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April 2013 A to Z Challenge – What should I do?

16 February, 2013

IBM Selectric TypewriterThe Other Side Blog has reminded me that we are coming up on April and the A to Z blogging Challenge, which I have signed up for.

The question is, what to write about this time?

In 2011, I did magic items, mostly themed around the Greek and Roman Gods.

In 2012, the theme I followed was fantastic places, mostly from the Sea of Stars but from other places as well.

But what to do for 2013?  Would people like to see more magic items?  More fantastic places?  Spells and curses?  Characters?  I want your suggestions and ideas!

Update!  Suggestions and votes (including from G+) so far:

  • Magic Items, 2 votes
  • Spells, 1 vote
  • Low-level city NPCs (no name, use A to Z for their title), 1 vote
  • Exotic Familiars, 1 vote
  • Diseases, 1 vote
  • Traps, 2 votes
  • Mystical or esoteric texts, 1 vote.

New Monster – Wyrmling

16 February, 2013

I tossed aside the crossbow, the bolt having failed to slow the monstrosity, cursed and drew my sword.  Not the foe I had expected, I thought dodging the snapping jaws of a wyrmling.  I cut down, the back of my mind noting the criticism of the strike my first swordsmaster would have made, feeling the shock down my arm as the sword bit into the creature’s spine.  It fell away, limp and, I hoped, dead.  Another wyrmling rushed pass, heading towards my charge.

“Beware, Covlan!” I called, pivoted and thrust, piecing the creature’s tail.  It hissed and coiled back to face me.  It was the largest of them and ready to strike.  I caught its lunge with the flat of my blade and pushed it one way while moving in the other.  Just avoiding its snapping jaws.  The wyrmling coiled and paused, its yellow-green eyes half closed and wary.  I spared a moment to look around.  Two of the three wyrmlings that had attacked us were dead, the snake-like creatures were as large as the horses they sought to devour.  Their thick scales and massive jaws made them dangerous foes and their unsatiable hunger made them implacable ones.


This creature is a strange amalgam of dragon and snake, with a massive head topped with horns and possessing mighty jaws on a thick snake-like body protected by dense scales.

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