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Tuesday Magic Item – Hop, Skip and Jump Medallion

14 November, 2017

“Thief!” yelled the merchant grabbing as the slim form now running from his stall.

Voddick lunged for the thief but grabbed only air as they simply were not there.  He looked around confused.

“There!” shouted Gollaon winging a peach pit off the back of the thief’s head.  The thief looked back with a bit of wounded pride and then leapt up onto a rooftop and was gone.

“Unfair,” complained Voddick.

“But successful.”

Voddick nodded ruefully.

Hop, Skip and Jump Medallion

These medallions are usually colorful, often they could be considered garish, and decorated with images of athletes or animals.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Breadboard of Plenty

7 November, 2017

Best thing since . . .“While it is not my preferred food, bread is a true staple,” said Voddick smearing butter across the hunk of bread.

“Some say it is the core of a proper life, but I agree with you, not what I would build my diet around,” Gollaon said, spreading jam across his slice.

“Foolish sell-swords,” said Madam Sugarfoot cutting off another slice.  “Bread is a good food but at its best among others and better yet when shared among friends.”

“Truth,” agreed Voddick.

Breadboard of Plenty

These breadboard are sturdily made of woods harvested from fruitful orchard, with the mark of the marker carved or branded on the back.  They are essential indestructible when used for their proper purpose and extremely durable when used for anything else.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Monster Mask

31 October, 2017

Change your face“I do not like festivals with masks,” grumbled Voddick.

“They are just having fun, trying on a different face,” said Gollaon taking another swig from his bottle.

“I expect people to wear the same face.  There is a reason why two faced is an insult.”

“Well, surely for just one night it is alright.”


Monster Mask

These masks can be simple, just painted wood or decorated cloth, but the more powerful they are, the more elaborate they are.  Some are decorated with foil of precious metals and some, the most magical, are set with semi-precious gems.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Breaker Orb

24 October, 2017

Boom!Gollaon ducked as the projectile passed over his head and shattered against the building with a terrifying roar, tearing apart part of the wall.  He grabbed a javelin and tossed it at the creature that emerged from the blast.

A swift strike from Voddick brought the creature down before it could attack his friend.  “Where did that come from?” ask Voddick as the creatures corpse started to melt away into blue-black smoke.

“More magic, breaker orbs, they shatter releasing magical energy and a creature,” said Gollaon.

“Delightful,” said Voddick.  “And nothing we can do about it except destroy those catapults.”

“A task for the cover of night.”


Breaker Orb

These heavy and crudely cast glass orbs are filled with a swirling liquid that occasionally almost formed into the shape of a creature or part of one.  One propelled with force, the orb breaks easily, releasing a terrible burst of noise and energy and some sort of creature from another realm.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Guardian Companion Amulet

17 October, 2017

Gold LocketGolloan gestured to an alleyway and hissed, “Quick this way.”

Voddick hustled their charged down the alley only to pull up short as three masked men blocked their way.

“Give us the child!” demanded the tallest and best dressed of the masked trio.  “You need not die today mercenaries.”

“Bugger that!” replied Voddick with a vicious punch to the groin to the masked speaker.

“More behind us!” shouted Gollaon flinging a rock at them.

“I can help,” said the child, grasping her locket.  A shimmering in the air resolved itself into a large, glowing cat which launched itself at the remain two masked people in front of them (the leaded having collapsed in pain).  The other two flinched aside from the slashing claws and tearing fangs of the spectral cat.

“Run!” shouted Golloan grabbing the child.

Guardian Companion Amulet

These lockets are made of love and grief, with a portrait of a companion animal and a token from them (usually fur or a tooth) inside, imbued with the spirit of the animal at the time of its death.  The spirit remains bound as long as it is held by those who love and care for it, the bonds of love, kindness and duty are important to maintaining the binding magic.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Cleopatra’s Alembic

10 October, 2017

Alchemical Alembic“This place smell marvelous,” said Voddick taking a deep breath of the air thick with spices and oils.  “It reminds me of home.”

“Not me, but it is . . . intriguing,” said Gollaon,

“Alchemist usually pay well even if they cannot turn lead to gold.”

“But they can turn all of this,” Gollaon gestured to the gathered leaves, herbs, oils, bottles, jars, alembics and more esoteric things, “into gold which is good enough for me.”

Cleopatra’s Alembic

This alembics, a tool used for distilling, are always finely made though they can be crafted from metal, glass or ceramic, as is the tradition for the area it is created in.  They are usually etched with alchemical symbols and marks of ownership.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Twilight Summoning Broach

3 October, 2017

Seen / Not Seen“That new summoner is exceedingly proficient but I do not like the creatures summoned they seem . . . off,” Voddick concluded he voice trailing off.

“Agreed,” said Gollaon.  “But oddly fascinating much like the summoner.”

“Well, as long as they are kept in line, I have no complaints.”

“Unlike that infernalist we served with in Olosk,” said Voddick.

“Well, I am sure he is regretting his choices now.  That group of imps that turned on him,”  Gollaon shuddered.

“Messy,” agreed Voddick.

Twilight Summoning Broach

These items are made of a gemstone with beautifully carved intaligo work carved into it usually set in silver, but the image on them changes occasionally though nothing else does (cracks, fittings, even dirt and dust) usually they show images of people but animals are almost as common with the occasional item or symbol.

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