Review – Vintage Art Collections

14 February, 2013

The Vintage Art collections are exactly what it says on the tin, collections of vintage pieces of art that have fallen into the public domain and as such, may be freely used by people for whatever reason, such as illustration game books or providing reference for an adventure.  Now, while you could possibly find many the pieces here if you wished to spend the time, Unza RPG has done it for you and for a reasonable price you get quite a bit of art to use.

Here are some of the collections available:

Vintage Art Collection: Animals a collection of 267 images mostly taken from illustration for fairy tales, myths and legends which makes for some wonderful art and for some rather odd art (like a giraffe playing a pipe organ).   There are animals in clothes and doing domestic chores, rocs, and other bizarre things but if you need illustrations of natural animals you will probably find something here of use.  (The goat used here is from the collection for example.)

Vintage Art Collection: Buildings II contains 124 images interior and exterior and occasionally just design elements with a few photos and a few cutaway designs, predominantly of European buildings with a few pieces from the ancient world.  Castles, churches, and houses all make appearances here.  If you find such images useful, you will certainly find much to use in this collection.

Vintage Art Collection: Pirates & Sea has 109 images ranging from ships to sea monsters to sailors and pirates, lots of pirates.  While a few of the ships are of the pre-cannon age mostly it shows a view of the 16th-18th century with flintlocks and cannon.  Very good if you are looking to illustrate a historically based pirate setting, a bit more limited for others eras.

Vintage Art Collection: Warriors & Heroes with 95 images mostly drawn from Victorian sources and with the style of that era, quite a bit of Arthurian knights with a mix of other historical and legendary figures.  While useful, it is mostly knights in full armor with a single samurai and a few other non-Europeans but still should be useful in providing images for a traditional fantasy settings.

Disclosure: As a featured reviewer for RPGNow/DriveThroughRPG, I received my copies of these products for free from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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