May begins and goodbye April

30 April, 2011

May or Maius in Latin was, perhaps, named after the Greek goddess Maia, who is associated with Spring.  So, what shall the theme be for May?  More gods and goddess?  The fae?  What would people like to see?  I am taking suggestions.

April’s writings were entirely dominated by the A to Z blogging challenge, which I am pleased to say I completed:


Geek Culture and Self-Image, just some thoughts on this subject.


Ben Wooten’s Mantyd Warrior, amazing art of one of my races.

New Magic Items:

Aphrodite’s Anklet, be charming, be charmed.

Bellona’s Horn and Sword, two items made for war.

Cloacina’s Amulet, for purity.

Disciplina’s Bracelet, make your will like iron.

Eos’ Lamp, let the dawn keep you safe.

Fama’s Talisman, be well known.

Geras’ Cane, keep away old age.

Hebe’s Cup, for the blessing of youth and feeling young.

Iris’ Cape, travel with a rainbow.

Janus’ Doorway, be blessed upon your travels.

Keres’ Charm, pay in blood to avoid death.

Libertas’ Pileus (hat), be proud of your freedom.

Momus’ Mask, for masterful mocking.

Naenia’s Flute, may its music help the dead to rest.

Orcus’ Bowl, keep your word or Orcus will punish you.

Paidia’s Dice, play games, make friends.

Quirinuis’ Spear, symbol of an office . . . and more?

Rumina’s Cup, to keep young children and their mothers healthy.

Seirios’ Bow, bring the heat of summer pointedly to your enemies.

Tempestes’ Girdle, ride the storm.

Uranus’ Sickle, an ancient and dark weapon.

Veritas’ Ring, the ring of truth.

Wepwawet’s Arrows, sharp as a wolf’s tooth.

Xanthus’ Mager, for healthy horses.

Yazata’s Helm, be a bright messenger.

Zelus’ Ring, strive or be envious, both have their place.

Campaign Reports:

The L.A. Stars, Heroes of the 1960s, Issue 2 Vol 4 (Leaping Leprechauns!), Anthology Story (Cro-Magness!) and Issue 2, Vol 5 (the Terror of Xyzyz!).


Mutants and Masterminds: Heroes Handbook, 3rd Edition.

Homefront Heroes for ICONS and Homfront Heroes (for M&M, 3rd Edition).

Northlands for Pathfinder.

Secrets of the Luckbringer.



  1. For me, definitely Fae, specially the older legends and references linking these beings with ancient and half-forgotten pantheons and myths.

    • I will see what I can do with the Fae and their mysterious past.

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