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New Magic Item – Flesh-Biting Blade

19 February, 2017

Dangerous to allGollaon looked over the captured sword.  “Nasty piece of work.”

Voddick, rubbed under the cut on his forehead, “Very.  I would be careful with it, my friend.  Such weapons often have evil spirits bound into them.”

“Not a wise choice,” Gollaon managed to force it back into its scabbard.

“No, weapon-bound spirits are dangerous enough, it is foolish to temp fate by binding one that is malevolent.”

Flesh-Biting Blade

These weapons usually look vicious with wavy or serrated blades, they are very hard to keep clean and often have bits of hair or skin caught in their edge, but this does not impair their sharpness and ability to inflict damage.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Heartbreaker

14 February, 2017

It will stab you in the heartGollaon paused in the cleaning of his sword and sighed.

“Who are you pining over now?” asked Voddick as he carefully stitched a repair in his shirt.

“That girl.”

“That does not narrow it much you know,” grumbled Voddick.

“The raven-haired lass with the flashing blue eye,” he sighed.

“The one who stabbed you in that brawl?  The one with the eyepatch!?”

“The very one.”


The origin of this dagger is unknown, but rumors about it have been circulating for centuries if not longer.  It is a plain steel weapon with a curved blade, unexceptional in appearance but it is warmer than the ambient temperature to the touch.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Scourge of the Vanities

7 February, 2017

All is vanityGollaon pulled his plain cloak tighter around him.  “We had best make our way away.”

“Agreed,” muttered Voddick having acquired a stout club.  “Such fanaticism is dangerous.”

The pair skirted the edges of the crowd who had gathered to listen to and be led by the priest who denounced and sought to destroy those physical items which -he claimed- made people weak to their desires and passions.  Mirrors, cosmetics, fine cloth, books and artwork were piled up and soon to be put to the torch to spare people from their temptations.

Once clear of the chanting crowds, Voddick shook his head.  “Such a waste.  Fine crafts are proof of people’s soul and creativity.”

“Some people want to force us all to walk the narrow and restricted paths they see as pure,” sighed Gollaon.  “And there is the gate ahead.  Let us leave them to their path and find a better one of our own.”

Scourge of the Vanities

These weapons are plain and practical, well made but with no decoration or fripperies to distract from their basic functionality as tools of destruction.  Usually they are hafted weapons such as an axe or mace but occasionally a pole arm or a plain sword is encountered.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Portable Desk

31 January, 2017

Fold up and go“That fellow does not seem unduly burdened by his massive load,” Voddick pointed with the stem of his pipe to the lone traveler approaching with a massive wooden box on his back, which he barely seemed to bend under.

Gollaon looked and started.  “I am not surprised.  That is Master Measure, the Imperial Auditor, and the chest upon his back carries his work desk.”

“An Auditor?  That cannot mean good things for our employer.”

“Perhaps we should draw our pay from the quartermaster directly,” suggested Gollaon, already making his way in that direction.

Portable Desk

These items are made for the bureaucrat on the go, while some are decorated with elaborate carvings and even gilt-work, most are simply extremely well made desks of durable wood.  Prepared for travel, they are either the size of a trunk or a large box on a backpack frame, depending on the particular version.
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Tuesday Magic Item – Janus Helm

24 January, 2017

Watching forward and back“That is a cunningly crafted helm,” said Voddick, watching the knight in his two faced-helm spar.

“And, I hear, equally cunningly magicked,” added Gollaon, sipping at a mug of mulled wine.

“Indeed?  What have you heard?”

“That he can see from both faces, making him nearly impossible to surprise,” said Golaon after another sip.

“Obvious yet unexpected.  I approve.”

Gollaon laughed and handed his friend a mug of mulled wine.  “I thought you would.”

Janus Helm

These cunningly wrought helms have two faces, and making such a thing that is both comfortable and protective is no small challenge, and are decorated to emphasize the face and often portray contrasting emotions or expressions.  They are made of the finest metals and lined with quality cloth and leather.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Village Ooser

17 January, 2017

The Ooser judges youVoddick and Gollaon watched the man ride by on a donkey, facing backward, while the crowd made a terrible din,banging on pans and other things.  Children ran behind taunting the man and tossing pebbles at him.

“Poor unfortunate,” said Gollaon.

“There are no harsher judges than one’s neighbors.” agreed Voddick.  “Hopefully he will survive his shame.”

“I shall have to behave myself here, that donkey ride seems unpleasant for all,” added Gollaon with a wry smile.

Village Ooser

These massive masks are ancient folk magic, traditionally cut from a single block of timber, with the exception of the lower jaw, which is movable and connected to the rest of the mask by cloth or leather hinges.  The lower jaw can be moved by pulling on a string which passed through a hole in the upper jaw to connect to the lower with locks of hair on either side of its head, a beard on its chin, and a pair of bullock’s horns.  It has two purposes, to use as punishment of those who violate the village norm and in ceremonial usage or defense of the village.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Silk Slippers of Civilization

10 January, 2017

Stylish“I could get used to this,” said Voddick leaning back and letting the fire warm him as he sipped at a cup of mulled wine.

Golloan tossed another log into the fire.  “Do not,” he said stepping back.  “Sooner or later the hobnailed boots of war will come to tramp upon the silk slippers of civilization.”

“Such as the ones you are wearing?” observed Voddick.

“Just so, might as well enjoy it while we can.”

Silk Slippers of Civilization

These are exquisitely made silk slippers often, but not always, exquisitely decorated, occasionally even with gems.

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