To May, leaving April

30 April, 2012

Tomorrow brings the first day of May.  May was Maius in Latin and was named after the Greek goddess Maia, probably, who is associated with Spring.  So, what shall the theme be for May?  Spring and nature?  The fae and faerie?  Something else?  Let me know.

Unsurprisingly April’s writings were dominated by the A to Z Blogging Challenge, which I am pleased to say I completed (second year running).  So, the posts for April, 2012, were:

Otherplaces (A-to-Z Posts):

A’reanol, the Library of, ancient knowledge in the driest of places.

Ba’aikire, the Standing Stones of the, a hidden place for dark rituals.

Crystal Spiral, down, down down to the center.

Derhallow Square, you can only find it when you are not looking for it.

The Elvanian Stairs, the fastest way from here to there.

Ferzhola, Sealed Vault of, tourist trap or tomb?

Gavarol, the Great Gibbet of, how do you hang a giant?

Herizazi, the Spectral Harem of, do not try to taste its delights.

Ithalia, the Labyrinth of, do not get lost.

Jheripor, the Mystic Kitchen of, come eat!

Karezold, Echoing Battlefield of, some fights never end.

Lazitan, the Spire of, it grew and grew and now towers over the land.

Malibar, the Fish Trees of, self explanatory, no?

Nevrinheer, the Great Wall of, but what does it defend against?

Otallu, Necropolis-State of, a fashionable place to be buried.

Pallyys, Floating Fortress of, the war-goddess’ flying temple-command post.

Qolis, Training Ground of, where venturers learn their trade.

Rokalan, Sandship Port of, even in the desert, there is trade.

Seralla, Cycling Storm of, in some places the weather is predictable.

Triyania, Hungry Garden of, evil deeds bred evil places (and evil plants).

Ul’Ulasian, Dancing Sands of, beware the dancers of the sands.

Vys, Silver Tower of, where the future ruler is raised and the current one is monitored.

Wollanfuft, Bottomless Well of, wishes and questions answered, for a price.

Xerixes, Stone Army of, a mad king and an army of statues, what could possibly go wrong?

Yotenschlachtfeld, Blasted Plain of, where the dragons and the giant fought . . . and the giants lost.

Zand, Gold Stream of, you can find gold here, but keeping it is the challenge.

New Magic Items:

Casting Bones, divine the future.

Cleaver of Preparation, fix wonderful foods quickly.

Personal Master of Arms, learn to fight on your own schedule.

Portable Bath, keep clean on your venturing.

Campaign Reports and such:

Seattle Scream (#33) prop and Shadowrun report.


Genius Guide to: the Time Warden

Monsters of NeoExodus: Harvester of Sorrows

Resnet’s Spellbook.


Quicksilver (Kickstarter) for Pathfinder.


  1. Congratulations on finishing the challenge! It was my first, and I loved it–especially the part about meeting intelligent new people to interact with (yeah, that means you).

    • It is fun and challenging but a bit stressful. Glad to have made it through again.

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