Tuesday Magic Item – Excitation Ring and Ghoulish variant

6 February, 2013

He moved so quickly, his sword was only a blur and his foes could not lay a blow upon him.  Within a minute, he stood victorious among his defeated enemies.

I had expected him to strike a heroic pose, not to leap over to the nearest bakery and begin devouring bread like a starving man . . .

Excitation Ring

These rings are made of strands of woven electrum wire, the wires comprising the ring move and twist of their own accord and are never in the exact same pattern twice.

The ring must be worn for a full day before it takes effect, during that time the wearer will find themselves both hungry and twitchy, suffering a -2 on skill checks during that time.  Once it has been worn for a day, the wearer gains a +4 enhancement bonus to Dexterity and as a swift action, the wearer may gain the effect of haste for a number of rounds up to the wearer’s level.

The cost of this speed, is a constant hunger to feed the demands of their faster body, the wearer must eat twice as much as usual or they are fatigued until they can feed their hunger.  The same effect happens after using the haste, the wearer must immediately eat once the effect ends or they are fatigued.

Aura strong transformation; CL 11th
Slot ring; Price 30,000; Weight –
Construction Requirements
Forge Ring, cat’s grace, haste; Cost 15,000

Ghoulish Excitation Ring

These rings are made of strands of woven electrum wire over a bone core but unless one pays very close attention, the bone core will never be seen under the ever shifting wire.

They work exactly like the Excitation Ring except for two things:

  • The wearer’s hunger and the amount they need to eat slowly increases, but eating meat slows this increase.
  • Eating even a sliver of human flesh satisfies the hunger.

Oh, and if the wearer dies hungry, they will rise as a ghoul in 1d6 minutes but still gaining all the benefits of the ring (even if the ring has been taken from them, though they will desire it back).

Aura strong transformation (necrourgy); CL 11th
Slot ring; Price 25,000; Weight
Construction Requirements
Forge Ring, bestow curse, cat’s grace, ghoul touch, haste; Cost 12,500

Notes: The accelerate metabolism angle for a speed item is nothing new, I know, but still fun and the ghoulish variant plays well into the theme of curses for the month.  For the ghoul created by the Ghoulish Excitation Ring, I recommend using the Dread Ghoul template for maximum horrificness.

One comment

  1. Awesome…I really like this one, especially the ghoulish variant. The hunger….it’s not just tapeworms!

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