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New Magic Item – Conjure Cat Ring

8 August, 2018

Cat RingVoddick and Gollaon chased after the masked thief and for a moment, they seemed to be cornered but then, with a wink and a grin, the thief threw open the window and leapt out.

“It is over eighty feet to the ground!” shouted Voddick running to the window.

“They have tricks,” said Gollaon a split second behind, looking down to see the thief running across the courtyard.  Gollaon sighed and waved.  “We will not catch them now.”


“Now how to convince the Doge that the thief escaping was not our fault.”

Conjure Cat Ring

These rings are usually broad and decorated with nine cats, sometimes the cats are obvious, in other designs they are hidden and yet others mix the two styles. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Sack of Snacks

31 July, 2018

Spiced nuts for all!

“Do we have any of those candied nuts left?” asked Voddick.

“We can,” answered Gollaon.  “But we will have to open the sack.”

“Best to wait then,” sighed Voddick.  “What about the rhubarb?”

“Yes, we have some of that.”

Voddick took the bag.  “I will have to be careful.  Guarding these merchants will cause me to run to fat.”

Sack of Snacks

These bags are made of well made but rarely fancy cloth, often embroidered with the mark or shield of a merchant house or guild.  They always feel full of something, even when they are not.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Briand’s Chain of Peace

24 July, 2018

Official Chain“Although it spells the end of employment, I am glad to see this war ending,” said Voddick, watching the signing ceremony.

“I agree,” said Gollaon before taking a bite of apple.

“Where next for us?”

“Perhaps we can get work escorting some of the envoys home?  Some of them seem unconvinced that the peace will hold.”

‘Good thought.”

Briand’s Chain of Peace

These chains are usually ornate symbols of status but occasion are relative plain, only bearing a seal of authority on the chain.  Depending on the tradition of the makers, they may be necklaces or belts, in either case, they must be prominently displayed to function.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Social Climber’s Ladder

10 July, 2018

Ladder to love?“Are you sure it is wise to pursue the Doge’s child?” asked Voddick before taking a sip of ale.

“It is all in good fun beside not much chance that I will actually catch them,” replied Gollaon with a wide grin.

“You are successful more oft than not my friend.”

Gollaon nodded his thanks at the implied compliment.  “Besides, I have just reacquired one of these.”  He held up a necklace.

Voddick smiled.  “Ah, good to see.  Those sorts of necklaces have gotten us out of more than one scrape.  And into one or two as I recall.”


Social Climber’s Ladder

These necklaces are always made with a ladder pattern but otherwise come in a variety of styles, they tend to be understated rather than flashy.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Serpent of Ambition

3 July, 2018

Clutching a serpent can be dangerous“I think we should get out of the contract as soon as possible,” said Voddick.

“Why?  It pays well,” replied Gollaon.  “And we are in a city again.”  He gestured to the beautiful buildings around them.

“Both true statement,” agreed Voddick.  “But I fear our employer is too ambitious.”

“We have worked for ambitious nobles before.”

“But this one embraces a snake as a symbol.”

Gollaon paused.  “True.  Let us start looking for ways to extricate ourselves from this situation.”

Serpent of Ambition

These magic item can be any type of jewelry by are usually a broach or ring, they always have a serpent prominent in their design while there may be other design elements partly disguising it, the serpent can always be seen.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Void Light

26 June, 2018

Void CrystalsVoddick held up the lantern, its odd light making the trees of the forest appear unhealthy and forboding.  “I do not like what our employers providing us with such a light implies.”

“Truth,” agreed Gollaon, an arrow nocked on his bow’s string.  “It is my hope that they other equipment provided will allow us to fight or escape as needed to report back.”

“Such is my hope as well,” nodded Voddick.  “Still, at least the pay is good and we get to keep what we do not use of what was provided.”

“Indeed, so let us keep going and get this scouting done.  The sooner we are back in camp the better.”

Void Light

These glowing crystals radiate a faint violet light that many find unsettling but has several uses for those interesting in seeking beings that exist in multiple levels of reality or are from other worlds entirely.  Often kept in specially built lanterns both to keep the crystal safe and to be able to cut off the disturbing radiance when needed.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Emancipation Key

19 June, 2018

For opening locksVoddick wedged his stout blade and twisted it to shatter the lock holding the gate chained.  “So much for that.  You have the key?” he asked quietly.

“Of course,” said Gollaon, keeping watch as Voddick slipped into the compound.  After a moment he followed.

“It seems they are not expecting people to break into the slave pens,” muttered Voddick.

“An error that will cost them . . . if we succeed.”

Emancipation Key

These keys are unremarkable, usually made of iron or brass, whichever is in common use in the area they were made.  They are faintly inscribed with magic sigils which cannot be easily seen but can be felt.

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