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Tuesday Magic Item – Carmenta’s Book

11 January, 2022

Learn the alphabet or make your own!Voddick watched in fascination as the young scribe added another new ideogram into the book.  “I would have thought it would be filled by now,” he whispered to Gollaon.

“I suspect it would be, were it not enchanted,” replied Gollaon pouring a cup of tea.

“Of course, I should have noticed,” said Voddick.  “I have already seen more pages than could possibly fit in that book.”

Gollaon nodded and handed Voddick a cup of tea.

Carmenta’s Book

These book are very rare, only a few exist and they are prized by their owners, they are slim but tall volumes marked with the owner’s initials marked on the front, changing to match the local language.  The pages are a rich cream color and take ink exceeding well.  The book is, perhaps surprisingly, resistant to almost all damages.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Boxed Kitchen

4 January, 2022

BoxVoddick glanced into the wagon and quickly hurried on.  “I know why the meal wagon always has excellent food for those willing to pay,” he said, sotto voice, to Gollaon.

“Indeed?” ask Gollaon looking toward the wagon.

“A kitchen box, one of the larger ones.”

Gollaon raised an eyebrow.  “Then no more eating well.  I do not trust those boxes.”

“That is just . . . I do not either.”

Boxed Kitchen

These boxes come in several sizes (each increasingly valuable) and they can be made of wood or metal or a mix of both and they are often decorated with culinary scenes.  The boxes are sturdy but surprisingly light until they are used, then they become surprisingly heavy.  They are used bu opening them, adding food, usually raw and then closing them.  Precisely an hour later, a meal will have been prepared from the ingrediants provided seved on simple dishes unless better were provided.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Dizzying Darts

28 December, 2021

Dart“Darts?” Voddick said looking at his shield.

“Do not let them hit you!” said Gollaon taking cover behind a barrel.  “They are dizzying darts!”

Voddick crouched behind his shield.  “Curses!  I hate those.  So, they are definitely kidnapper then.

“Agreed, we has best find an alternate route and save our charge.”

Dizzying Dart

These darts are enchanted to make prey unstable and easy to catch, originally made for an order of paladins who sought to capture wanted criminals so they could face justice.  These darts are unusal weapon, actually design to inflict minimal physical damage, but to make to person hit vulnerable to capture.  Unfortunately, the magics to make such were stolen and they have been used by kidnappers and slavers.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Solstice Wand

22 December, 2021

wand-gb2b5e2443_640“How have we ended up involved in a fight between light and dark?  Surely this is above our level of responsibility,” said Voddick fingering the charms hanging off his weapon belt.

Gollaon nodded, “But we are here now.”

“Truth,” he sighed.  “And it would look cowardly to leave . . . would it not?”



Solstice Wand

These wand exist in three states, unclaimed they are relatively unremarkable wands tipped with a dull crystal.  But once claimed, it takes on the timbre of its owner, golden and glowing with warm light for those on the side of light, violet and radiating a dim aura of shadows for those servants of the dark.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Monkey Sash

14 December, 2021

309px-Animals_of_Hindustan_monkeys_called_bandar_that_can_be_taught_to_do_tricks,_from_Illuminated_manuscript_Baburnama_(Memoirs_of_Babur)Voddick groaned as the thief scrambled up the wall like, well, a monkey.  “Why do the annoying people always have magic to allow them to scurry away?”

Gollaon flipped a knife underhanded which sunk into the thief’s buttocks.  The thief gave a cry of pain and almost fell when he tried to grab the knife.  “There are solutions,” said Gollaon.

Voddick grinned and grabbed discarded chunk of wood.  “Come down or we will knock you down.  We will be more mercifal than the fall.”

“We will take that knife out and patch you up too.”

The thief paused, looked at how much further they had to good and started, slowly and painfully climbing down.

Monkey Sash

These sashes are usually decorated in what could be called a garish style with multiple colors, metalic threads, bangles and beads.  To say that they are distinctive is an understatement.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Betrayer’s Gift

7 December, 2021

BetrayalGollaon frowned as he looked over the royal guardians.  “Something is wrong, I feel it but I cannot see it.”

Now Voddick was also frowning.  “I have come to trust your intuition.  Any thoughts on how to reveal the wrongness?”

“There are a variety of techniques but I do not know if the guardians will let me try any of them.”

Voddick glanced over them.  “You are correct, they seem . . . less than likely to trust the intuitions of strangers.”

Betrayer’s Gift

These items are crafted for ill purposes, they are subtle and cruel, and deceptively simple, usually a single rune on gossamer thin cloth.  Set onto an item, they vanish, melding into the item, unseen, waiting.  Their magic is primed when the item they are attached to is given as gift, the final magic is triggered by a command word.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Axel’s Plant Hating Cleaver

30 November, 2021

Get to the chopperVoddick frowned as he watched the lead soldier cutting his way through the undergrowth with considerable glee.  “Our pathbreaker does not seem to care for plants,” he said to his companion.

“Indeed, I think it has to do with his blade.  He seems quite normal until it is drawn,” said Gollaon following behind.

“But he does clear an effective path.  But I do not think he is making any friends among the forest dwellers,” he added steping over a severed branch.

Axel’s Plant Hating Cleaver

This heavy chopping blade is designed to cut it way through vegitation and enemies with equal ease, it has obviously seen hard use and the blade is stained with unidentificable stains.  Made for the mercenary Axel Druckknopf, it became inbued with his viceral hater of all plants and begitation

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Tuesday Magic Item – Doll Death Rod

23 November, 2021

TCEsmVoddick swung his crossbow towards the sound echoing through the abandoned manor.  “I know we are skilled in hunting dangerous sorcerers and warlocks,” he said quietly.  “But why can they not hide in someplace pleasant for once.”

“Dabblers in evil magic do not like witnesses?” ventured Gollaon in reply.

“Well, there is that,” admitted Voddick.

Doll Death Rod

These rods are rare as the magic that powers them is widely considered evil and unpleasant, they are short heavy and -inevitably- a dark color, usually black, with minimal adornment.  It is so named because it leaves the bodies of its victims shrunk to doll-like size.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Peacemaker’s Baton

16 November, 2021

Keep the Peace“Why are we escorting the envoy again?  They are protected by a peace banner and that fancy baton,” grumbled Voddick

“Because we are mercenaries and ultimately expendable,” answered Gollaon cheerfully.

“Ah, right, all the pay, all the glory,” said Voddick.

“Not enjoying the sellsword’s life?”

“Not at the moment, if we had not been rushed out without breakfast, I would be in a cheerier mood.”

Peacemaker’s Baton

These batons can be short of long enough to serve as banner pole, depending on what is traditional among the culture that made it, but must are small enough to be easily held in one hand.  They are usually made of light colored materials to be highly visible and decorated with symbols of peace.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Freeman’s Pick

9 November, 2021

Break down walls and tyrants

“Now we have mobilized the locals, what next?” asked Voddick.

“I fear we are going to have to storm the castle,” answered Gollaon.

“That sort of task rarely ends well,” said Voddick grimly.  “Unless we can convince his solders to turn their coats.”

“If we can make a good show of force, they may see reason.”

“Well, they do have some tools that might help, those pick carry some ancient magic,” said Voddick.  “Do you think you and the other archers can keep the defenders from killing us while we give them a demonstration of that magic.”

“We will do our best.”

Freeman’s Pick

These picks are tools as well as weapons and able to shift from one role to another as needed.  They are usually decorated with scenes or symbols from the regions in which it was made.  The metal is always well cared for and free of corrosion.

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