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Tuesday Magic Item – Guardian’s Sash and Scabbard

13 July, 2021

320px-Patria_Esercito_Re_p060“The ruler’s guards are quite smartly dressed,” commented Gollaon.

“Indeed and well armed too, those sword are made by a master smith,” said Voddick.

“Well, a ruler should be able to outfit his guards in style.”

“As long as they are not equipped at the expense of good government.”

Gollaon pondered.  “Well, this one seem less tyrannical then several we have seen lately.”

Guardian’s Sash and Scabbard

These sashes are made to impress from the finest cloth or leather, often decorated with metallic threads and awards achieved by the current wearer.  They have a finely tooled scabbard, that can be worn from the sash or separately, that will adjust to hold any one handed weapon that is used by the organization that made the item. Read the rest of this entry ?

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