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August begins, July passes

31 July, 2021

August, which is named after the Roman first citizen (or Emperor if you prefer) Augustus Caesar, will be a month of personalities from the Sea of Stars (and possibly other places).  If there is someone -or something– in particular you would like to see, write a comment or otherwise let me know.

Normally, I would be at GenCon at the start of August but it has been bounced to mid-September for this year.  Who is planning to attend this year?

July, 2021, was a slim month but saw the following posts published in the journal:

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Short Reviews – Archetypes, Backgrounds and New Races for D&D 5E from Cat Tale Press

31 July, 2021

CatTalePressLogoCat Tale Press has been producing support materials for Dungeons & Dragons, 5E, much of which is Pay What You Want.  These reviews look at eight of them, six providing new archetypes, one new backgrounds and the last, new races.  They are good but could be better, so suggestions for things to improve are included.

Starting with the archetypes which are mostly four pages: cover, one page of description and two of OGL.  In all cases they could have used more context for the archetype such as suggestions for where they might fir into a game world and what sort of culture would inspire them.  Also, and this is very common for such materials, is a lack of support material such as a new spell, magic item, place or even a legend to inspire adventure would make them some much more interesting and easier to fit into a campaign.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Comet Bridle

27 July, 2021

Bridle“Are you certain this will work?” ask Voddick for at least the eighth time.

“Yes, yes, I have been thoroughly instructed in how it functions,” Gollaon replied holding up the bridle.

“Does it have to be done on a clifftop?”

“Honestly, I suspect not, but it is so much more dramatic this way!”

Comet Bridle

These bridles are made of leather from exotics beasts, lavishly decorated metal work and the bit is of strong metal often dragon steel or godsmetal.  The decoration are usually astrological or geometric in design.  The whole thing is immensely strong and difficult to damage.  The owner of the bridle has the ability to catch and ride a comet across the night sky to (somewhere near) their final destination. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Chess Set of the Spy Master

20 July, 2021

Chess“The Count seems particularly focused on that chess set,” said Voddick.  “There is even a guard when he is not playing.”

“I suspect it serves as more than just a chess board,” said Gollaon.  “I hear rumors that the Count is the chief intelligencer of the Court.  I suspect the chess set figures into his plans in some way.”

“I have heard of such, there were rumors of such a set in my home city.”

“I suspect that one would have been more ornate, this one is surprisingly practical.”

Chess Set of the Spy Master

These chess sets are of varying styles but always made of hard woods, carved stone or metal.  Some are very ornate, other are simple traveling sets but they all are tough to damage.  They can use any board and some have ones that are built to compliment the set. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Guardian’s Sash and Scabbard

13 July, 2021

320px-Patria_Esercito_Re_p060“The ruler’s guards are quite smartly dressed,” commented Gollaon.

“Indeed and well armed too, those sword are made by a master smith,” said Voddick.

“Well, a ruler should be able to outfit his guards in style.”

“As long as they are not equipped at the expense of good government.”

Gollaon pondered.  “Well, this one seem less tyrannical then several we have seen lately.”

Guardian’s Sash and Scabbard

These sashes are made to impress from the finest cloth or leather, often decorated with metallic threads and awards achieved by the current wearer.  They have a finely tooled scabbard, that can be worn from the sash or separately, that will adjust to hold any one handed weapon that is used by the organization that made the item. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Painful Lesson Dagger

6 July, 2021

The better the stab you with“Is not the evil chief minister a cliche?” asked Voddick in a whisper.

“Perhaps, but power attracts the ambitious and the unscrupulous,” Gollaon replied also in a whisper.


“But this one seems particularly hard and vicious.”

“So, how do we oppose them without getting killed?”


Painful Lesson Dagger

These daggers are well made and the hilts are made of translucent material as their magic is activated, the hilt becomes darker and darker, and the dagger seems heavier and heavier.  Touching the dagger gives the sensation of promises unfulfilled but that the dagger will help the person get what they want. Read the rest of this entry ?

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