna hurtGollaon winched as the thug went down to a vicious blow to the jaw.

Voddick disabled another with a stomp to the foot.  The rest fled in panic.

“Well done,” said Gollaon, “you dispatched those ruffians with alacrity.”

“Your friend looked ready for a fight and there were six of them,” she replied, slipping the knuckle dusters off her hand.  “And I did not want to see your pretty face scarred.”

Knockabout Knuckledusters

These weapons are knuckle dusters and are almost always made in pairs and can be plain or fancy but are usually plain and practical, weapons for thugs and scrappers, not knights and nobles.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Timekeeper’s Medallion

17 January, 2023

Keeping timeVoddick watched the overseer, silently counting and then nodding as they called a shift change.

Gollaon brought over two drinks, wine and a mug of ale for their friend.  “You seem particularly fascinated by workers today.”

“It just reminds me of home,” he took a drink of ale.  “The timekeeping and order particularly.”

Timekeeper’s Medallion

These amulets are usually round and designed to fit comfortably in the palm of one’s hand.  One side is usually unadorned, while its magic is not active, while the other side is decorated often with the arms or symbol of the group who commissioned it.  They are usually worn on a chain.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Flame Wood Staff

10 January, 2023

Fire can be your friendGollaon and Voddick paused their tile game to watch the warrior practice with their staff, as they watched, the ends of the staff burst into flames, to the pair’s surprise but not to that of the wielder he continued moving through their martial exercises.

“A fame wood staff!” said Gollaon excitedly, “I remember hearing of them in stories when I was a child.”

“Were not the flame trees lost in the Sundering?” asked Voddick.

“I heard some were discovered on Petrichor,” replied Gollaon.

Flame Wood Staff

These staves are made from wood of the flame tree, its red and black grain looks like hot coals when it catches the light just right.  They are sometimes decorated with a few carvings but not so many as to weaken the staff or make it hard to maneuver.  The Flame Wood staff is warm to the touch and it quickly becomes hot with the ends bursting into flame, which do not harm the staff at all, when used for a period of time.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Crossroad Compass

3 January, 2023

Which way?Voddick polished the finely wrought brass and steel compass with great care.  Gollaon looked on, “You know a magic worker will be able to do more with it than you.”

“And they can buy it from me, at it full value, if they wish to do so,” replied Voddick, tucking it away in a padded pouch.

“Should I start looking for buyers?”


Crossroad Compass

These items are exceptionally made, carefully and precisely aligned and construction to the best mechanical and magical alignment of purpose.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Water Box

27 December, 2022

Gollaon washed their hands yet again and then closed the tap.  “While it may not be magic, it is just as good.”

Voddick nodded.  “Not having to run and fetch water makes life so much easier.  The flow here is helped by water boxes.”

“That sounds familiar,” said Gollaon.

“Boxes with water spirits inside to push the water along and keep it fresh.  Quite handy but you have to treat the spirits well or they get mischievous.”

Water Box

These boxes are usually made of hard stone, some type of material that will not wear quickly from the flow of water.  Sometimes ceramic or glazed clay is used and the rare water box made to be portable is usually made of metal.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Generous Gingerbread

20 December, 2022

Tasty.Gollaon inhaled deeply.  “What a delightful aroma.”

Voddick nodded in agreement.  “Once again. Mother Sugarfoot has outdone herself.  I hope that we are negotiating with will appreciate this offering in the spirit it is intended.”

“How could it not?”food

“That is so,” agreed Voddick.

Generous Gingerbread

This gingerbread is moist and delicious and the aroma is amazing.  It is designed as a gift to bring people together.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Captain’s Amulet

13 December, 2022

A fine example.Gollaon paced the deck of the ship.  “I know this is the fasted way to get there but somehow, traveling by ship always seems to take forever.”

The ship’s Captain raised an eyebrow.  “We go as fast as the winds allow.  We make the best time we safely can.”

Voddick leaned on that railing. “My friend was not criticizing the ship, its crew or you, captain,  Just being confined to shipboard is wearing for them.”

The Captain nodded.  “It can be for anyone.”

Captain’s Amulet

These amulets are an odd magic because the amulet is designed to help to keep the ship that the captain, well, captains, safe, but the captain must already have successfully kept the ship safe on a dangerous journey.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Beauty’s Artwork

6 December, 2022

Classic beautyGollaon paced around the bust. “The workmanship is amazing.  So very lifelike and . . . sublimely beautiful.”

Voddick nodded.  “Very well shaped, truly a masterwork.”

“Considering its age, it is remarkable how much it resembles the current queen mother . . .” Gollain stopped when Voddick put a finger to his lips

Voddick drew Gollaon aside into another room.  “It was watching you.”

Beauty’s Artwork

These fine artworks come in many types but they are always precisely to scale with life, whether it is a portrait, bust, or other sculpture and they are always made in an unnervingly realistic style.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Self-heating Frying Pan

29 November, 2022

A lovely fry up.Voddick tossed in some bacon and smiled in happiness as it sizzled.

Gollaon handed over some fresh eggs.  “I must say, cooking on the road has become so much easier since you acquired that pan.”

“I told you it was a good investment,” said Voddick, deftly cracking the eggs.  “And no smoke to give us away.”

“Though the smell of frying bacon might.”

Self-Heating Frying Pan

These frying pans are usually made of iron but sometimes of copper, sometimes decorated, sometimes not, depending on who it is being made for.  But there are always solidly constructed to survive hard use.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Cook’s Cornucopia

22 November, 2022

Gollaon accepted the bag from the baker.  “We will make sure it makes it safe to the orphanage, Madam Sugarfoot.”

“See that you do,” she said with a wink.  “They need it more than scruffy rogues like you.

“You wound me!” said Gollaon with an exaggerated gesture.

Voddick shook his head and smiled.  “Thank you again for your kindness.”

“We were all children once,” said the baker.

Cook’s Cornucopia

These cornucopias are woven from straw with great care and often with decorations honoring the harvest and powers thereof.  They are quite large but still moveable by a single person.

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