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Review – Genius Guide to the Death Mage +

3 February, 2013

If your campaign makes use of the magic of death and spirits, the Death Mage will find a home and provide a variety of hooks and options for play.

The Genius Guide to Death Mage provides a new 20-level spell casting class with a focus on magic of death and undeath.  Read the rest of this entry ?


Seattle Scream (#38) and first Shadowrun campaign report of 2069

3 February, 2013

The Shadowrun campaign continues (with the latest news from 2069 here in Seattle Scream 38) with our first game for 2013/2069.  It was a large group, nine (9!) players including two new players and three new characters, so much confusion.

A simple task for the characters, they are hired by ‘Mr Johanson’ a large, Nordic seeming man to ‘retrieve’ a replica of the sword Glamdring (intact) from a gang.   They are given 1,ooo upfront and offered 36,000 upon delivery.  The gang in question is the West Worlders, an American West themed combat/guardian gang who are rumored to be in bed with Lone Star.

The gang is scouted, they have a “club house” above a western wear shop (“The Cascade Range”) and some fairly impressive surveillance gear on the building’s roof.  The Cascade Range also has a contract with Lone Star.  The ‘runners decide that an attack on the building directly would probably not end well.  They decide to try and buy it, the gang agrees to meet at a local dance club (“Square Dance Circle”).

The sword is examined and found to be the one they have been hired to recover.  The Preacher, the gang’s leader, is not willing to part with the sword for the amount the runners are willing to offer so they move to violence.  That almost goes disastrously wrong.  While they get the sword out:  Two characters are hospitalized (but their team member’s weapons, a flash bang grenade followed by ball lightning) and arrested by Lone Star, but as they did nothing beside negotiate for the sword, they are let go with a bill for medical services received.  Another is only saved by a trauma patch.  And a fourth (the wizard who threw the lightning ball) is wounded.  Lastly, the team van is shot up, needing two tires replaced.

The final tally is, they get paid but several character have expenses to pay off, Lone Star is looking for them and so are the West Worlders.

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